Top 10 Reasons to Hate Winx Club

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21 They Have Annoying Voices

I hate Winx Club now, They turned my ex favorite show into an annoying piece of crap. - MorganChambz

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22 The Fandom

For globs sake they act like demented five year olds dropped off a cliff. I mean, there's some exceptions, but not many.

They can be so annoying! Even Sonic or FNaF Fans are better!

23 Boring Characters

Characters are not as interesting as they used to be.

No one is interesting except Stella,i really;like her

24 Sky is a Gary Stu/Sue

Yes he really more like a girl. Loser. Bloom wears the pants. And walks all over him.he is so weak.

25 Bloom Saved Sky but Didn't Save Nabu
26 Musa is a Dumb Damsel. She Never Helps!

The reason why she isn't doing anything is because she isn't that important and not as much people like her and tecna.
i like bloom and all but its gone to the point where she is so annoying. like can they at least give more screen time to musa tecna and aisha

27 Stupid Theme Songs

Can they not say "we are the winx" or "we're gonna rule this" a billion times in 1 song?

28 Flash Animation
29 Too Much Pink

Not that I hate pink, I love it, even though I am not a girl, but, seriously. Use some more colours, there are plenty of them! When I search images of Winx Club, PINK. PINK EVERYWHERE.

30 Too Dramatic

In almost every episode, someone gets knocked out or faints and when they do get knocked out or faint they fall down slowly.

31 Too Dramatic

Almost in every episode, someone faints are gets knocked out.When they are in fairy from they fall slow.

32 Always on Bloom

Always about bloom. She gets all the spot light.

33 They All Show Their Bellies

Bloom should be calledbroom because she is as skinny as one

34 Unrealistic Body Image

Sad but true.

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