Top 10 Reasons to Hate the Year 2015


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1 Satoru Iwata passed this year

He WAS the best Nintendo president

2 Roblox is ruined this year

Yea. The best games on there aren't played as much anymore. They've been overtaken by all the Roblox FPS and Roleplaying games. - letdot52

3 Hub Network goes to Discovery Family

What an incredibly difficult year this must be for you. It's incredible that anyone enduring such hardships has the strength and courage to go on living... Shall we summon the Red Cross? - Billyv

Um, acutally sir, hub changed into discovery family in 2014, not 2015

They better not get rid of MLP

4 ISIS bombed Paris
5 Same sex law approved


6 Club Nintendo is down

You mean club penguin?

7 Donald Trump trying to become President

Racist fat man. - Pegasister12

My mom is supporting him. I was like whaat...?

8 Nickelodeon is dead

Nickelodeon is still dying.

After they cancelled Drake and Josh it sucked

The Loud House is good

9 Shows are getting dumber on Cartoon Network

Shows like uncle grandpa and Clarence are just stupid I'm not trying to say all of Cartoon Network's new shows are bad like Steven universe I think these recreations of shows are just bad like wabbit I don't know how these kids can say Clarence is the best show ever it's like they haven't seen regular show or adventure time. It's sad that they can't watch good show. But I rest my case

The only good show of 2013-present is Teen Titans Go! it is a good show but Regular Show and Adventure Time are better than this

10 Bad music

Bieber is back, WORSE than ever NOO!

The Contenders

11 Stupid new Google logo
12 People Getting Bullied

I'm so glad for this list's existence! 2015 is the worst. - PageEmperor

13 The Lion King's legacy continues when The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar will be released this year.
14 The redesign in TheTopTens

At least I have adapted from that update, still miss the crown at the #1 spot. - MrCoolC

15 The seeds for Undertale's current cesspool of a fandom were planted
16 Death of Lemmy Kilmister
17 No new main series Pokemon game

Poor Zygarde. - bugger

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1. Satoru Iwata passed this year
2. ISIS bombed Paris
3. Donald Trump trying to become President
1. Roblox is ruined this year
2. Satoru Iwata passed this year
3. Hub Network goes to Discovery Family


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