Top 10 Reasons Judas Priest is Better Than Black Sabbath

This one is going to stir up a lot of controversy for sure, but this is just my opinion. I’m ready to be murdered by all of the Sabbath fanboys.

This is just my opinion, criticize it if I’m wrong.

The Top Ten

1 Judas Priest is more varied

The albums of JP are more varied, yes. But the variation of songs are very much the same, except for the songs on Painkiller. Orchid by Black Sabbath, Before the Dawn by JP, Black Sabbath x2, One of the many heavier Judas Priest songs. - SoldierOfFortune

Genres Priest has done:
Rock ‘n’ roll (Rocka Rolla)
Hard rock (Ram It Down)
Traditional heavy metal (Defenders Of The Faith, Screaming For Vengeance, British Steel, Point Of Entry, Stained Class, Sad Wings Of Destiny, Sin After Sin)
Pure heavy metal (Painkiller, Angel Of Retribution, Redeemer Of Souls, probably Firepower)
Thrash metal (Jugulator)
Groove metal (Jugulator)
Nu metal (Demolition)
Alternative metal (Angel Of Retribution)
Progressive metal (Nostradamus)
Speed metal (Defenders Of The Faith)

Genres Sabbath has done:
Traditional heavy Metal (all albums)
Doom metal/stoner metal (all albums)

That’s all I can think of.

2 Judas Priest is more consistently good and experiments more at the same time

I'm sorry but no. Experiment more? Come on! Black sabbath debut, master of reality, sabotage, vol.4 come to mind when experimenting. They created heavy metal. The real question is Sabbath's first 6 vs Priest's best 6 albums?

If you look through every decade, Judas Priest had better output in almost all of them.
70’s Priest > 70’s Sabbath
80’s Priest > 80’s Sabbath
90’s Priest is equal to 90’s Sabbath in my opinion
2000’s Priest > 2000’s Sabbath
2010’s Priest > 2010’s Sabbath

To explain the experimentation point, just look at the more variety entry.

3 Judas Priest has better albums

Interesting... Sabbath first (and best) 6 vs Priest's best 6?
Paranoid > Defenders of the Faith
Black Sabbath > Screaming for vengeance
Master of reality = Painkiller (although I would take the doom metal masterpiece)
Vol 4 < British steel
SbS < Sad wings of destiny
Sabotage = Stained class
It's a tie! JP has the advantage of time though. Both legends.

Let’s line up their discographies and see which is better?

Black Sabbath > Rocka Rolla
Sabbath: 1/Priest: 0
Paranoid = Sad Wings Of Destiny
Sabbath: 2/Priest: 1
Master Of Reality < Sin After Sin
Sabbath: 2/Priest: 2
Vol. 4 < Stained Class
Sabbath: 2/Priest: 3
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath < Killing Machine/Hell Bent For Leather
Sabbath: 2/Priest: 4
Sabotage < British Steel
Sabbath: 2/Priest: 4
Technical Ecstasy > Point Of Entry
Sabbath: 3/Priest: 4
Never Say Die! < Screaming For Vengeance
Sabbath: 3/Priest: 5
Heaven And Hell < Defenders Of The Faith
Sabbath: 3/Priest: 6
The Mob Rules < Turbo
Sabbath: 3/Priest: 7
Born Again < Ram It Down
Sabbath: 3/Priest: 8
Seventh Star/The Eternal Idol < Painkiller
Sabbath: 3/Priest: 10 (I gave Priest 10 because it won against 2 albums.)
Headless Cross < Jugulator
Sabbath: 3/Priest: 11
Tyr > Demolition
Sabbath: 3/Priest: ...more

4 Judas Priest has better vocals

Yeah, as much as I like the uniqueness of Ozzy's and the power of Dio's and Ian's, Rob surpasses all. - SoldierOfFortune

FYI, Rob Halford preformed with Black Sabbath before. They should have done an album together. - Firepower

Rob Halford > Ozzy Osbourne
Rob Halford > Ronnie James Dio (Fight me)
Rob Halford > Ian Gillan
Rob Halford > David Donato
Rob Halford > Glenn Hughes
Rob Halford > Ray Gillen
Rob Halford > Tony Martin

Tim Ripper Owens < All of Sabbath’s vocalists however.

They have one singer who is worse than all of Sabbath’s singers, but their primary singer who sang on all albums but two is better than all of the other singers.

5 Black Sabbath invented metal, but Judas Priest perfected it

Sabbath were the true metal pioneers, but Judas Priest did everything Sabbath did, and Judas Priest did it better.

6 Judas Priest has better guitar work

Iommi made better riffs. Glenn and KK better solos. Equal in my opinion - SoldierOfFortune

Listen to any song from Defenders Of The Faith and tell me Sabbath has better guitar work. Tipton and K.K. are both better guitarists than Iommi. But it’s pretty close, I don’t quite think Ritchie is better than Tony.

7 Judas Priest has better drumming

Listen to the drumming in Painkiller and then listen to the drumming in War Pigs. That’s a prime example.

8 Judas Priest has better bass

Even though you can hear it as well, if you listen close, the bass is better.

No, Geezer is way better than Ian. Sorry Ian ;( - SoldierOfFortune

9 Judas Priest has better album artwork

Not a reason, but I wanted to put this because they do.

10 Judas Priest has held up better

If you listen to 70’s Priest and 70’s sabbath, 70’s Priest has held up way better. You can say that with most decades.

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