Top Ten Reasons to Keep Christ In Christmas

I will, most likely, receive a lot of criticism for this list. That is a good thing, for I welcome it. Know that i have nothing against those who do not believe in organized religion, only those who are so obsessed with it that they try to remove traces of it from every nook and cranny. Have a Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays.

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The First Amendment Supports Freedom of Religion

Whenever this country was first created, the leaders made sure that there would, number one, be no establishment on one religion, and two, the freedom to chose and worship any religion that you like. They did this because, back in England, if one did not believe in the religion imposed by their rulers, then they were prosecuted. Whenever they were writing the Constitution, they obviously learned from this mistake.

Christmas is, yes, a Christian holiday. It is not exclusive for Christians, for many religions around the world celebrate it in different ways, and non religious people as well. But, it was created by the Christians, so, therefore, why should it be stripped away from the Christians? Yes, it is debated if Christians, Romans, or Pagans came up with the idea, but the central theme is the birth of Christ, which is the main part of the Christian faith. Many people take their right to celebrate it away, by banning nativity scenes, crosses, and, in some cases, the word ...more

Christmas has been part of our lives for hundreds of years. Not only does it symbolize and celebrate the birth of Christ, it represents family. Christmas is also a way to spend time with your loved ones. It's this one time during the year when you can just relax and have a pleasant time with your family

And yeah, of course, there is a problem with the fact that companies like to commercialize it and make piles of money with things like Santa Claus, which brings another bigger problem since our children think more about what "Santa Claus brought them" instead of being thankful to their parents.

Honestly, if you don't like Christmas, because it represents the birth of Christ, then do what atheists do (or at least just try to accept it and live with it, it's not hard) and celebrate family and spend time with your kids and your wife or husband.

This is literally contradicting your argument.

This is the best list I've seen in ages!


Everyone Celebrates It In Their Own Way

Just because it is a Christian holiday, it is not only for Christians, obviously. Yes, the main theme is the birth of Christ, but it is also about giving, and spending time with family, which many people around the globe enjoy. I never understood how a nativity scene could interfere with someone's Christmas. It's not like on Christmas morning, reads something about Christ, and automatically go, "Well, my holiday is ruined. Thanks a lot." If one does not agree with the Christian faith, they can chose to ignore it. Also, like I've said before, people celebrate it in different ways. Most give presents. That isn't necessarily a Christian tradition. What if Christians are offended by this, for some reason? Should we just ban giving presents? No, because there is no mandatory way to celebrate the holiday.

How about people who have an obsession with Christmas?
Andy Park who celebrates it every single day of the entire year
Oh I wish it could be Christmas everyday - Wizzard

Other Holidays Aren't Condemned for Religion

Take, for instance, Halloween. That is a Celtic holiday. Those who celebrated the holiday dressed up as demons in order to blend in with the "ghosts" that stalked them on the night. Well, the majority of Americans aren't Celtic. Well, has anyone banned the wearing of costumes yet? No, but why? People are trying to change Christmas because it is a Christian holiday, so why don't we change Halloween? Because no one cares, that's why. So why should anyone care about the birth of Jesus, if they don't believe in him? What harm does it do?

Look up Ostara

The Birth of Jesus is Not Particularly Religious for Everyone

Yes, for many, the birth of Jesus is seen as a miracle, and most view him as a God. But, even those who don't see him as a god, must agree that he did exist. No matter how much one despises Christianity, they have to realize that Jesus was, in fact, a real person, and was a fantastic philosopher. Whether he was the son of God is completely up to you. But rather for seeing him as a religious figure, try seeing him as a prophet or a philosopher, kind of like Buddha or Mohammed. And, yes, some of his ideas were far fetched, and some wrong for today's standards, but the majority of his teachings were peaceful and inspirational.

We've Already Perverted the Holiday

Whenever Christmas first started, it was about giving. One did not receive much, but they were still thankful. Now, kids get loads of presents, and if they don't get the one single gift that they want, they throw a tantrum, and completely ruin the holiday. That is not what Christmas is about. And, yes, I am guilty of some of this, as are you, but I try to be appreciative for everything that I get. Children today believe that they are entitled to everything that they want. If we don't keep the birth of Christ relevant in this holiday, this will, possibly, get worse.

Whatever happened to Christmas? Companies and humans alike have turned it into an addiction like perversion.

The Majority of Americans Are Christian

I'm not saying that if you are not in the majority, then you are not relevant. That's not at all what I am trying to display. But, around 70% of Americans claim to be Christian. Why should the other 30% get to decide how we celebrate this holiday, when it was originally for that top 70%?

What if you were the one percent of atheists? Do you feel good about being not able to celebrate a fun holiday?

Yet the minority has no say in this.

The planet is not just America.

It is Not Making an Establishment of Religion

Those who are against nativity scenes and the like claim that it is unconstitutional because it is making an establishment of religion, even though it is not. For starters, putting religious decorations up is not shoving the religion down anyone's throats. Making an establishment of religion would mean that the opposers of said religion would be shamed, persecuted, or even jailed/killed. Those who are against the religion do not suffer at all. They still keep all of their rights, and have every right to oppose it, even though they should not. Number two, what about Santa? During Christmas, all you see is red and green, santa, reindeer, etc. While all of this is not religious, of course, some deem it to be anti-religious. I do not view it as such, but, again, lots view nativity scenes to be offensive, and they are now illegal in most parts of the country. Why should Santa be legal?

But it isn't seperation of state and church.

Jesus Promoted Giving

He himself said, "It is more blessed to give than to receive." If that does not promote the Christmas spirit, then I don't know what does.

If everyone gives and none receives, then what's the point?

Political Correctness Makes Us Weak

Today, if anything offends you, one can simply go to court about it and make sure that the problem is solved, so others will not be offended. This is pathetic. If stuff like this keeps happening, in the future, if a kid is teased harmlessly, they will report it to the authorities! What ever happened about solving the problem yourself? Why not ask yourself, "Why am I offended by this? " Then, once you realize the reason why, try to fix it. If you are scared of religion, try to understand it, and then try to coexist peacefully with it. Do not go and try to tear it down just because it made you "feel bad."

"Political Correctness" is the worst. It's one of the sicknesses of Liberalism.

I think it's wrong to deem Liberals responsible for it, because a lot of other people do it too, including the right. The left just impose political correctness more than others.

It Doesn't Hurt Anyone

No one is persecuted because they don't agree with Christianity, so why should Christians be persecuted when those against the religion don't agree with it?

It hurts me because I am hurt by my parents and my sister wanting me to be a creationist.

Well then you need to tell your parents how you feel. If nothing changes, talk to other family members. If hat doesn't work, get professional help, such as a school counselor, if you are in school.

Sure... It doesn't hurt all those 63% of people that doesn't belive in a magical sky genie!

The Contenders

Christmas Exists Due to the Birth of Jesus Christ

The holiday is defined, came into being because of Jesus. One can ignore and celebrate something else that day - and even call it by the same name but they would be mistaken. The top reason to keep Christ in Christmas is because it wouldn't exist without him.

He is the entire reason we have Christmas!

This is the main reason.

Christmas is Anything Else More Than Only Just Wants/Desires and Presents/Gifts
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