Top Ten Reasons John Lennon Secretly Sucked

A lot of people enjoy listening to music from the likes of John Lennon, and why not? After all, he was a key member of the Beatles, which was arguably the greatest pop band of all time. He wrote and sang many songs and was friends with some of the greatest people of the 20th century. And he also...wait...I guess that's it.
We don't mean to belittle or berate John Lennon's followers in any way, but the man was just not as great as he seemed. Here's 10 reasons why.

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1 Not a very good guy in general

He abused women and his own son (whom he never desired in the first place), changed his religion every few weeks, regularly found himself in petty conflicts with his fellow band members, was addicted to several different drugs for a time, never actually practiced what he preached in his music...what else do you want from me?

He was an amazing man despite his many human flaws. He did so much for so many and I personally would prefer a list of his many accomplishments.

To those reading my list, keep in mind that John Lennon did some amazing things in his lifetime. However, lists that broadcast unpopular opinions are a hundred times more popular than a list everyone agrees on.

I didn't say that you had stated anything inaccurately. My comment stemmed from your statement that seems to imply that you were making a list of unpopular opinion in order to have a popular list and not that you believed and supported the opinions you were expressing or that you had any basis for the claims you listed. And as you presented nothing in the comments section to elaborate on your accusatory statements, no FACTS to support or argue the opinions, I wondered if your intent was only to draw people to your list for the sake of having a popular list irregardless of your beliefs, opinions, or actual facts.

You made several derogatory claims against a person who's no longer alive. I would hope anyone doing so wouldn't do that frivolously or simply to make themselves or their "works" more popular, and would be willing to give evidence and argumentation to support their insults, even if some unstated FACTS do exist.

I asked a question. I was curious about ...more

Yea, he wasn't good guy at all. But he did some good things too

2 Average guitar player

Fact. And an average singer too.

3 Cheesy lyrics

Always, no sometimes, think it's me

But you know I know when it's a dream

I think I know I mean a "Yes" but it's all wrong

That is I think I disagree
--"Strawberry Fields Forever," the Beatles - TehBoss

Even the best poetry which works for some doesn't necessarily suit everyone. Those lyrics fit the culture of the time. - Billyv

4 Slightly over-inflated ego
5 Liar and a hypocrite
6 Bad management of his band
7 Womanizer
8 He avoided old age

Whatever this means. Lol.


9 Couldn't decide for himself


10 He couldn't spread peace and love to everyone

"I have to say that, from my point of view, I felt he was a hypocrite", he said, "Dad could talk about peace and love out loud to the world but he could never show it to the people who supposedly meant the most to him: his wife and son. How can you talk about peace and love and have a family in bits and pieces��"no communication, adultery, divorce? You can't do it, not if you're being true and honest with yourself."
- Julian Lennon

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11 He wasn't perfect

So... No everyone is perfect! Everyone is different and unique in their own way!

I couldn't agree more. John Lennon was such an amazing pioneer and the first to admit he wasn't perfect. His unparalleled brilliance lied in his humanity and amazing, searingly honest lyrics that were worldly, optimistic and so self reflective. I was always so moved by him and miss him, still, so much. - Pfeifferpfan

Were these all submitted by the same person? Just write a list like "Ten Reasons John Lennon Was Amazing" or something. - TehBoss

I admire your dedication to a cause. I have met or interacted with countless amounts of people who side with a certain group or clarify their "support" for a certain agenda, while in reality they are not actually assisting with a cause. It's like wearing a name tag, but the name on the tag isn't your real name. You could introduce yourself as that person, but you are not that person. I admire the fact that this is exactly the OPPOSITE of what you have done. You saw something you didn't like, and you did something about it. That's something to be admired. And to put it bluntly, I would never say what you should or shouldn't day; I would merely suggest what you could do. I wasn't expecting you'd take me seriously, either. So sorry about that. - TehBoss

12 He encouraged yoko to record her singing
13 Wasn't as good as Paul McCartney

Jjohn was absolutely brilliant and his talent and humanity unsurpassed by anyone, including Paul. - Pfeifferpfan

As good at what? Since the breakup, McCartney has consistently produced nothing but lightweight, often mindless pop.

14 He didn't save the world
15 He didn't end hunger
16 Horrible political mindset
17 Chose his wife over his own group of friends

Bros first

18 He backed up his statements with rational arguments

No, he didn't. There was nothing "rational" about the Utopian, world-socialist views he had held and promoted. He came to recognize this once he cleared his brain of chronic drug use, and disavowed those views in the years before his death.

Or did he disavow those views when he finally realized and would admit that it's much preferable to enjoy your wealth and share it with the few you choose rather than trying to care about most everyone and what's best for the greater good of humanity? - Billyv

19 He smelt a bit
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