Top 10 Reasons Jimi Hendrix/the Jimi Hendrix Experience is Better Than Led Zeppelin

Don't get me wrong I love Zeppelin as well, but I think Jimi Hendrix is better. Remember this is just an opinion so don't get offended if you disagree.

The Top Ten

1 Jimi Hendrix Made Less Covers
2 Jimi Hendrix is a Better Guitar Player Than Jimmy Page

For me both of them are very good guitarist. I pretty much agree that Jimi Hendrix did more on guitar than Jimmy Page, but Jimmy Page also did a lot of guitar. For example, both Jimi Hendrix and Jimmy Page was able to create low pitched lick with their guitar. Jimi Hendrix created dive bomb in Woodstock with his whammy bar. But at the same year Jimmy Page created a very low pitched (dive bomb kinda sound) without whammy bar in the song of Hearbreaker, at the end of the solo. - zxm

If you want to make, your own list about why you think Led Zeppelin is better than Jimi Hendrix, go ahead, and do that, I'm open to debate, and I won't get offended. In fact I'd love to see your reasons, so if you want to do that link it to me once your down.

3 Jimi Hendrix Influenced Guitar Playing More Than Led Zeppelin

Yes, cause he came to music before Jimmy Page. His timeline is from 66-70. While Jimmy Page's golden time was from 69-75. But both of them were influential in their own ways. Jimi Hendrix inspired KK Downing. Jimmy Page inspired Eddie Van Halen. Jimi Hendrix inspired Yngwie Malmsteen. Jimmy Page inspired Steve Vai. - zxm

4 The Jimi Hendrix Experience Was a More Creative Band Than Led Zeppelin
5 Jimi Hendrix Made Purple Haze

Led Zeppelin made Stairway to Heaven. - SoldierOfFortune

6 Jimi Hendrix Experimented with Different Genres of Music More Than Zeppelin Did
7 Jimi Hendrix Had Better Live Shows

Maybe. But I like Page's leg shuffling more than Hendrix jumping. Plus, his dragon costume looked better than wing costume. Both of them used to be high on stages though. - zxm

8 Jimi Hendrix Wrote Better Songs Than Zeppelin

I very much agree that Jimi Hendrix is more creative and talented than Jimmy Page. But when it comes to songs, then Led Zeppelin have better songs than Jimi Hendrix. Comparably. Robert Plant was a better singer than Jimi Hendrix. Jimi Hendrix Experience didn't have any keyboardist or good keyboardist. Mitch Mitchell is a good drummer but Bonzo was more influential than him. Overall, Jimi Hendrix Experience is a band consisting of talented members, but Led Zeppelin is a band that had better teamwork. - zxm

The Depth of Jimi's Guitar playing kinda makes up for them not having a keyboard in my opinion.

You probably think Roger Waters has a good voice.

9 Jimi Hendrix Made Better Albums

Most definitely hendrix was more creative as a guitarist and song writer,zeppelin copied a lot and credited themselves as songwriters.jimi was a better live performer as well.

10 Jimi Hendrix Had Better Album Artwork

I have to totally disagree here. Jimi Hendrix's artwork sucked. Really. Naked women, mocking Devi Durga. Led Zeppelin had bad artwork, Houses of the Holy. But not as bad as 19 naked women. - zxm

Yeah, but In my opinion the Are You Experienced/Axis: Bold as Love cover art makes up for the mediocre cover art of his later 2 albums.

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