Top Ten Reasons to Hate WordGirl


The Top Ten

1 She has no powers

I feel you bro!

An ant could kill her.

2 She needs help from a fat monkey
3 All she does is say what words mean

I think you are very boring lizards wordgirl is a show for kids to educate - MissBritain

4 She's a girl superhero

You aren't half sexist, buddy. What was wrong with the idea of Catwoman? - PositronWildhawk

That is sexist and somebody here also said it's better if Word Girl where a boy stupid list good show! Hate the top 10 list love Word Girl!

Now that's just sexist - NikoX

5 She makes weird excuses about not telling anyone who she is
6 The villains are boring
7 Every time it is a giant fight they have to stop so Wordgirl can say what a word mean
8 Her brother is in love with Wordgirl and nobody can know he is in love in his sister
9 That boy in the game show is always bragging about Wordgirl
10 Wordgirl is just boring

The Contenders

11 Her brother is in love with Wordgirl and nobody can know he is in love with his sister
12 Every time you come up with a successful crime she is always there to mess it up and bring justice!
13 She's a superhero
14 Her sidekick is annoying.
15 Some episodes really suck
16 Reruns over and over again.
17 The theme song is too loud and annoying
18 You're favorite villains don't always show up and have few roles.

I agree with this one. I am sick of seeing Chuck or Mr. Big in every episode. Please make more Tobey episodes. He is my favorite.

19 They focus too much on her.
20 She Always Wins
21 It Gets Repetitive
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