Top Ten Reasons to Hate Younger Sisters Under the Age of 10


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1 They are tattle tales

My sister tells on me about stuff that shouldn't be an issue - EpicJake

I have a brother who is really annoying. - cosmo

My brother is a huge tattle tale.

2 They act like babies, even at 8 or 9

My little sister is 8 and she acts like a toddler. She tries to act " cute " by doing an awful high pitched voice and throwing tantrums. She sounds like my 4 year old neighbor.

Yea... That's my sister right there. - Minecraftcrazy530

My brother still throws fits.

3 They aren't cute

My six-year-old sister thinks she's so cute, she can get away with anything. In reality, she's really not that adorable. Just an obnoxious Kindergardener. - RockFashionista


4 They are bossy

My sister is super bossy

5 They brag nonstop
6 They think that they are perfect
7 They want things to go their way

And this is why I've spent so much of my life trying to forget my childhood. Maybe if my siblings actually did more than hate and tease me to the point of tears, I wouldn't have had such an emotionally scarring life as the youngest sister. If you're older, love your siblings. They look up to you more than you would think. - keycha1n

8 They want you to play kiddie games
9 They throw tantrums

My sister is a brat and a baby. She is nine and she still cries when she loses her favorite stuffed animal. And I try being nice to her but she pushes me away and won't do anything with me and then I ask her why she doesn't like me and she says because I'm mean to her. I'm not mean to her. She screams at me about stupid things and that's the only time I'm mean to her because I start screaming at her brcause I have to scream louder than her if I want to say something because she will just scream really loud so she can't hear me. she is the one being mean to me all the time and all I want to do is get her to stop hating me.

My sister is 7 and she always throughs a tantrum

10 They care only for themselves

I can't even stand my sister one bit. Sometimes, I wish I didn't even have a sister! She's a stupid, annoying wannabe with no life. I want something horrible to happen to her.

I love her, but I don't like her. I try to stay as far away from that ass as possible. - Trucker55

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11 They force you to play tea party's with them
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