Top Ten Reasons to Hate Watchmojo

The Top Ten Reasons to Hate Watchmojo

1 They only support popular opinions

This. Also, not only do they have the AUDACITY to not play the games themselves and steal the footage, but they STATE which channel they're stealing the footage from, as if it would make any difference. They also STATE the games on the footage with a footnote. Their narrators say a few bad lines half the time and play random game footage the other half. These things, they get me fired up like there's no tomorrow

Ocarina of time is number 1 on all their positive video game lists. It is not even close to the best game ever. Yet nostalgia on Social media and IGN make them think it is the best game ever.

Seriously, Watchmojo's lists are so devoid of personality and full of popular opinions to the point where I just think they are auto-generated. I'm surprised these guys actually make money, because even if I'm not a fan of other list YouTubers, at least they share their thoughts and don't pander to the base. - Swellow

They lost me with their line "live out your furry fantasies elsewhere" talking about Howard the Duck. - Martin_Canine

I know they do what people what to hear I bet most of them regret their awful list chooses

2 They are running out of ideas

Top 10 movies that take place underground in 1945 during a hail storm on a full moon.

Look up the word "filler" and the first thing that will show up is a link to watchmojo's channel

They always publish lists that are too simple/stupid. - madoog

Top ten video games inside movies that have made more than $5,000,000,000 but payed stars $45 then became actually playable for limited time

Top ten call of duty characters that have wives with 4 children each with piggy banks holding $50 and 2 nickels and a quarter that also have died

Top ten times streamers said F

3 The hosts act stupid

The only time I have ever seen them in person was their channel trailer. They have no sense of humor, or any acting skills, really. They don't know how to argue so they are easily forgettable. They have no evidence OR explanation for their entries. 99% of the time, the speakers sound naive, condescending, and dull.

In fact, I am going to show an example, which neither Watchmojo host ever did.

In "Top 10 Hardest Sonic Levels," they brought up Chaos Angel Zone from Sonic Advance 3, but they never said anything about it. They complained about the Sonic Adventure games and threw in a blurb about "new heights" to support the level's entry on the list. Not only did they waste time with their fanboy opinions, but they gave absolutely no reason to have Chaos Angel on this list. I learned nothing from that video about any of these levels. Watchmojo doesn't teach you anything, they just say "Number 1 is... because it sucks."

You could argue ...more

Stop trying to be a teeny bopper annoying 40 year old. - ToptenPizza

I hate watchmojo too. When she made a video about Top 10 Scariest Creepypastas they said jeff the killer but instead of jeff the killer they used Michael Myers as Jeff The Killer. And when she said 1. Slenderman they used jack the skeleton as slenderman... and she said 10. abandoned by disney. while abandoned by disney is not scary... abandoned by disney is just an idiot grey mouse with ugly eyes... Like...

They try to act young and end up acting like a 12 year old - DubstepLover

4 They have repetitive lists

They have just about any entertainment list you can think of, get at least over 100,000 views for each video, and have over a 1,000,000 subscribers. Also they are very good at being informative and I learned a lot from them. Personally, I think the one of the only reasons why people hate them is because they saw a few lists of theirs and were angry because they didn't share the same opinion they had. Also, I like those guys. They have good attitudes and keep positive about things. - MontyPython

They have 20 "yet again" versions of one list. - ToptenPizza

They could have upload new videos weekly instead of daily, but if they did that they become inactive and forgotten

They often do the same thing over and over again - ToptenPizza

5 They called Avril Lavigne princess of punk

Watch the top ten most hated songs video. None of her songs are punk at all. Punk is angsty, and DIY indie. Watch Sex Pistols, or Ramones, etc then compare with Avril. Also, how come boys are always "king" of a genre and girls are always "princess"? Michael Jackson is the king of pop, Brittney Spears is the princess of pop. What? - ToptenPizza

Pop punk IS a thing. - keycha1n

@ToptenPizza Well, Brittany is called the Princess of pop, because Madonna was the Queen of Pop. Other than that, I think it's to make them seem cuter.

Prabably princess of rock can be logic but... princess of punk?

6 They put Gravity Falls as the 7th worst Disney cartoon

Needless to say, the dislike bar is larger than the like bar. The comments as well are hilarious. Fallers are more vicious than you would think. - keycha1n

They. Did. Not. How dare they! Mabel is better than their face! Dipper is better than their feet! - AnonymousChick

So? Why should you act too butt hurt over that? Over-sensitivity much? - Neonco31

Because they're calling Gravity Falls the 7th worst Disney cartoon - PeeledBanana

I hate WatchMojo! They pander to only stereotype opinions.

