Top Ten Reasons to Hate Waluigi

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1 He's Wario 2.0

He's Luigi 2.0 since waluigi and Luigi are overrated. - Fullwalking2

He's actually Luigi 1.5 - ToadF1

He's not even Wario 1.5 - Gametheorysucks

True, fisically is different but the personality, the phrases are the same and also he have no purpose.

2 He has no personality

He copying Wario personality! He haven't one.

3 The Fanbase

They complain about Daisy and Rosalina fans not being respectful when his fans are much worse when it comes to that - yunafreya648

Waluigi has the most idiotic and stupidest and cancerous fanbase of all Mario characters. They hate Wario even though Waluigi was created as a tennis partner for Wario. What a bunch of dumbasses - Gametheorysucks

Sorry Waluigi fans, but some fans are to rude or annoying!

They are worse than Rosalina and Daisy's combined - ParkerFang

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4 He's ugly

He's the most ugliest male character in the Super Mario Series!

Of course - yunafreya648

5 He's too undeveloped

He don't know nothing about him.

6 He always says "Waluigi time!"

His fanbase say that more than he does - ParkerFang

7 He is a filler character

Daisy and Wario aren't real filler characters because they have a purpose but Waluigi haven't one and he was created only for spins-off.

What main game is he in again? Oh wait a minute. He's not in a mainstream game. He was only created as a tennis partner for Wario. - Randomator

Go ahead name one major game he was in. I'm waiting - Gametheorysucks

8 He is overrated
9 He has no purpose

He's a character added on the roster only for give a partner for Wario.

That's why he's Filler - ToadF1

10 His voice is annoying

The Contenders

11 Overrated

Like seriously?! Rosalina gets accused but Waluigi gets a pass

True - ToadF1

12 His memes are trash
13 He's annoying V 1 Comment
14 He depends on Wario

He's always with Wario in games like Mario kart, Mario Party, Mario & Sonic etc...

15 He is underrated

*Overrated piece of crap

Lmao good joke - Gametheorysucks

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