Top Ten Reasons It is Okay to Grow Out of Things

I have recently been feeling like I'm growing out of things that I loved. Some music, activities, and even some websites. Yes, I have been a bit inactive, I'm just currently working on putting my life together.
Anyways, as I was doing that, I tried convincing myself that if I DO grow out of these things, its OK, and the reasons why are, well, in this list
*20th list*

The Top Ten

1 You can find new things

Getting out of one thing can expand your varieties with just about anything! - kaitlynrad11

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2 Your life can be more exciting

Growing out of it can make you find new things, which its very exciting to find new things - kaitlynrad11

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3 Change is perfectly normal

This will never change (this really contradicts the item huh? ) - jmepa1234

4 New Opportunities

Keep the old ones too - jmepa1234

5 Sometimes, things just lose your interest

Maybe one year, you love Taylor Swift. A few years later, you might like 5SOS or The Beatles or any other possible artist - kaitlynrad11

6 You don't have to like the same things all the time

I remember when I was younger (so much younger than today) I used to be OBSESSED with Poker Face by Lady Gaga. Now, I listen to Lorde, The Beatles, Marina and the diamonds, The Rolling Stones, Queen, and so much more artists! - kaitlynrad11

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7 Maybe you can go out of your comfort zone

For example, you can meet new people with new things, such as websites - kaitlynrad11

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8 You could meet more people

By the way if I seem clever on this subject it's because we have had lessons on this - jmepa1234

9 More possible knowledge

You could possibly learn more about a specific thing - kaitlynrad11

Keep the old knowledge stored away though - jmepa1234

10 Finding new things can be very exciting
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