Top Ten Reasons Hillary Clinton Would Be One of the Worst Us Presidents Ever

Ah, politics. A topic everyone enjoys... *sarcasm*

My top ten reasons Hillary Clinton would make a horrible president. Keep in mind that this list ranks her long time effects on America, so it is different then the "Top Ten Reasons She Shouldn't Win The Election" list.

My opinion, so don't get extremely offended.

The Top Ten

1 She will borrow money from other countries to put into the US, making our debt get even higher

Thank god she lost!

2 She approves abortion
3 Her lies killed men

Her lack of action killed men as well. *cough* Benghazi *cough*

4 Her husband had multiple affairs and she didn't bother to do anything about it

You might think this isn't a reason, but if she is literally watching her husband do those things and just sitting there doing nothing, she might do the same thing when she is president! - Dawscr

Bill dosen't define Hillary - ProPanda

5 Her policies will destroy the government
6 She thinks being kind will help her during her presidency

If you're too nice, people without a doubt will take advantage of you. You NEED to know when to say no! - Dawscr

7 She will make America extremely liberal

And we all know what will happen when he have extremely lefty-righty countries. - Swellow

8 She will cater to minorities who complain about stupid things

She might get rid of Halloween because people complain about how it is "racist"... Not even joking... - Dawscr

9 She will ruin the US economy
10 She would continue Obama's policies

Obama was horrible for America. America gained TRILLIONS of dollars in debt just with Obama! - Dawscr

The Contenders

11 She will make third parties obscure
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