Top Ten Reasons Iggy Azalea Is Better Than Nicky Minaj

All the reasons would equal a novel. Here are just 10.

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1 Iggy's Music

Depending on which songs your comparing, Fancy is better than Anaconda, Black Widow is better than Only, Beg For It is better than Bed of Lies and Trouble is better than Truffle Butter, however Pills N Potions is better than Change Your Life. Until The Pinkprint, Nicki was more pop and dance than hip-hop/rap, which I suspect was to get fans and awards fast as doing hip-hop/rap from the off would have resulted in slower growth in popularity and less awards. The New Classic was much more hip-hop/rap than Pink Friday, in some ways, in her first two albums Nicki was a bit of a sell out, she abandoned her hip-hop/rap roots for pop and dance. As well as this, The New Classic Reclassified was far better than Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded - The Re-Up, The Boys is one of Nicki Minaj's worst ever singles, if not the worst.

Iggy is simply down to earth girl, is very good songwriter, has organized and awesome plans for her music video which she herself direct it. I love her fashion style, and hew new song TEAM has dope beat and she showed her singing skills, also lyrically she is killin' hip hop game with impossible is nothing, Work, and Team. Those are my favorites.

The New classis is rap-pop master-piece

Fancy is better then anaconda, black widow is better then stupid hoe, beg for it is better then super bass, etc

Literally this is so true, plus Nicki is trash

2 Iggy's Looks

Who said looks matter? And if we're being real here, Nicki is sexy and iggy looks like shawn wayans from white chicks.

Iggy azalea is a pretty blonde hot chick. Nicki minaj is an ugly fake barbie whore.

I dislike them both, but seriously? Nicki looks 10 times better than her without makeup.

I'm sorry but she is drop dead gorgeous

3 Iggy's Voice

But her voice sounds like a dude...

They both have good voices.

Iggy azalea's voice doesn't make you wanna rip your ears out. Unlike Nicki's

She can't rap she can't sing - see sucks - stop trying to act hood - because your not - iggy

4 Iggy Didn't Need Men to Get Famous

Are you kidding? Nicki never "relied" on Wayne. And TI made her famous!

If Lil Wayne didn't find Nicki hot, you would be seeing her clean McDonald's. Iggy got on top by herself, with maybe a bit of help from Charli XCX

But Iggy went to the top by herself she got a but help but not as much as nicki did

The thing that made nicki famous was her fake ass

5 Iggy Is Younger

I think nicki should let iggy have the spotlight since iggy is younger get out here nicki with yo teddy bear ass Chinese ass boyfriend

“Despite the age, her voice is better than Nicki’s”

6 Iggy's Not Passive Aggressive

True she is the best

Passive Aggresive is better than passive or Aggresive so..

7 Iggy Doesn't Diss Skinny Women.

I agree that's she's better but nicki Minaj didn't diss. Meghan Trainor did.

Nicki wasn't dissing skinny women she was just giving thick girls a song to dance to in the club.

That was rude of you Nicki Minaj.

Nicki Minaj called skinny women skinny b*itches. Meghan Trainor's message in All About That Bass is that you shoudn't worry about your size, it is fine to be big, it is fine to be skinny, which is empowering, whereas Nicki Minaj's message in Anaconda is that it is fine to be big, but isn't ok to be skinny, which is not empowering.

8 Iggy Doesn't Wear So Many Wigs and Makeup You Can't Even Tell What She Looks Like

Hen iggy even rolled around Nicki was through with all that... And iggy wears a weave and loads of makeup as well..

Iggy just wore a wig on Halloween, dressing up as Cruella De Vil

This is true. Which is why I prefer Iggy Azalea over Nicki Minaj any day.

When nicki has on all of that makeup I can't even tell who she is #straightwhitemode

9 Iggy Sings With Good Singers

"Sang with Lil Wayne" what? She's a rapper! And she does sing with good singers! The best singers! BEYONCÉ, WILL I AM, ARIANA GRANDE, CHRIS BROWN! And at least those artists don't drown themselves in autotune!

