Top 10 Reasons IHE Really Doesn't Deserve the Amount of Hate He Gets

The Top Ten

1 He does a better job calling society out for its absolute bullcrap than almost any other Youtuber could probably ever even dream of doing
2 He's one of the only truly exceptionally smart and funny Youtubers to hit it nearly as big as he has
3 Contrary to this asinine joke of a website's belief, he is definitely NOT one of the worst Youtubers of all time, let alone a whopping #8 on the list
4 He's controversial and boundary-pushing in his own unique way without annoyingly trying to make himself as edgy as possible
5 If there's anything that's overrated garbage, it's most of the other stuff that's popular on Youtube (as he has explicitly pointed out many times)
6 His username is a total lie
7 It's not his videos that are clickbait, it's just the titles
8 One of the most genuinely underrated and underappreciated Youtube channels of all time (that is, unless you're talking to his fanbase, but that's another matter entirely)
9 The "I Hate" series is actually far from being the only thing he does
10 His memes are the best

The Contenders

11 In many ways, he's honestly been one of the funniest Youtubers of both 2015 and 2016
12 It was incredibly stupid of Youtube to try to take him down
13 Most of his haters are total childish fanboy idiots like at least 93% of the people on this site (hmm, I WONDER how he got on the Worst Youtubers list)
14 People loved him enough to make seemingly over a million parody channels of him for a reason, regardless of whether or not it was actually a good one
15 He's cute and handsome
16 He has some of the best-written and most professionally delivered content on the Internet, let alone just Youtube
17 He's about as sophisticated and classy as you can get
18 He genuinely speaks his mind in a way that very few ranters can even begin to replicate
19 He's one of very few legitimately GREAT channels on Youtube
20 Even the opening and closing music that he uses in his videos is nothing short of amazing
21 He actually has almost the exact opposite attitude to what someone actually knowledgeable about the Internet would classify as your typical troll/hater
22 Again, most of his haters are literally just petty spoiled children (and manchildren) who see him disliking something that they happen to like and thus decide to idiotically throw a three-year-old Donald Trump tantrum over it
23 He's not pretentious, he just (get this, kiddos) actually knows what he's talking about
24 Like it or not, he's one of the only Youtubers with an even remotely mature target audience
25 The average IQ of humanity (especially Americans) is apparently far too stupid to fully comprehend the meanings and points behind his videos
26 People making fun of him for his username seriously needs to stop right now
27 He actually has one of (if not THE) best fanbases of any Youtuber ever
28 His British charm is simply wonderfully delightful and irresistible
29 He's openly stated multiple times that his channel would not even have to exist in the first place if the world around him didn't completely suck so much
30 He's actually not a Youtube villain at all; in fact, if anything, he's actually one of the HEROES of the Internet
31 He's one of the few gingers to actually have his own soul
32 His cartoon icon of himself is not at all an accurate representation of what his actual real-life face looks like
33 You can literally just be looking at his hands alone and it somehow still manages to be one of the absolute sexiest things on Earth
34 He doesn't hate everything at all; he's really just a bit on the cynical side
35 He's actually a really nice guy
36 He's actually surprisingly mature
37 He almost never screams or yells anything (I repeat, ANYTHING) at the top of his lungs, no matter how angry he gets over something
38 The only real problem with his content is that he hasn't done an I Hate video on Undertail, the 2016 presidential election of Mars Bars yet
39 It was hardly even his fault that DURR PLANT became a meme; he was really just trying to poke fun at Damn Daniel for being as idiotic as it was
40 He's better than at least 90% of Youtubers out there (even if about 90% of them probably are total crap)
41 He never EVER makes full-on personal attacks against people; he simply CALMLY AND POLITELY tells them that he personally dislikes their actions and/or the things that they create
42 With things like Pewdiepie, Sonic and MLP, he doesn't really hate the actual things themselves so much as he just utterly despises their fanbases
43 The Comment Comeback series would not even exist in the first place if the Youtube community wasn't as pathetically stupid as it is
44 Many of the people who complain about his schtick do so for incredibly hypocritical reasons if I do say so myself
45 Even when he really does completely and utterly despise the things that he's talking about, he still tries his hardest to treat them with as much dignity and respect as possible
46 I Have A Slight Aversion To A Lot Of Things would actually be a far more accurate username for him after all
47 People obsessively defend him for exceptionally good reason
48 If you actually tried hanging out with him in real life, you would probably find that he's ACTUALLY one of the coolest dudes you could ever hope to meet
49 He doesn't have that many “bad” videos
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