Top Ten Reasons It is Okay to Grow Out of Things

I have recently been feeling like I'm growing out of things that I loved. Some music, activities, and even some websites. Yes, I have been a bit inactive, I'm just currently working on putting my life together.
Anyways, as I was doing that, I tried convincing myself that if I DO grow out of these things, its OK, and the reasons why are, well, in this list
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1 You can find new things

Getting out of one thing can expand your varieties with just about anything! - kaitlynrad11

This is a nice list! Good ideas! - jmepa1234

2 Change is perfectly normal

This will never change (this really contradicts the item huh? ) - jmepa1234

Yup! I agree with that. 👍

It’s not just normal, it’s unavoidable. Everyone is constantly changing, and it’s not like you choose to lose interest in something. You just do. It’s natural and again, it happens to everyone. - 3DG20

3 Your life can be more exciting

Growing out of it can make you find new things, which its very exciting to find new things - kaitlynrad11

Well you can carry on with old things too - jmepa1234

4 New Opportunities

Keep the old ones too - jmepa1234

5 Sometimes, things just lose your interest

Maybe one year, you love Taylor Swift. A few years later, you might like 5SOS or The Beatles or any other possible artist - kaitlynrad11

6 You don't have to like the same things all the time

I remember when I was younger (so much younger than today) I used to be OBSESSED with Poker Face by Lady Gaga. Now, I listen to Lorde, The Beatles, Marina and the diamonds, The Rolling Stones, Queen, and so much more artists! - kaitlynrad11

No but you don't have a maximum amount of likes either - jmepa1234

7 Maybe you can go out of your comfort zone

For example, you can meet new people with new things, such as websites - kaitlynrad11

This is part of growing up - jmepa1234

8 You could meet more people

By the way if I seem clever on this subject it's because we have had lessons on this - jmepa1234

9 More possible knowledge

You could possibly learn more about a specific thing - kaitlynrad11

Keep the old knowledge stored away though - jmepa1234

10 Finding new things can be very exciting

Yup - jmepa1234

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1. You can find new things
2. Your life can be more exciting
3. Change is perfectly normal
1. Your life can be more exciting
2. Change is perfectly normal
3. Finding new things can be very exciting


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