Reasons Iron Maiden is Way Better Than Taylor Swift

I know they’re not related at all. I just had to make this.

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1 Taylor Swift is mediocre pop trash; Iron Maiden has a level of competency and complexity

Taylor just writes breakup ballads; Maiden writes historical songs, as well as mythical songs.

Taylor has only written six breakup songs. That’s it. She’s written songs about many other topics, yet these are all ignored. - DCfnaf

2 Every member of Iron Maiden is infinitely more talented than Taylor Swift

Vocals: Bruce > Taylor’s vocals
Bass: Steve > Taylor’s Bassist
Drums: Nicko > Taylor’s drummer
Guitar: Adrian, Dave, and Janick > Taylor

3 Iron Maiden aren’t sellout popstars

Taylor Swift used to be an okay country artist, but then she sold it and became a pop star. Iron Maiden have always stayed true to heavy metal.

4 Bruce Dickinson is a way better singer

He really is; he can sing in a scream, or just normal singing. He crushes Taylor on every level.

5 All three of Maiden’s guitarists are better than Taylor

Listen to Iron Maiden’s solos, then tell me Taylor Swift is better.

6 Iron Maiden has better lyrics

Awful breakup ballads or songs about execution (Hallowed Be Thy Name) The R101 airship (Empire Of The Clouds, my Favorite Song), war (the trooper)? MAIDEN.

7 Iron Maiden has variety in their sound
8 Iron Maiden writes more than just trash breakup ballads

Taylor does also... - DCfnaf

True, she does, HOWEVER, Iron Maiden has much more varied music and their lyrics have much more variety as well. In general, Iron Maiden is way more varied. - CostcoHotDogs

9 Iron Maiden has more good albums than Taylor Swift (Taylor Swift has none)

I...I don't like Iron Maiden. I like Taylor Swift. I...I don't like...metal *runs away quickly

This list was made December 8th, 2017. Let that be your source of information.

Did you listen through "Red", her self titled album, "Speak Now", etc.? - DCfnaf

Iron Maiden’s good albums: 16 (not counting live albums, all of them are amazing)
Taylor Swift’s: 0

I should have placed this higher.
Their worst album, Virtual XI, is better than the Taylor Swift discography.

10 Iron Maiden doesn’t have a terrible fanbase

Yes they do. Most are extremely egotistical elitists who constantly feel the need to trash on pop music instead of enjoy what they like.

Actually, most metal fanbases are like this. - DCfnaf

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