*watchmojo releases an unpopular opinion*

WAAA! I hate WatchMojo! They insulted my favorite show! 11! - ProPanda

7 They have way too many subscribers

But if TheTopTens had one we would have like, 200000000000 more. - AnonymousChick

Waaay too many. Overrated crap channel. - ToptenPizza

Other things I don't like about
- Their videos take waay too long to watch
- They try to be funny by constantly referring to other things

8 Their lists have stupid topics no one cares about

Whenever they create list, they usually tell details about it. I also don't agree with them. But they aren't that bad. - zxm

I like them - blackflower

Everyone already knows the U.S symbols. Do something like presidents. - ToptenPizza

9 Inaccuracies

In the most important thrash metal albums list, they said death metal wasn't allowed yet they included Symbolic by Death. Death isn't a thrash metal band they are a death metal band.

Another list on most important heavy metal albums they called Cliff Burton a guitarist.

I've noticed that WatchMojo tends to either get facts outright wrong or pushes opinions that don't make sense. In their "Top Hardest N64 games list", they placed Perfect Dark without even mentioning Goldeneye, which I and many other people believe to be the harder of the two games. In their "Top Hardest Grand Theft Auto Missions" video, they place the Grand Theft Auto IV Mission "The Snow Storm" on the list since you have to fight your way through a three star wanted level. They make no mention of the fact that there's an incredibly easy way to beat the mission by simply just jumping in the water nearby and riding away in a boat that's docked nearby. The video that got me to stop watching WatchMojo was their "Top Worst Games Based on Horror Movies" video. In it, they place Evil Dead: A Fistful of Boomstick, claiming it was such a disappointing followup to "Evil Dead: Hail to the King" that Bruce Campbell didn't even reprise his role as Ash. Not only is the Bruce Campbell bit false (he ...more

On their video "Top Ten Anime You Should Never Watch in Front of Your Parents", Boku No Pico wasn't even a dishonorable mention! - Popsicles

Could not say it better than this. Their videos were used to be informative, but nowadays I find them lacked of research. The voiceover is annoying too. I cannot even pay attention to the video because the voiceover keeps reading through it.

10 They have no passion or soul in their videos

Their more bland then Modern Smosh acting...

The funny thing is they got offended when someone said
they are running out of ideas

The Contenders

11 They focus on popular things to create their lists

i agree

12 They Hate Sonic

That try to make him look bad in any possible way. They never give him a first placing in their top 10's even though he deserves it unless it's something negative.

With the exception of Sonic 06, Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic and The Secret Ring and Sonic R I've enjoyed every other Sonic I've played including Rise Of Lyric. I'm getting sick of listening to them put down Sonic Unleash because that was a great game.

Con sonic boom is great

So do i - blackflower

13 A lot of their top 10's are biased with opinion rather than factual or interesting.

They always say they're neutral, but their lists tell otherwise

Ocarina of Time vs. Majora's mask? nope the rushed, cheeper, worse one (Ocarina) wins.


Very True.

14 They Like Dora The Explorer

So? Who cares! It's their opinion. Besides, Dora is annoying, but I think her shows okay. So that's a dumb reason

Shut up list, Dora is awesome

Dora is thrash

Dora is okay guys

15 They have made very few lists with Tom and Jerry involved

This is a very stupid reason

This is the best opinion I think they need more Tom and Jerry

Brilliance, Pure Brillaince

So? does anybody care?

16 The have annoying voices

I think it should have said: 'They have boring voices'

One of the male speakers has a HORRIBLE case of vocal fry/creaky voice. I can't even listen to him any more.

The British guy is annoying, he should only appear on WatchMojoUK,
He does Top 5 Facts, Myths, and Anime videos, etc.

Danteem: You know right. They called Mario marryo instead of Mario. It's weird. I didn't know that before.

17 It's a ripoff of TheTopTens

No, thetoptens is their ripoff because they were out before thetoptens

Ripoff? Which would you rather do?

Top Tens: Thinks annoying celebrities are more evil than all the dictators and genocidal murderers
Watch Mojo: Acknowldeges history, and rather thinks those people are annoying and the dictators and murderers are evil

Which one do you prefer? Watch Mojo acknowledges history and Top Tens doesn't.

