Top Ten Reasons to Keep Muslims Out of North America and Europe

It is about time these Muslims leave these countries and leave the West alone!

The Top Ten

1 They will wreck havoc across the West and will cause terrorism

I agree that Muslims coming from terrorist countries shouldn't be allowed in until we beat Isis. - Therandom

Muslims should stay out

That's why many Europeans are working hard to get them out of Europe.

2 They will spread Sharia law

Does ANY other religion think ALL other religions are enemys and should be killed like these nutbars? ( that's what the quaran says.. )

3 They will discriminate against people of other religions or lack thereof
4 They will build mosques
5 Women's rights will be taken away
6 They are not progressive
7 The Quran is an evil book

So brainwashed... Why else would any cult ask that you " pray" 5 times a day... Or is their "master" that insecure it needs constant reassurance...

Don't you deny it. Study the Qauran for yourself. It teaches you to lie to the non believers, and to kill them.

8 They are unintelligent

What does your Religion have to do with your Intelligence..? - PeachyBlast

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9 They are horrible to be around with

I have been with some of them before and they are a crazy bunch.

10 They're hypocrites
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