Reasons Judas Priest is Better Than Metallica

I was going to make “Reasons Iron Maiden is better than Metallica”, but ZXM already made that one (which is an awesome list, by he way, you should check it out if you haven’t already.).

I’m going to preface this by saying that I love Metallica, I just prefer Priest.

If you have any arguments or criticisms or conflicting opinions, feel free to comment them.

The Top Ten

1 Judas Priest Has More Variety


Um...judas priest has 45 songs, and metallica has 33.

Priest has done everything from rock ‘n’ roll (Rocka Rolla), hard rock (Ram It Down), traditional heavy metal (Screaming For Vengeance), glam metal (Turbo), pure heavy metal (Painkiller), thrash metal (Jugulator), speed metal (Defenders Of The Faith, which is also traditional heavy metal) and progressive metal (Nostradamus). What has metallica done? Traditional heavy metal, thrash metal, a few country-ish songs, and a few others I don’t care to mention. Can you see what I’m talking about here?

2 Judas Priest is More Consistently Good and Experiments More at the Same Time

Judas Priest tries a new style with almost every album while still making great heavy metal and rock. Metallica just made the same few genres of heavy metal and weren’t as consistently great as Priest in any decade except for one. They weren’t around in the 70’s, In The 80’s, Priest had better material all around, in the 90’s Metallica was better, but in the 2000’s and 2010’s Judas Priest is better by a mile.

3 Judas Priest is a More Skilled Band

They formed in 1969, so they naturally have more skill. They’re music more experienced, and they have much more skill in every department,

4 Judas Priest is More Active

Metallica’s longest gap between two albums was eight years. Judas Priest’s was 7 years, but Judas Priest has an excuse. Halford had just left the band, and Owens replaced him in ‘91, so they took a little break and then they got back to work on the album. STIL LESS THAN METAAALICAAA
Halford returned in I believe 2003.

5 Rob Halford is a Better Singer Than James Hetfield

Rob Halford is a far more skilled vocalist, plus his voice is far more diverse than Hetfield’s. Can Hetfield sing Painkiller, Beyond The Realms Of Death, The Sentinel, or Victim Pf Changes? No, he can’t. Can Halford sing Ride The Lightning, Seek And Destroy, One, Battery, etc.? Yes, he can.
Plus, Halford just has so much more emotion than Hetfield does. I’m not saying Hetfield lacks emotion, but he lacks the emotion Halford has.

6 Judas Priest is More Original

They pretty much invented heavy metal, along with Black Sabbath. They were far more influential and they even influenced Metallica.

7 Judas Priest Has a Better Drummer

This one needs no explanation.

8 Judas Priest Has Better Guitar Work

For riffs: which is better? Painkiller or Enter Sandman? Beyond The Realms Of Death or Fade To Black? Priest in both of them.
For solos: The Sentinel or Seek And Destroy? Beyond The Realms Of Death or Fade To Black?

9 Judas Priest Has Better Bass

You can’t quite hear it as well as Metallica’s, but if you listen to it, it’s just better. This one will probably be the most controversial out of all of them.

10 Judas Priest Has Better Album Artwork

Not an actual reason, but I felt like putting this because it’s true and I needed another entry.

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