Top Ten Reasons to Hate the "Ways to Kill Lists" on TheTopTens


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1 The lists are all offensive

I'll admit, I have made these lists ( not all my lists are like that)! Even though it was supposed to be a "parody" of sorts, apparently they are my most infamous lists. Even I'm ashamed of them. I would never do a list like this again (at least I learned something from this experience). - MusicalPony

Yes. I hate Justin Bieber and Nikki Minaj, but come on. I would never threaten to kill them. - Minecraftcrazy530

So "offensive" jokes are not allowed because the easily offended people will cry like a baby over them? No way, the world won't stop for people who easilly get offended. We should learn how to take jokes, no matter how "offensive" they are.

But Killing Dora The Explorer Would Be A Dream

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2 Killing People will only make you go to jail

But people who killed someone for a favorable cause shouldn't. Like people who killed tyrants who torture slaves and stuff.

Why do people take these things seriously? They're obviously jokes. I've made a lot of these lists before and they're all for humour. Seriously, stop being so hypersensitive. - TwilightKitsune

Unless It's Dora the explorer Or Barney The Dinosaur

But we won't,since we are joking,you need to recognize that by now - Nateawesomeness

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3 People might actually kill them in real life

Yes, and someone might think is the users that created those ways to Kill list and you can have life in prison.

If that's true that will be sad - BigBrotherSucks

Someone sick and terrible person would do it. - SapphireGrim

Their fault,not ours,and we won't spend time in prison,the criminal will - Nateawesomeness

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4 People think these lists are funny

Because these kinds of lists are meant to be a joke. Humor for people who have similar opinions on a subject.

You may think it's funny but if the cops sees these types of list it won't be funny spending 12 years in prison ( depending on what country you live in) - SapphireGrim

It is a joke,it's funny because of all the iconic and brutal ways that the person showed on the title can die out of all the items on the list,but hey,it's funnier watching people be butthurt over them - Nateawesomeness

5 If the person does get murdered people will blame people on the site

How is it this website's fault? If they really hated that person enough to kill him or her, they must have had their own personal motive. - TwilightKitsune

Yes, be careful what you do on the internet. - SapphireGrim

Yes I know that going to happen - BigBrotherSucks

Police Officer: Sir, we have found you guilty of murdering this man. What was your motive?

Murderer: The yellow website made me do it! - TwilightKitsune

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6 People will not stop creating them

Well they should stop - BigBrotherSucks

I had made these lists in the pasts, but nowadays there isn't a Ways To Kill list ( and sadly, these lists are POPULAR). - MusicalPony

Because it's a good trend - Nateawesomeness

7 People are voting on them like they do not know the punishment for killing

Well they should know what happens if they do - BigBrotherSucks

Wanna know you go to Death Row for doing that and be executed

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8 It's immature

I was a real assassin but would end innocent peoples life when they did not harm me AT ALL cause that is satanic

Bingo. All these immature kids just think about killing children's T.V. show characters and pop stars. I don't know if they think its funny or what, but stop it - ryanrimmel

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9 It could actually result in ways to kill a certain TheTopTen user

Try your best to make a list of ways to kill me. It will be good for laughs.

No, because admin will not make it due to being offensive to the user - Nateawesomeness

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10 They drive people away from TheTopTens

Only those people who can't take jokes will go away from this site for that reason.

They don't,they only drive you away - Nateawesomeness

Joke that's what you call it that's like laughing at A SUICIDAL PERSON THAT IS UNACCEPTIBLE

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11 The person might not have done anything to that users

Yes they might not like what they doing but it no reason to kill them - BigBrotherSucks

They affected the user so they made such a list.

I would kill asses like Hitler or Donald Trump but not innocent people

12 They're embarrassing

No, the only embarrassing thing here is making a list like this to respond. - Puga

13 They make you look like a psycho

I may be a assassin but I am not a psycho I am just really disgusted by asses ruining the world like Trump

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14 They're wrong

I don't believe in right and wrong.

If there was no wrong, there would be no good either. It keeps the balance right.

Is it wrong to kill Trump he is a ass that should be locked up in Quantomino

15 They're offensive to the person
16 The only appropriate list is Top 10 Ways to Kill a Zombie

Something I would agree with

or Hitler

17 They don't make anything better

Only the strong survive

18 They're pointless
19 They ruin your reputation

It just simply means there are some people who can't take jokes.

It actually didn't do so much because of the many lists created. - Pony

20 They're all the same
21 They're evil

But Justin Bieber is one of the most evil people in history!

22 They'll only get you more haters

Everyone has haters. Just face the fact that you can't please everyone,

23 They're creepy
24 They're not good for you

They are! These are the best ways to entertain yourself when in front of Beliebers!

25 They're stupid
26 They make you look bad
27 They're childish
28 They're not funny
29 They're wack
30 They're not healthy for you
31 They're crazy
32 They're inappropriate
33 They're dumb
34 They're disturbing
35 They're scary
36 They're insane
37 They're not the right way to release your anger

Again, which is the best, then? There's no "right" and "wrong" way of dealing with things.

38 They're horrible
39 Most of them look like they were made by serial killers
40 They give TheTopTens a bad name

Yes, it gives this site a very bad name and plus these types of list can have the top Tens banned. - SapphireGrim

41 They're awful
42 They're psychotic
43 They make you look stupid
44 They make you look dumb
45 They're degrading
46 They're demeaning
47 They're harsh
48 They make you look immature
49 They're lame
50 They're not the solution
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1. Killing People will only make you go to jail
2. The lists are all offensive
3. If the person does get murdered people will blame people on the site
1. The lists are all offensive
2. People think these lists are funny
3. Killing People will only make you go to jail


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