Reasons to Hate Women

WARNING:Not all women are bad so don't accuse me of being sexist but these reasons will make you see how evil most of them are.
And also Feminism is not about equality.

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1 They use feminism as a tool to make women superior than men

Did any females see the description?

I am a proud feminist.
Yes men are amazing people, but women are the same.
It's not our fault I was born a women, and it's not your fault you were born a man.
We both genders should be treated equally.
I hate these types of lists.

You know in most movies, guys are usually like the strong ones, and the women always need help getting somewhere. Yeah

Who did this, sexist

2 They stab you in the back when you really love them

That's kinda true but same goes for men

There are burdens that should not be crossed by any human beings towards the people wh are close to you. This character manifested in women is something unacceptable by any creature who lives in groups or pairs.

3 They are manipulative
4 They think men can't criticize them because they are females

This list should be titled “Reasons to Hate Feminists” instead of “Reasons to Hate Women”.

5 They get away with most evil things they do
6 They think they are superior because they are biologically and physically more complex

But they are more smelly.

7 They are selfish

And ungrateful, they take full advantage of our kindness, like gold diggers for example.

8 They betray each other as well as men
9 They say men can't hit them because they are a girl

So true. If I need to defend myself I would hit a girl. - Aguythatpeopleignores

10 They brainwash today's generation of teenagers to be feminists who think men are inferior to women

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11 They go on and on about how women can be or do anything, but they don't really mean it

I am a woman and I added this. God forbid a woman cook, clean, raise kids, wear dresses/skirts, wear anything that doesn't show off the body she should be so proud of, or wear pink when it's not October. Even if, you know, she chose herself to do any of that with no outside influence whatsoever. - Just3llaAn1mat10n421

If you are really a strong and Independent woman then join the military with men And prove your might at battle. Plus 98% of the Earth's military population is consistent of males. - Aguythatpeopleignores

12 They believe that if they want something, they deserve it and that a man should bear the cost no matter what that may be

Those kind of females are nothing but gold digging whores!

13 They are stupid
14 They are hypocritical

True, many women (without generalization) are very hypocrites. Many talk bad things of you in the back, but in an instant or in front of you they apparently are "friendly", and the women in group or with her friends are very rares.

15 They promote period pride

Again, I am myself a woman. I hate getting cramps, mood swings, and bleeding buckets every month, but apparently I'm supposed to embrace all that. - Just3llaAn1mat10n421

16 They overshadow men

Seriously, women show off that their smarter, live longer, and more superior than men (just to name a few) and promote it though T.V. including kids shows! Making men feel less special and probably even make them feel suicidal because just because we are men we really don't have a purpose and women can do EVERYTHING without our help apparently.

17 They only want to marry pretty men.

This is not with every women. - Userguy44

18 They are ugly

Beautiful, gorgeous, goddess are unrealistic descriptions because all women are ugly

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1. They use feminism as a tool to make women superior than men
2. They stab you in the back when you really love them
3. They are manipulative


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