Top 10 Reasons to Hate Winx Club

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1 Bloom is a Mary Sue

My sister LOVES Bloom! SHE HAS NINE BLOOM DOLLS! She carries this tatty, ripped basket and dumps all 29 (I know! ) dolls she has on the floor, NEVER EVER picking them up! They really should just cancel the show altogether to stop it from LITERALLY GETTING WORSE, am I right?

Bloom is such a Mary Sue. She has powerful fire powers, a perfect body everyone falls for, a perfect boyfriend, lots of friends and no particular flaws whatsoever. She is like Barbie, but fairy mode. She is also a spotlight stealer and no backstory, or character development. She even gets even more annoying ever since season 5. Her screaming gets more high pitched and annoying. Gee. Get a life bloom. The world will be better than you around

Its really true they keep on having screen time on bloom not the others I don't even like bloom that much I wish they will give the other winx some screen time

Oh please. Even Barbie is tons better than Bloom. At least Barbie movies teaches some sort of moral at the end (but the movies are getting worse).

2 Characters Look Like Freaks

What? If you are talking about after S4, it makes sense, but in kids' media, you're bound to see such things.

The art style is actually pretty nice. Also, I find it funny how anime fans say this, as if anime doesn't have thin long legs and weird chins at all, with baby eyes. Winx has wide eyes, but the show still keeps (kept) it natural, unlike other shows for girls.

They don't look bad at all
They look great
How dare you say that about the best T.V. show ever what do kids watch no a days?

They look like scarecrows ffs - TwilightKitsune


3 Inappropriate for Kids

What do you mean it's not inappropriate? They were crop tops and mini skirts. This shouldn't be something kids have to be presented. All of the winx look like trash

It's not inappropriate but what the heck are the winx wearing? Mini skirts? Too much glitter on dresses? Bellies showing? whats the appeal for this show anyways? It even has a bad footage

To many new cartoon shows are nit right this one tmnt 2012. Ben ten and the lust goes on.

Winx is the best! I don't care what everybody else thinks

4 They Always Focus on Bloom

I love Winx but why. Bloom just annoys me so much. "Look at me, I'm a girl who didn't know she was a fairy, plot twist I'm the princess of a fallen planet that I will bring back with my friends (who will do nothing) and my power is so strong. I also am engaged to a handsome prince! " I'm just so glad they gave all the girls focus in World of Winx, because I hate disliking her, and WoW made me like her.

About 90% of the time on a episode it's always on bloom she is never funny what is bloom doing now? Dealing with 2+2 what is it when the other girls fight to save bloom she is so ungrateful

So never like Bloom. She is very selfish and so ungrateful. I don't think she should be the leader of Winx Club at all.

Shes not the best one and then too everywhere she shines out...

5 The Plot is Too Girly

The show has multiple plots that involve female transformations in every single season. Also they over sexualize their costumes and their bodies. Their waists are so small that they can't keep a pickle in their stomach, but some how eat large quantities of food. As well as their eyes being large, skinny legs and skinny arms.

6 My Little Pony Rip-Off

Winx Club was created in the 2004. MLP:FIM was created in 2010.

Now that I think about it, it kinda is!

Shut up you obsessed brony. Are your caps stuck or something?

(person who spammed caps) I hope you step on a batman head lego.

7 Bad Morals

Have to say it not everyone is like winx in the world. Perfect that is. And bloom don't get me going there. No morals

Bloom is a thot. - MilkTae

They should be jailed or just...just die.

They look like the type of slutty highschool girls I wanna punch. How were they able to get into school with all the DAMNED STUPID GIRLY OUTFITS?!

I think I get why Thalia Grace and GoGo hate girly stuff…

8 Teaches Bad Morals

So true all you need is a boyfriend. And you dress like a tart to get one. Teachers kids the wrong thing. Just no. As bad as tmnt 2012! And ben 10 and all the rest of the cartoons to day to over the too and all adult crap in it. Or to dark. Or incest to 2012 tmnt. Has that.

Winx club teaches absolutely nothing. I mean wearing skimpy and inappropriate outfits to get a boyfriend? Seriously? What's the moral of this? Terrible ones for girls I say.

Winx teaches that for minimum effort you get a sparkly new dress. They supposedly care about saving the world, but then they take 5 min to twirl in front of the camera like the biggest effing narcissists.
Plus, when Daphne stops being a ghost - lesson: you can bring loved ones back from the dead. WRONG! THAT'S NOT REALITY!

In seasons 1-3, the Winx got their wings by doing good things. For example, in season 3: Exchantix, they got their way through saving someone on their home land with showing sacrifice, (with the exception of Tecna, if I spelled her name correctly, who assumed to save the universe, and Bloom, who put her will to turning to Exchantix.) I haven’t watched season 4-7 or season 8 yet, but from what I read it gone downhill.

