Top Ten Reasons to Join Delgia2k's Soviet Union

The Top Ten Reasons to Join Delgia2k's Soviet Union

1 Delgia2k, a former leader of the cat army, will give you a lot of power.

He quit the cat army and joined the Soviet Union? Looks like he's even more trouble now. - RiverClanRocks

She has she named me lead General and most trusted - 2storm

I refuse to join! - Therandom

I mean he sorry - 2storm

2 They are very powerful and brutal.

Brutal as the mayonnaise - CerealGuy

3 They can wipe out illuminatis and grammar Nazi easily.
4 They are evil forces that attack SuperHyperdude.

In Soviet Russia, testicles are like male boobies.

5 In Soviet Russia, there is no TheTopTens policy. I can cuss without getting it censored :P - CerealGuy

6 They will give you a jacuzzi full of vodka for free if you joined.
7 They have a great them song.

The theme song is the greatest of all superior than Star Spangled Banner and every important things in the world from it's eternal mind boggling loop of it's hell hole... - CerealGuy

8 Their pizzas are aggressive.

Ha Ha! Call me "The Aggresive One"! - PizzaGuy

9 They annoy Hitler so people make parodies about him.
10 In Soviet Russia, you are free to do anything such as making Gluga fanart,

So I can't make the Official Anti-Gluga Fan Club? Aw, come on! - RiverClanRocks

More like Gulag fan-art Lol! - CerealGuy

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