Top 10 Reasons to Hate Winx Club

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1 Inappropriate for Kids

Winx is the best! I don't care what everybody else thinks

I hate that show it is terrible

True just look at their body HOW THEY BEND like this


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2 Bloom is a Mary Sue

Who ever thinks Winx is good is stupid. They are annoying and immature I hate Winx Club.

Yeah she is always getting the spotlight like dang like if the was in real life I would of been fighting her to the floor intil she said she would not take all the spotlight

Yeah she is always getting the spotlight like dang like if the was in real life I would of been fighting her to the floor intil she said she would not take all the spotlight

Yea, she always gets the spotlight, Around season 7 Nick was like, "HECK NAH BRUH! We are so not airing this crap! " (-.-)

3 Characters Look Like Freaks

They look like scarecrows ffs - TwilightKitsune

4 Their Hair is Too Long

Stupid reason. - TheReviewer20

Dumb reason

Except Tecna - AinezoChan

5 The Plot is Too Girly
6 Bad Morals

Have to say it not everyone is like winx in the world. Perfect that is. And bloom don't get me going there. No morals

They should be jailed or just...just die.

They look like the type of slutty highschool girls I wanna punch. How were they able to get into school with all the DAMNED STUPID GIRLY OUTFITS?!

I think I get why Thalia Grace and GoGo hate girly stuff…

7 Weak Powers


Nope, sorry! WANNA EAT DIS, FAIRIES? Huh?!?! (fires off a Baymax Rocket Fist and they die)

It's not just the fairies, the villains are pathetic too. Here's one of their fight scenes,

Musa Flora Tecna Darcy and Stormy : (Stares at each other for longer than neccesary)
Darcy and Stormy: OOUUUGGHH!
Fairies: Yay we win!

Look at Seasons 1-3, they can do much better scenes with two fairies missing and two of the remaining fairies incapacitated! And not give Bloom Aisha and Flora ALL the attention!

8 My Little Pony Rip-Off

Now that I think about it, it kinda is!

Yeah. MLP is better than that GIRLY crap.

Winx Club was created in the 2004. MLP:FIM was created in 2010.

MLP came out in sometime in the 1980s
Wine Club 2004

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9 They Always Focus on Bloom

I love Winx but why. Bloom just annoys me so much. "Look at me, I'm a girl who didn't know she was a fairy, plot twist I'm the princess of a fallen planet that I will bring back with my friends (who will do nothing) and my power is so strong. I also am engaged to a handsome prince! " I'm just so glad they gave all the girls focus in World of Winx, because I hate disliking her, and WoW made me like her.

About 90% of the time on a episode it's always on bloom she is never funny what is bloom doing now? Dealing with 2+2 what is it when the other girls fight to save bloom she is so ungrateful

Shes not the best one and then too everywhere she shines out...

So never like Bloom. She is very selfish and so ungrateful. I don't think she should be the leader of Winx Club at all.

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10 The Girls Look So Wrong

Their faces are squashed and messed up.

Midriffs everywhere! And that's NOT inappropriate in any way oh definitely not bad for kids AT ALL!

Very skinny, messed up faces, very long hair.

They legit look like skeletons, like have a Big Mac y'all!

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11 Not Funny


12 Useless Characters
13 Unlikable Characters

They used to be great characters. But now, Bloom is a HUGE Mary-Sue, Flora is a weak pacifist, Stella is an annoying fashion freak, Musa is girly, Tecna's sole reason for not being removed from the show is to do research and Lay-- I mean Aisha is taking up all of Stella's spotlight. They all suck now. And the villians? The trix are so pathetic, desperate and less cruel it's not even funny. And I don't know how those season 7 'main antagonists' can compare to Valtor and even the season 1 Trix before them.

They are so wrong.

So true. Bloom has "that one life", to the point where they name a transformation out of her. BLOOMIX!?!? like really?

14 They Look Like Prostitutes

Just look at them. just take a second, open your eyes and think

Yes how much.

They look lovely me sluts

15 The Boys Look Like Girls

Yes they are so like females. They act like and makes us sick.

Reasons to watch anime than this thing.

(switches to death note) What is Sky's full name anyway? Sky High Stupidity Levels?

Although I do like androgynous boys though...

16 W.I.T.C.H Rip-Off

W.I.T.C.H. is way better.

17 Sailor Moon Rip-Off V 1 Comment
18 Rips off Disney Fairies
19 They Have Annoying Voices

I hate Winx Club now, They turned my ex favorite show into an annoying piece of crap. - MorganChambz

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20 The Fandom

For globs sake they act like demented five year olds dropped off a cliff. I mean, there's some exceptions, but not many.

They can be so annoying! Even Sonic or FNaF Fans are better!

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