Top Ten Reasons to Join the Boy or Girl Scouts


The Top Ten

1 It's fun

Camping and learning amazing things are very fun.

2 You do a gigantic amount of activities

I did a lock in, in a mall. It was fun! And we stayed up all night! - funnyuser

3 You learn things that you would have never learned before

Like hiking, fishing, shooting guns and bow and arrows, etc. - funnyuser

Yeah burning bleach disturbing others on a campout trying to be manly when they don't even know what human values are cooking and eating a boy scouts hater etc. - MChkflaguard_Yt

4 You meet new friends

Here's the Girl Scout Closing song ( For the end of a meeting or something) " Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other is gold. A circle is around, it has no ends. That's how long I want to be your friend. I have a hand and you have another, put the, together and we have each other. " Then you start a squeeze, you squeeze the persons' hand and they pass it on ( you are in a circle and you are holding hands right over left) until everybody gets squeezed then everybody turns around and say good night girl scouts! - funnyuser

In boy scouts after cubscouts boys from ages 10/11 to 17/18 are going camping, burning things, etc. It"s just a great way to meet other boys with your hobbies or boys who could be your friend. - francesco

5 It gets you active

Well, I normally don't like being active, but it's worth it. - funnyuser

6 You can get awards

For boy scouts you can only get the Eagle Award and for girl scouts you can get the Bronze award the Silver Award and the Gold Award. I'm working on my Bronze. - funnyuser

7 You can help younger kids when you're older .

Starting with Juniors for Girl Scouts. And I don't know when you can with Boy Scouts. - funnyuser

8 Girl scout cookies
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