Top Ten Reasons to Hate Waluigi

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The Top Ten

1 He has no personality

He copying Wario personality! He haven't one.

2 He's Wario 2.0

He's not even Wario 1.5 - Gametheorysucks

True, fisically is different but the personality, the phrases are the same and also he have no purpose.

3 He's ugly

He's the most ugliest male character in the Super Mario Series!

4 He's too undeveloped

He don't know nothing about him.

5 The Fanbase

Sorry Waluigi fans, but some fans are to rude or annoying!

This fanbase is so cancerous and stupid.You want him in smash? Well he IS in smash. He's an assist trophy! - Randomator

6 He always says "Waluigi time!"
7 He is a filler character

Daisy and Wario aren't real filler characters because they have a purpose but Waluigi haven't one and he was created only for spins-off.

What main game is he in again? Oh wait a minute. He's not in a mainstream game. He was only created as a tennis partner for Wario. - Randomator

8 He has no purpose

He's a character added on the roster only for give a partner for Wario.

9 His voice is annoying
10 Overrated

The Contenders

11 He's annoying V 1 Comment
12 He is underrated

*Overrated piece of crap

13 He depends on Wario

He's always with Wario in games like Mario kart, Mario Party, Mario & Sonic etc...

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