Top Ten Reasons Jackie Evancho Is Better Than Sage the Gemini


The Top Ten

1 Jackie Evancho can sing more than one genre

Looking at the troll that made this list, I'm surprised it exists. Anyway, I haven't listened to Evancho and I already know she's better than Sage. There's not much room to go lower than the bottom of the barrel.

EDIT: Bruh, you're a fake? Burn. - WonkeyDude98

Jackie's voice is beautiful and versatile. - BobG

Looking at who made this makes this list VERY weird! - RalphBob

2 Jackie Evancho has gone platinum

I'M FED UP WITH HER IN THE TOP TENS,so she's not better than Sage the Gemini.

3 Their uses of money

Sage is an idiot and spends all the money on himself, and Jackie Evancho gives her money to charities. - SeIfDestruct

4 Sage The Gemini can't rap

Holy cow, are we seeing a different side of SelfDestruct!? - TheLister

Gas Pedal was a sucky song. Period. - SeIfDestruct

5 Jackie Evancho is underrated, Sage is overrated
6 Jackie Evancho never dissed Muslims
7 What A Wonderful World vs. Gas Pedal

You just can't compare. What a wonderful world is awesome and meaningfull while Gas Pedal sucks so much with repetition. - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

Best song ever vs. worst song ever. - SeIfDestruct

8 Jackie Evancho is younger and more beautiful

Wow, it's the decent and cool alter ego of SelfDestruct, who's non-alter ego is a tryhard troll. - Swellow

9 Jackie Evancho has inspired thousands, Sage The Gemini didn't and never will
10 Jackie Evancho doesn't do drugs, Sage The Gemini does

Looks like SelfDestruct's alter-ego broke out. BACK IN THE CARAVAN! - Puga

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