What! Eminem, Chris Brown, Beyonce, will.I. am and...

Lil' Wayne is beyond vulgar, he ruined every Nicki Minaj song he featured in, High School, Only and Truffle Butter would all be better without him.

Not to be mean but Iggy started before 2013

10 Iggy's Butt Is Real

It Is! Iggy's butt is real unlike Nicki's plastic one

“She has no plastic on the ass”

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11 Iggy Can Ignore Her Haters

No actually she can't. She replies to them on twitter all the time.. Nicki has never.

Whenever Iggy feuds on Twitter she is calling out her haters, whereas when Nicki feuds on Twitter, although she is tends to be in the right/has a point, she usually started it.

I see so many death threats to Iggy on YouTube, which I flag. They are worse than the ones Rebecca Black got for Friday.

Are you kidding me? Iggy had to leave social media because of all her feuds.

12 Iggy's Songs Are Catchy

Iggy Azalea is real. Negros better lay off fried chicken and realise YOUR PEOPLE MAD IGGY FAMOUS

13 Nicki is more plastic than a Barbie Doll

No more Plastic Barbie dolls. This better get real

At least Iggy is real. Nicki is 100% fake.

Yes she is because she had more than butt surgery

First things first... Iggy is the realist. Nicki Minaj just... I have no words to describe her. Oh wait... yeas I do. Fake fat ass bitch.

14 Nicki is a bad example for kids
15 Fancy is Bohemian Rhapsody Compared to Anaconda

This is so true!


16 Iggy's Lyrics Aren't Vulgar

"Looking' Ass" is absolutely awful, the N-word is uttered about ever 5 seconds.

I love both of them, but some of Nicki Minaj's lyrics are vulgar, for example "Itty Bitty Piggy", I stopped listening after less than a minute, don't get me wrong, I love most of Nicki's songs, but sometimes she goes too far.

"Did It On'em" is an example of when Nicki goes too far.

17 "Fancy" Sold 9.1 Million Copies Worldwide

You do know that 9.1 million includes streaming since Fancy was hit in 2014 whereas Starships doesn't include streaming since it was in 2012. Starships sold more in pure sales than Fancy.

"Fancy" sold 9.1 million copies worldwide, whereas Nicki's best selling single, "Starships", sold 7.2 million, which is almost two million less.

18 Iggy Puts Actual Effort Into Her Music Videos
19 Nicki Doesn't Have Flow

Iggy has flow. One flow. Nicki has way more, even just on the song feeling myself with Beyoncè.

I don't know who made this list and why? Because in my honest to god opinion THEIR BOTH GARBAGE AND BOTH HAVE NO FLOW! ARGUMENT SAID AND DONE.

No Iggy isn't garbage u butthurt ho and no the agrument isn't said and done because that's an opinion not a fact

20 Nicki Has No Dignity

All Nicki Minaj does is show her ass on everything she does, at least Iggy Azalea don't do that

How does Nicki have less than iggy?

Nicki performed with a dildo on one of her tours, and she though it appropriate to include a clip of it in the Did It On'em video.

21 Work is Stairway to Heaven Compared to Stupid Hoe

Same, Iggy has inspired me so much. I listen to her music to escape from fake people, haters, and just in general.

True Iggy should be looked at as a female rapper who changed hip hop but people are to busy hating on her

Work's lyrics woke me up and basically made me stronger

22 Nicki is Inconsistent/Hypocritical

In Feeling Myself, Nicki Minaj states that she "ain't gotta rely on top 40", but The Night is Still Young was clearly intended to be a hit/classic. Also, she claims to want to empower women, yet she refers to women as h*es and disses skinny women, referring to them as skinny b*tches.

23 Iggy Azalea's Determination

First, just to make a career she left her family a went to florida with no money at all and worked hard

24 Iggy Has Better Songs

This is from a Beliber and a Katycat

25 Iggy Didn't Make Stupid Hoe or Anaconda
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