Top Ten Reasons Jackie Evancho Is Better Than Sage the Gemini


The Top Ten

1 Jackie Evancho can sing more than one genre

Looking at the troll that made this list, I'm surprised it exists. Anyway, I haven't listened to Evancho and I already know she's better than Sage. There's not much room to go lower than the bottom of the barrel.

EDIT: Bruh, you're a fake? Burn. - WonkeyDude98

Jackie's voice is beautiful and versatile. - BobG

Looking at who made this makes this list VERY weird! - RalphBob

2 Jackie Evancho has gone platinum

I'm FED UP with people who type in all caps.

I'M FED UP WITH HER IN THE TOP TENS,so she's not better than Sage the Gemini.

3 Their uses of money

Sage is an idiot and spends all the money on himself, and Jackie Evancho gives her money to charities. - SeIfDestruct

4 Sage The Gemini can't rap

Holy cow, are we seeing a different side of SelfDestruct!? - TheLister

Gas Pedal was a sucky song. Period. - SeIfDestruct

5 Jackie Evancho is underrated, Sage is overrated
6 Jackie Evancho never dissed Muslims
7 What A Wonderful World vs. Gas Pedal

You just can't compare. What a wonderful world is awesome and meaningfull while Gas Pedal sucks so much with repetition. - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

Best song ever vs. worst song ever. - SeIfDestruct

8 Jackie Evancho is younger and more beautiful

Wow, it's the decent and cool alter ego of SelfDestruct, who's non-alter ego is a tryhard troll. - Swellow

9 Jackie Evancho has inspired thousands, Sage The Gemini didn't and never will
10 Jackie Evancho doesn't do drugs, Sage The Gemini does

Looks like SelfDestruct's alter-ego broke out. BACK IN THE CARAVAN! - Puga

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