Top Ten Reasons to Hate Walt Disney World

The Top Ten

1 Too many babies and toddlers crying and being annoying

They are children what do you expect them to do! You cried when you were little so stop complaining!

Why would parents bring them? Can't they just tell them to shut up?!

Just ignore them and go on with your day. It's not the park's fault.

2 The castle is not made out of bricks

It looks like it is! Instead, they used these strong pieces of wires to hole these together. That's not really smart because what if it breaks apart

3 Some of the rides are not made by Disney

For example, the Ellen DeGeneris ride in Epcot and Mission: Space for a random reason whatsoever.

4 Most of the rides are boring

What about Tower of Terror? Splash Mountain? Expedition Everest? Disney has excellent rides and terrible rides.

Like Stitch's Great Escape, Small World, that People Ride, etc.

I haven't been to Disney World but from what I've heard Small World is creepy. - RiverClanRocks

Most ride are awesome non are broing

Many rides have to cater to different audiences, so you can’t expect every ride to be a thrill ride.

Each ride is good in its own unique way, some people prefer gentle dark rides with colorful scenery, while others prefer thrill rides.

Disney parks have to have a wide variety in order for many people to go and enjoy them, if it was just thrill rides, then it wouldn’t be nearly as popular as it is now.
I enjoy lots of rides, except the cash grabs, I love both the dark rides and the thrill rides, and they’re all great in their own way. - DisneyFan

5 They got rid of the Magic Hat in Hollywood Studios

What is more important The Chinese Theater or the Magic Hat? On my Magic Band I put the icon of the hat to support the hat!

Now they have a boring Chinese theater. Congratulations, Disney world company, you've ruined Orlando this year.

The hat was pretty ugly to be honest

6 It's expensive

I am in vacation cloud and I go to Disney world all the time. I am going in less than a week

So is Disneyland



7 They don't have Sleeping Beauty herself in the Festival of Fantasy parade

Same exact thing with Tinkerbell in the Christmas parade. That's very mean. They're both based on Disney.

8 You Don't Get To Visit The Castle

Uh yes you do?

Ya if u pay 60 a person to eat at the resterant

Yes you can

9 Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom don't have that many rides

They are both getting expansions. The whole Hollywood Studios park is getting a makeover, and Animal Kingdom is getting expanded a lot.

Yeah, they don't. Hollywood Studios has 2, and Animal Kingdom has 1 plus that safari. BORING.

God dammit,if u wanted rollercoaster,why didn't you go to six flags

10 They banned selfie sticks

Selfie sticks are stupid and if you have one there my dad will run over you for not paying attention and being stupid

Imagine those things getting in the way

The Contenders

11 Crappy food, yet ridiculous prices.

Crappy food? You've got to be kidding me.

Disneyland's food prices are dumb.

12 Magic Kingdom and Epcot are the only two parks that have fireworks

That's weird. I thought Disney was the place with MAGIC, and fireworks are MAGICAL. So shouldn't EVERY park have a firework show?

Animal Kingdom has some too now.

13 The hotels sometimes have roaches
14 Walt Disney dreamed of Disneyland, not Disney World

Uh yes he did

15 Frozen related stuff everywhere

Not everywhere.i hate frozen, but I just avoid it. Just don't ride the frozen ride, meet Anna and Elsa, or buy frozen stuff.

16 They got rid of the good shows from the past in the Disney Junior live show

Now we have Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Sofia the First, Doc McStuffins, and the worst one of all, JAKE AND THE NEVERLAND, STUPID PIRATES. I wish they can get Playhouse Disney back. No fair...

I need my emergency dubstep headphones

Why do you care about Disney're not 2, are you?

17 They banned cosplaying

Yes. It's true. They banned displaying in their parks because 1. Some people dressed up as Disney characters and were mistaken for workers and 2. People kept showing up as Kingdom Hearts characters. - JelloLife

Cosplaying has been banned from guests 14 years and older, to avoid confusion between guests, staff, or terrorists. - DisneyFan

People shouldn't be cosplaying though.

18 They pissed off George Lucas
19 FastPass+

It is an absolute headache to work with!

20 It’s too crowded
21 They copied Las Vegas

Guy Fieri took over Planet Hollywood at Disney Springs.

22 Boring rides

The railroad, Small World, etc...

23 They added another kiddie coaster

The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is basically a copy of Thunder Mountain

24 It’s mainly for little kids
25 The parks are too far from the hotels

We stayed at Caribbean Beach in 2006. We had to walk to the bus stop, wait for the bus, then ride the bus 10-20 minutes to the parks. Then when we returned, we had to ride the bus to the hotel then walk back to our room.

26 The hotel rooms are too small

Even our room at the Linq in Vegas are bigger than our room at Caribbean Beach!

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