Reasons Justin Bieber Is Better Than One Direction

We all know Justin Bieber is way better than One Direction.

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1 Better Lover

If you've seen videos such as what do you mean and as long as you love me you'll see

They call us baby or babe or sweet heart and love - fabiDirectionerChivista

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2 Writes His Own Songs

One Direction also writes their songs! We shouldn't pit artists against each other for songwriting! One Direction are very involved in their music. They write music and lyrics based on what's happening in their lives. They know what their fans like to hear and what they like to hear. Justin Bieber does write, but his songs sound very similar to one another, It's great that he writes but his songs are made for radio and to be big hits while One Direction now focuses on what they want to write about.

One direction now writes their own songs too. It's a shame they are doing something and they are not getting credit for it

Considering the content of his music is that really a point in his favor?

They both write their own songs, how else would they know their lines?!

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3 Can Dance

Justin Bieber is stupid dancer. He don't have better moves. one direction best song ever dance is better than jb

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4 Loves His Beliebers

Hmm... Remind me again why a bunch of lifeless cowardly haters are hating on this page? GO. AWAY. YOU CONSTIPATED MONKEYS! But yes, Justin LOVES his fans with all his heart. He said in an interview that he would take a bullet for them, and have 1D ever said anything like that? Well, not that I have heard of. And besides, I like them both, but Justin DOES love his fans more. That thing about him spitting on his fans was actually 100% FALSE! Maybe research your facts, haters. PROMOTE WHAT YOU LOVE NIT BASH DOWN WHAT YOU HATE. If Beliebers think Justin loves his fans more, respect that. If Directioners think 1D love their fans more, I will respect that. But I'm just saying that I don't agree. Oh and go ahead and thumbs down all you like, at least that let's me know you read this.

No he isn't. He is constantly rude to them. - 4rs3R4mm3r

OH PLEASE. We know just HOW much Bieber loves his fans and shows his love by spitting on them -_-. Real love is between 1D and directioners. They both are so dedicated towards each other. One direction did an 8 hour live stream for them, they actually wrote little things, what makes you beautiful and Diana for their fans!, they constantly thank them unlike Bieber.

He spit on his fans and called one of his fans a bleached whale. Yep, he sure "loves" his fans.

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5 Bieber is Charming

You call spitting on your own fans charming?!

Look at Harry styles. He is more mature and stylish than jb. Look at his dressing

6 Didn't Need Simon Cowell's Help

Simon Cowell didn't help him, but Usher helped him! Without Usher he'd still just be some Canadian kid. He was found on YouTube and One Direction were found on X Factor. They both got somewhere by going online or on the media.

He was discovered because he was meant to.

Well, he didn't need Simon's help, but he did need Usher and Scooter Braun's help, without them he would have never been even discovered! At least, one direction had the guts and auditioned for a famous T.V. show!

Simon Cowell has a really terrible taste in Music

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7 Good Looking

Justin Bieber uses his looks to get famous. Instead of working hard, he gets a bunch of girls to think he's hot. At least One Direction don't pose shirtless and degrade women to get fame!

Justin Bieber and good looking are two words that can never go together...

His face is gorgeous. Just because he's good looking doesn't mean he doesn't work hard you bimbo

I hate this list.

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8 Girls Like 1D But Girls Love Justin Bieber

I'm a girl, and I like One Direction WAY MORE than Justin Bieber.

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9 Justin's Album The Purpose is Much Better Than Made In the A.M.

One direction is better than Justin Bieber

To all the haters, if 1D's album was better why did purpose do so well in the charts, so may consecutive no1's whereas made in china did so bad

Way way way better than made in the am

Best album yet in the whole world

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10 Great Drummer

He's so much more talented than 1D overall to be honest

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11 Is Helpful

He was the very first person to be in the Nickelodeon Hall of Fame, for some reason. Either because of all those nice things they said, or that the people at Nickelodeon are idiots.

Helpful? Helpful?! HELPFUL?! This list is making me laugh.

I was so proud when he won the champ of charity award :')

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13 His Fans Are Nicer

Beliebers?!?! The nicer fan base?!?! I'M GONNA DIE FROM LAUGHING SO HARD! Those girls are DERANGED

Because people haven't noticed - FennikenFan9

Both of these fanbases will chop your head off if you don't like or support their idol, they will do whatever it takes to get you on the dark side.

Directioners are true fans

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14 Over 50 Million Twitter Followers

Pewdiepie has more subscribers on YouTube than Justin's Followers

1d only have half of Justin twitter followers... well this says it all

If you total all members twitter followers its more than 90 million followers

Isn't it like 80 something million now

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15 His relationship with his Beliebers is unbreakable

Stupid Justin Bieber always have feud with his fans. Just look at 1D and their fans bonding. They are best in the world

Yeah,he always care about them and I've never seen any of the celebs trying their best to follow every single fan like Justin Bieber does.

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16 He said every girl is the most beautiful girl, one direction never said anything like that V 1 Comment
17 You'd Rather Have One Than Five

But then again Justin Bieber is five times worse than a one direction member. - Harri666

Who cares about how many people there are?!

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18 Justin Bieber Can Rap

... And make your ears bleed while doing it!
Whoever made this list probably got their head messed up from listening to JB's music!

19 He's Clever
20 He's Hotter Than 1D
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