Top Ten Reasons to Hate Walt Disney World

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1 Too many babies and toddlers crying and being annoying

Just ignore them and go on with your day. It's not the park's fault.

They are children what do you expect them to do! You cried when you were little so stop complaining!

Why would parents bring them? Can't they just tell them to shut up?!

2 The castle is not made out of bricks

No, It’s Made Of Concrete, It Looks Convincing

It looks like it is! Instead, they used these strong pieces of wires to hole these together. That's not really smart because what if it breaks apart

3 Some of the rides are not made by Disney

For example, the Ellen DeGeneris ride in Epcot and Mission: Space for a random reason whatsoever.

4 Most of the rides are boring

Mission Space isn't boring

What about Tower of Terror? Splash Mountain? Expedition Everest? Disney has excellent rides and terrible rides.

Like Stitch's Great Escape, Small World, that People Ride, etc.

I haven't been to Disney World but from what I've heard Small World is creepy. - RiverClanRocks

Most ride are awesome non are broing

5 They got rid of the Magic Hat in Hollywood Studios


Now they have a boring Chinese theater. Congratulations, Disney world company, you've ruined Orlando this year.

What is more important The Chinese Theater or the Magic Hat? On my Magic Band I put the icon of the hat to support the hat!

The hat was pretty ugly to be honest

6 It's expensive

So is Disneyland

I am in vacation cloud and I go to Disney world all the time. I am going in less than a week



7 You Don't Get To Visit The Castle

Yes you can

Uh yes you do?

Ya if u pay 60 a person to eat at the resterant

8 Frozen related stuff everywhere

So? I don’t care about Frozen either, but it’s tolerable.

Not everywhere.i hate frozen, but I just avoid it. Just don't ride the frozen ride, meet Anna and Elsa, or buy frozen stuff.

9 They don't have Sleeping Beauty herself in the Festival of Fantasy parade

Same exact thing with Tinkerbell in the Christmas parade. That's very mean. They're both based on Disney.

10 Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom don't have that many rides

There is no Six Flags park in Florida

They are both getting expansions. The whole Hollywood Studios park is getting a makeover, and Animal Kingdom is getting expanded a lot.

Yeah, they don't. Hollywood Studios has 2, and Animal Kingdom has 1 plus that safari. BORING.

God dammit,if u wanted rollercoaster,why didn't you go to six flags

The Contenders

11 Magic Kingdom and Epcot are the only two parks that have fireworks

Hollywood Studios has some too. - Gregory

That's weird. I thought Disney was the place with MAGIC, and fireworks are MAGICAL. So shouldn't EVERY park have a firework show?

Animal Kingdom has some too now.

12 They banned selfie sticks

Selfie sticks are stupid and if you have one there my dad will run over you for not paying attention and being stupid

Imagine those things getting in the way

13 Crappy food, yet ridiculous prices.

Crappy food? You've got to be kidding me.

Disneyland's food prices are dumb.

14 They got rid of the good shows from the past in the Disney Junior live show

When I was 14 I was forced to see the Playhouse Disney show at MGM AND IT WAS BORING

Now we have Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Sofia the First, Doc McStuffins, and the worst one of all, JAKE AND THE NEVERLAND, STUPID PIRATES. I wish they can get Playhouse Disney back. No fair...

I need my emergency dubstep headphones

Why do you care about Disney're not 2, are you?

15 The hotels sometimes have roaches

So gross. - Gregory

16 Walt Disney dreamed of Disneyland, not Disney World

Uh yes he did

17 They added another kiddie coaster

The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is basically a copy of Thunder Mountain

It’s not exactly a kiddie coaster(like the Barnstormer), and neither is Thunder Mountain, it’s a step above the kiddie category, but it’s definitely not up to par with real adult roller coasters such as Rock 'N' Roller Coaster.
But there’s a new coaster called Slinky Dog Dash that opened this year that counts as one of the smaller roller coasters. - Gregory

18 It’s mainly for little kids

Well that’s changing as Disney adds more thrilling rides to their parks.
We already have Expedition Everest, Avatar Flight of Passage, Rock 'N' Roller Coaster, Tower of Terror, Mission: Space, and they’re gonna add TRON Lightcycle Power Run(a new launched coaster), as well as Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run and Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance.
Yet they’re also gonna add Guardians of the Galaxy at Epcot, which is another launched coaster. - Gregory

19 You can't explore the abandoned River Country park

River Country is torn down and being replaced with a new hotel-Reflections – A Disney Lakeside Lodge.

20 It's in Florida

This is no reason to hate a theme park.

21 They banned cosplaying

Yes. It's true. They banned displaying in their parks because 1. Some people dressed up as Disney characters and were mistaken for workers and 2. People kept showing up as Kingdom Hearts characters. - JelloLife

Cosplaying has been banned from guests 14 years and older, to avoid confusion between guests, staff, or terrorists. - DisneyFan

People shouldn't be cosplaying though.

22 They pissed off George Lucas

Oh yeah. - Gregory

23 FastPass+

They used to be good, but then they went downhill and caused chaos, and therefore made standby wait time lines for attractions longer than ever. - Gregory

It is an absolute headache to work with!

24 It’s too crowded

Yup. - Gregory

25 They copied Las Vegas

Guy Fieri took over Planet Hollywood at Disney Springs.

26 Boring rides

That’s an opinion. - Gregory

The railroad, Small World, etc...