9 Weak Powers

Ever After High characters' powers are strong for example Apple and Raven capturing Evil Queen to the mirror in Dragon Games.


Nope, sorry! WANNA EAT DIS, FAIRIES? Huh?!?! (fires off a Baymax Rocket Fist and they die)

It's not just the fairies, the villains are pathetic too. Here's one of their fight scenes,

Musa Flora Tecna Darcy and Stormy : (Stares at each other for longer than neccesary)
Darcy and Stormy: OOUUUGGHH!
Fairies: Yay we win!

Look at Seasons 1-3, they can do much better scenes with two fairies missing and two of the remaining fairies incapacitated! And not give Bloom Aisha and Flora ALL the attention!

10 The Girls Look So Wrong

Their faces are squashed and messed up.

Midriffs everywhere! And that's NOT inappropriate in any way oh definitely not bad for kids AT ALL!

They need to eat.

Why would they do that to a show for 6-8 year old girls!?

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11 They Look Like Prostitutes

Theirs makeups are too much.

Just look at them. just take a second, open your eyes and think


Yes how much.

12 Their Hair is Too Long

Stupid reason. - TheReviewer20

Dumb reason



13 The Boys Look Like Girls

Yer bloom wears the pants. And sky how many times has he lost his memory I forget. Lol.

Yes they are so like females. They act like and makes us sick.

So true sky is a girly. Is that why he git a haircut. God no.

Yer bloom wears the pants. And walks all over sky. When they fight he gives in frist. The weaner dumb blonde guy or is that girly man ha ha.

14 Harry Potter Rip Off

Think about it there is so much in here like harry potter. Like the restrictions area in the library. Books trying to bite you. Bloom like harry the only one who can save everyone. Get the picture. Also you got to ask who ripped who if first place. So wrong all the time.

I love Harry potter as he acts like a kid. Winx club fairies act like ladies

All true now who ripped who off in the first place. Think about it all. Just bad all over. Winx is bad. Harry Potter so so.

Yes it is so much we hate it.

15 Skye Cheated on Diaspro with Bloom and is Treated as a Good Guy While Diaspro is Villainized

Skye is treated like a good person as he cheated on Diaspro with Bloom. That was just stupid. - StevenUniverseIsAwesome

I hate Skye and Bloom so much

Raven & Dexter >>> Bloom & Sky

Sky is a two faced a hole.

16 Useless Characters

Most of the characters do nothing, take Tecna in World Of Winx for example. In the fights, all she does is create a shield!

17 Bloom Saved Sky but Didn't Save Nabu

Really, it not Bloom fault that Nabu died, because the plot demanded thar there was no war to relieve him, and Yes they do forget about plot lines like remember S1 Ep 18 "A Great Serect Revealed" where Bloom could see in people (humans anyway as the power only started when she on Earth, Gardenia) souls, but couldn't after words, you see and Aisha cared about Nabu, she tried to revenge him!

So true she cares for her own relatives and close friends but save other people's loves NO bloom is a stubborn arrogant,did she forget she has healing powers? LIKE WHAT THE HECK?!

Poor Aisha...

So true

18 Unlikable Characters

They used to be great characters. But now, Bloom is a HUGE Mary-Sue, Flora is a weak pacifist, Stella is an annoying fashion freak, Musa is girly, Tecna's sole reason for not being removed from the show is to do research and Lay-- I mean Aisha is taking up all of Stella's spotlight. They all suck now. And the villians? The trix are so pathetic, desperate and less cruel it's not even funny. And I don't know how those season 7 'main antagonists' can compare to Valtor and even the season 1 Trix before them.

They are so wrong.

Ever After High characters are more likeable like Briar, Madeline, Ashlynn, etc.

So true. Bloom has "that one life", to the point where they name a transformation out of her. BLOOMIX!?!? like really?

19 W.I.T.C.H Rip-Off

So what? Winx Club is way better.

W.I.T.C.H. is way better.

The planning of Winx Club started in 1999, and it was gonna be called "Magical Bloom". W.i.t.c.h. started at 2001. The name was changed to "Winx: Just Fairies! " and it aired at 2001, but it got canceled due to low budget. Then it aired again (this time, with different looks, and better animation) at 2004, into what we know as Winx Club, or "Rip off of W.i.t.c.h.", by people who didn't bother to do their research.

Magical Bloom aired at September 1999, but got cancelled due to bad ratings. Winx: Just Fairies! aired at 2001, and got canceled in January.

20 Musa is a Dumb Damsel. She Never Helps!

I agree
One like= one punch for Musa!
Let's get to 50 at least!

The reason why she isn't doing anything is because she isn't that important and not as much people like her and tecna.
i like bloom and all but its gone to the point where she is so annoying. like can they at least give more screen time to musa tecna and aisha

21 Too Much Romance

I am a girl and I hate all the boyfriend girlfriend rubbish. Why do you need a guy or girl or love interest to make a cartoon these days.

