Top Ten Reasons I Am Probably Making This List

The Top Ten
1 Because I was bored
2 Because my dad was forcing me to watch the FIFA World Cup

FIFA WORLD CUP watching to see if the U.S. wins - YanRocky

3 Because we ran out of donuts
4 Because the gods are telling me to
5 Because I just shot Miley Cyrus in the face

I ended up laughing for a minute when I saw that! - Turkeyasylum

6 Because asdf is getting boring

What! Asdf is never boring!

7 Because I don't have enough lists

You don't have many lists - funnyuser

8 Because my dad said I should "do something active", whatever that means
9 Because the world hates me
10 Because I want to put smiley faces on the list 😃😃😃
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