Top Ten Reasons Japan Should Stop Making Anime

I know Japan was the first to make anime, but this is why they should also be the first to stop making anime.
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The Top Ten

1 Anime Sucks

Simple as that. - EamonLovesCorners

Is this list a joke? Please tell me it is. - RoseWeasley

2 America does it better

Watch the Last Airbender and disagree with me, I dare you. - EamonLovesCorners

3 I can't understand what they are saying

I prefer shows that speak english - EamonLovesCorners

The watch english dubs. Or, just don't watch it. - RoseWeasley

4 Anime fans are degenerate

This one speaks for itself. - EamonLovesCorners

5 Live action is better

Cartoons suck and are for children - EamonLovesCorners

Watch South Park, Gravity Falls, the Simpsons, and Steven Universe. - RoseWeasley

6 We were at war with Japan, how can we trust them?

Are we sure anime is safe? - EamonLovesCorners

How old are you? 5? - RoseWeasley

7 Anime is for pedophiles

Search up Lolicon if you think otherwise - EamonLovesCorners

8 Anime is also encourages bestiality

Why do so many of them look like animals (cats, wolfs. etc...) - EamonLovesCorners

9 The fanfictions are lacking

How can something be good if the fanfictions aren't good. Look at Sonic for a positive example. - EamonLovesCorners

10 I don't like it

This one is just a personal opinion, but it is still true - EamonLovesCorners