27 The parks are too far from the hotels

We stayed at Caribbean Beach in 2006. We had to walk to the bus stop, wait for the bus, then ride the bus 10-20 minutes to the parks. Then when we returned, we had to ride the bus to the hotel then walk back to our room.

28 The hotel rooms are too small

Even our room at the Linq in Vegas are bigger than our room at Caribbean Beach!

29 They treat their cast members poorly

I’ve known about Disney and that there are cast members.
They look happy, and are spreading joy to the parks.
But it looks.

When I learned more about what it’s like to work at Disney, my smile flipped and I lost faith in Disney.

The ride and park employees are forced to stand for hours, and some even do it out in the hot sun, and even on summer days, they do the job.

The character actors wear their costumes, which are really hot inside and make them sweaty.
When they’re inside the costumes, and combined with the outdoor heat, especially in the summer, they end up sweating like crazy and become severely dehydrated, so they must drink a lot during their breaks or they’ll get serious heatstroke and pass out, or even die.

Not to mention being inside the costumes while being out in the sun every day will cause extreme temperatures that will eventually give them 1st, 2nd or even 3rd degree burns.

And the princesses are forced to smile, ...more - Gregory

30 Commercialism

They constantly advertise Disney World on T.V., and I'm from Philadelphia!

31 Christmas is too expensive there

A ticket to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party costs $100. Not to mention the airfare needed to go there (I'm from Philadelphia). NYC's Christmas attractions are cheaper, my family can drive there, and at least the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree is FREE. I haven't visited either of those during Chirstmastime (only during the summer), but if I had to choose one place to go to for Xmas, it would be NYC.

32 They banned drones
33 Not enough hercules
34 They got rid of the Rio de Tiempo Ride at Epcot

It was a cool ride. I went on it only 4 months before it closed forever.

35 You can't explore the abandoned Discovery Island park
36 They closed down Pleasure Island
37 There's no Sing Along Songs Video filmed at the Magic Kingdom
38 There’s no shade at Toy Story Land

Disney tried to make Toy Story Land a fun place for all.

But it was rushed and due to poor budget cuts(thanks a lot to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, so they made it almost entirely shadeless, leaving everyone hot, sweaty and burning.

The queues for most of the rides are almost entirely shadeless, leaving everyone exposed as they wait in line for the rides, especially Slinky Dog Dash.

Speaking of which, when Toy Story Land opened, there was a line that took 4 hours just to get into the land, and when Slinky Dog Dash opened, there was another line, forming in the other direction, and the wait was 7+ hours(and yet the ride is only 2 minutes long), and most of the time was in no shade, with poor air circulation, leaving everyone there hot, sweaty, dehydrated and burnt.

Yet many people passed out from heatstroke and the outbreak didn’t get reported on the news.

Yet the combination of waits for both getting to the land and to ride Slinky meant that ...more - Gregory

39 The seating and restraints on some attractions may prohibit guests of certain body shapes and sizes from riding

There are attractions with seating and restraints that may prohibit certain body shapes or sizes from riding.

It's especially true for the Avatar Flight of Passage, on Pandora, as that is what the ride has the worst reputation for.
So much that they have a test vehicle outside the attraction.

So many people want to ride it, and not everyone has the right shape for it.
Some people are either too fat or just don’t have the right shape or size to ride anyway.
Not everyone has the right body shape or size for a ride.

Unfair. - Gregory

40 They removed the moving walkway and green screens from Space Mountain

Recently, they removed the moving walkway from the exit of Space Mountain.

That’s Discrimination, considering some people have diabetes and/multiple sclerosis and couldn’t walk well for those reasons.

Yet after standing in line for so long waiting to ride it, your body would be so drained and hurt to walk, yet if they can’t walk fast anymore, it’ll take much longer to exit the ride and cause people to jam up, causing massive chaos.

Not to mention they also removed the green screens that take place right before the gift shop, and made the exit way look like the Marriot hallways mixed with the Death Star corridor from Star Wars. - Gregory

41 Flash photography on dark rides

The rules say on dark rides no flash photography.
But we know people keep taking flash photos on those rides.

It’s prohibited since it reveals the technology and engineering that works the animatronics and is hidden in the dark.

Guests are supposed to have a magical experience, but it’s frequently ruined by flash photography.

Ever wonder one of the reasons why rides break down? - Gregory

42 Overall, it's not worth it.
43 Their slogan is a lie

They say it’s the most magical place on Earth, but it’s not.
There are crying kids, rude parents, long lines, plastic everywhere and crowds along with fighting.
It sucks. - Gregory

44 Walt Disney CEO Robert Iger Insulted Expedition Everest

Robert Iger, the CEO of Walt Disney, Expedition Everest a nondescript coaster, which shows us he’s evil and greedy.
He wants the company to turn every attraction into an IP so he could get money.

He even wants everyone to have a miserable time at Disney. - Gregory

45 They’re removing parts of iconic attractions from their parks

They removed the Sorcerer’s hat from what used to be the Great Movie Ride (becoming Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway) at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, the moving walkway and green screens on Space Mountain, the robot near the PeopleMover, Mickey on Mickey’s PhilharMagic, part of Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster and lately the guns on Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin.

They are taking pieces of each attraction away, which shows us they’re desperate and failing miserably.

That’s not the best way to refurbish a ride, they’re not improving them, but making them worse.
They’re ruining the magic for everyone. - Gregory

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