18 They spam uploads quite a lot.

They just do this for money.

4-5 uploads a day is not a good thing

Siivagunner actually do more, but his content is better and is not lazily made.

19 Bad list choices
20 Their lists are always obvious

Indeed they are obvious.

I don't agree

Not really...I did not expect Jay-Z to take the number 1 spot in Best Rapper of all-time. For me, it's
1. Eminem
2. Tupac
3. The Notorious B.I.G

21 They make top 10 lists about every little thing

I don't think there's one thing they haven't made a "top 10" of.

I was bombarded with their stupid videos after Googling top 10 things to hate watchmojo and it started to spark my anger. Tell me if this is a really great example of them practically being everywhere? - SuperMario64ever

22 They Hate Pokemon

Because it kills people. I'm talking about the Pokémon smartphone game.

They do?

So do i - blackflower

Yes they do

23 They don't have Justin Bieber on the "Top 10 Worst Singers" list

This is a damn nice reason

Wait,are you effing kidding me!?!? Looks like mojo is not getting watched this time by me...EVER...well,maybe until PIGS FLY AND CHICKENS HAVE HUMAN TEETH!

24 When they make a list, things that deserve to be there are never there

EArthbound for best game ever

25 They Make Too Much Anime Lists

This is why I HATE Anime!

There's even a meme about them - Pieclone

26 They have stupid list ideas

There are better ones like TheTalko instead

27 They put My Little Pony number 5th On the list "Best Animated Shows Of The 2010s" instead of Gravity Falls or Steven Universe

Deal with it Gravity Falls fans - Neonco31

Gravity falls was number 3 on the list - BoyGenius234

28 They make motionless content that has no link with their audience.
29 They Hate Silver The Hedgehog

See Sonic 06 Vs Sonic Boom To see What I Mean

Silver will get you for this, Watchmojo! - Croy987

30 They keep making 'another' versions of their already existing lists
31 They have very monotone voices

I seldom fall asleep when watching videos, but WatchMojo voices were able to succeed.

32 They hate veggietales

That's not nice

So do i - blackflower

33 It is not interesting

He says its his opinion but he uses the public's opinion.

Yes it is - blackflower

34 The name

Seriously, what kind of name is Watchmojo?

35 It is boring

I can't see the entertainment in these guys. They have no personality whatsoever. - Swellow

It Is a 100% Waste Of Time - oldfashionedmickeymousecol1995

36 They said Matchbox Twenty was a terrible band.

It may be radio friendly, but that doesn’t make it terrible. Even hard rock bands listen to them when they crave something soft. - thenabster126

37 They put the Insane Clown Posse at number 1 on the Top 10 Weirdest Bands list

ICP aren't even a band either!

38 They praised Nostalgia Critic

No, that is not a good thing

But that's a good thing.

39 The only good anchor is Rebecca
40 Their videos are bland and forgettable
41 Multiple times they break their own one per franchise rule.

I do have to agree on this topic is because they put ALL of the 3 Toy Story movies in there top 10 Pixar Films and giving other franchise's like Cars and Brave a chance like sure Cars is the weakest franchise that is all about Talking Cars but there were a lot of memorable moments in all the 3 Cars movies and Brave is a princess movie but that movie was a critical and commercial success not to mention they put Toy Story 3 on # 2 and Toy Story 1 on the # 1 spot like SERIOUSLY like don't get me I love Toy Story it's one of my favorite Pixar Franchise's of all time along with Cars, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles Etc on my favorite franchises from Pixar (Except for Brave)

42 They Put All Of Sonic's Friends On The Top 10 Most Annoying Video Game Characters List

This Made me Stop Watching Watchmojo For 2 Years

43 They Hate Lana Del Rey

This should be #1 reason to hate WatchMojo. I love Lana.

44 They upload 4-5 videos a day
45 During Lady Gaga videos, they always put Bad Romance in the top, ignoring more artistic ones.
46 Green Day sellouts

I was shocked when I watched that. they simply changed a bit their genre throught the years

They callled gd sellouts

47 They Put Mel Blanc at #2 of the best voice actors of all time

How dare they put Mel Blanc at #2 that makes no sense. - egnomac

48 They said Billy Madison was funny

But it is though. At least funnier than Jack and Jill.

And yet he isn't.

49 If you subscribe to them, you'll get too many notifications

Every time I turn on my data connection, my phone gets hanged due to notifications. I mean just how many videos do they make one day?

50 People on their website don't know how to vote
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