Top Ten Reasons It's Better to Be an Only Child


The Top Ten

1 The house is nice and quiet

When you parents aren't fighting... - EliHbk

I have a sister and she’s always nice and quiet, and so are my parents

2 You don't need to share everything

Having siblings teaches and gives you values such as sharing. The selfishness of some of the items on this list only prove my point. - Britgirl

I agree that having siblings does help you to value sharing and to actually do it.

I don’t share EVERYTHING with my sibling...

3 You don't need to worry about hand me downs
4 You have your parents all to yourself

Then your parents will want to bother you more

5 You don't need to worry about annoying siblings

Yeah. Siblings are annoying enough to make you want to sell them off on EBay. - TwilightKitsune

I wish I had one my age. The sibling closest to my age is 13 years older than me. - EliHbk

very true

I only have an older sister and she’s awesome. She always makes me laugh and she’s my best and closest friend ever!

6 You have a room all to yourself

I have a room all to myself and I have a sister

I have a room to myself

7 You can go on more vacations because your parents save money faster due to the fact that they only need to care for one child

What if your parents make a lot of money?

8 You can get more fast food because your family has saved more money

Again, what if your parents make a lot of money?

9 Your parents give you more attention

I wish they gave me less attention! - EliHbk

And the rest of your relatives, too

I get a little more attention than my older sister because I’m the youngest LOL

10 Your parents love you more

Parents love their children all equally

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