So true why does everyone need a love interest or boyfriend girlfriend come on now. Got to stop.

Hate the romance
makes my friends and I sick.

Yer makes us sick like most other cartoon shows. They need a girl or boy friend.. or live interest to get viewers. Which is sick. I am a girl and it makes me want to throw up.

22 Not Funny


I just died for from laughing, lol. I agree with you; except the last part. - SilverstreamSucks

23 Sailor Moon Rip-Off

They user lame powers.

24 Bloom is a Dumb Leader

She is a Mary sue

25 They Just Die for Their Boyfriends

Meh! They suck. Ooh, to girly! Teach girl to keep kissing a boy and show your midriffs! They are all mary sues not any one of them is brave as said, why the fanbase is crazy and think they kill and outshine disney princess or barbie girls? At least some of them don't need a prince and are bravely indipendant! See Corrine and Merliah from BARBIE and RAPUNZEL and MOANA from disney (IDC if they finally fall in love)! Bloom is dumb as a leader. Screw you, Bloom, you fall for your bae, have weak powers to win for the villains are weak, look like a scarecrow, have annoying fanbase, just need to be in center of spotlight even if u are dumbest winx, you crave for avoiding to give others a chance, just overract too much, show your midriff always and really u have dumb sacrifices only for stealing the hellish show. LET ME SHARE ONE OF MY SHARE AN EXPERIENCE. ONE OF MY FRIENDS DUMBLY LOVES BLOOM THE MOST OF ALL OTHER PEOPLE OR RICHES IN HER LIFE! SO CRAZILY STUPID! ONE DAY, ONE OF MY FRIENDS ...more

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26 They Have Annoying Voices

I hate Winx Club now, They turned my ex favorite show into an annoying piece of crap. - MorganChambz

Stella is SUCCHHH a huge sucker.

27 The Fandom

For globs sake they act like demented five year olds dropped off a cliff. I mean, there's some exceptions, but not many.

They can be so annoying! Even Sonic or FNaF Fans are better!

Come on, fnaf fandom isn't that bad

28 Rips off Disney Fairies
29 Too Dramatic

In almost every episode, someone gets knocked out or faints and when they do get knocked out or faint they fall down slowly.

Almost in every episode, someone faints are gets knocked out.When they are in fairy from they fall slow.

30 Sky is a Gary Stu/Sue

Yes he really more like a girl. Loser. Bloom wears the pants. And walks all over him.he is so weak.

31 The Trix Suck

If there is a season eight and no wedding they be no hags. Come on end it with the next season. With one being killed off hopefully bloom.

Each season equals to about 1 year so basically the trix has been trying to defeat the Winx for 7 years

32 It's extremely irritating to watch
33 Annoying Songs
34 Boring Characters

Characters are not as interesting as they used to be.

Stella is not interesting at all!

No one is interesting except Stella,i really;like her

35 Always on Bloom

Always about bloom. She gets all the spot light.

36 They All Show Their Bellies

In season 6 Stella turns bloom into a broom and she gets even skinnier

Bloom should be calledbroom because she is as skinny as one

37 Stella is Selfish


38 Weaker Than the Trix


39 Bad Animation

Look at their face for 5 seconds

40 It went downhill after Season 5
41 Tecna Barely Appears in Seasons 6-7
42 World of Winx

This is a reboot of the show. Winx Club is better than is muddy reboot. - Ilovestephanie

43 The Dialogue is Terrible
44 They Get Even Worse Every Season

I used to love Winx Club when I young but now I cannot stand Winx Club anymore because Winx Club is cancer and has bad morals, reused transformations, unlikable characters, lazy animation, and crappy romance that makes me puke, heck even Degrassi is a much better show than Winx Club

45 A Disgrace to Magical Girls

Have you seen the transformations? Disgraceful

Sailor Moon, Pretty Cure, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Mermaid Melody, Cardcaptor Sakura, Cutie Honey, Tokyo Mew Mew, Ojamojo Doremi, Wedding Peach, Shugo Chara, W.I.T.C.H, Miraculous Ladybug, Mysticons, Lolirock, Princess Tutu, Pretear, Yūki Yuna is a Hero, Wish Upon a Pleiades, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha and other magical girl anime are much better shows than crappy Winx Club and that’s my opinion

46 Stupid Theme Songs

Can they not say "we are the winx" or "we're gonna rule this" a billion times in 1 song?

47 Flash Animation
48 Too Much Pink

Not that I hate pink, I love it, even though I am not a girl, but, seriously. Use some more colours, there are plenty of them! When I search images of Winx Club, PINK. PINK EVERYWHERE.

49 Unrealistic Body Image

Sad but true.

50 It's Superficial

It's too shallow, not to mention that they are all thin and wear miniskirts to get boyfriends. Too much aesthetics. - NelMemazo

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