Top Ten Reasons Kids Commit Suicide


Anyone considering suicide, remember, you're not alone. Confidential help is available.

In the U.S. you can contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline for free by phone at 1-800-273-8255 or by online chat at There a counselor will listen to you, understand how your problems are affecting you, provide support, and share resources that may be helpful.

Outside the U.S., please seek out the available resources in your country.

The Top Ten

1 Getting bullied

It's sad in this day and age, people can't get it together. They mess with people, pick on them, steal from them, and make them feel there is no hope. Then people spread rumors about you and get nobody to like you, then you have the pressure of School and the stupid people in this world. This is one of the many reasons I wanna die, but I'm too weak to even relieve myself of all this pain. I don't want my parents or my family to be crushed. I don't even care about almost anything but music and being alone, anymore. Then there's the fact I get angry easily so no one talks to me. Someone please help me.

Yes! Yes! Most victims of bullying commit suicide by teenage years! And this is true, many kids have good thoughts for the future like they dream to build a flying car, cure for cancer, an airplane that can go to space, but HERE COMES THE BULLIES! Wrecking dreams and happiness so they will be the ones who are popular and theyr'e called but losers for the future. I have been bullied for years and my greatest enemy, he made me lose comfort, lose confidence, and he made my life worse. Every single thoughts, every single words, EVERY SINGLE ACTIONS! HE PICKS ON IT AND HE KILLED ME!

YES ABSOLUTELY! I see kids get bullied everyday and honestly, I ALWAYS try and do something to stop it wether it's stopping them right there or telling someone. But if someone messes with one of my friends or family, they better have planned their own funeral - Zombieman99

This one is very common. - LeRoiDesSapins

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2 Failing to get into a good school
3 Teased by siblings

This one was my reason. and yes, I did say WAS. as in not anymore.

My little brother says rude things about my stuff like "Who would waste five hours *1 minute* watching that? "
"It would have had taken you shorter if you had just drawn in your original art style."
He also annoys me by yelling out triggering words and T.V. shows.
I can't believe I'm saying this but sadly a triggering T.V. show to me is a certain hasbro show on netflix that is not my little pony.


You should get it now. But anyway he can't leave me alone, he is very mean, and he is also rude and selfish.

i'm kind of sensitive but my brother doesn't care. He keeps on testing me.

My brother's personality changed DRAMATICALLY.

From helpful and nice, to selfish and rude.

i'm still seeking help to this day

I have an annoying sister

Everyone, including my own friends, likes her and hates me

She constantly talks about she and her crush both like sword art online because she knows I hate SAO

Because of that I wanna commit suicide every time I look at her 😭

Look I am an SAO fan, but do you really have to justify committing suicide over a show you hate? Really, committing suicide just because you hate an anime? I love Sword Art Online, but I want to give you some advice. If you're being bullied by you're siblings, just tell your parents or an adult. Also, you can just find a better anime like Gurren Lagann or whatever so your sister and her friends can know how you feel. But in all honesty, you shouldn't let anime make you commit suicide. That is a stupid reason to die and I want to help you even if you hate SAO and I love SAO. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I have an anoying brother,mother,cosin,and dad that tease m,hurt me (physicaly and verbaly)and threaten me.

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4 Family pressure

I hate my mom and dad because they give me a load of pressure to be the best If you are reading this please send me some suicide ways

Mom has been telling me to die already and I'm not even sick. Dad said he would pull the trigger himself. Brother said he would if I didn't

My parents can get so mad at me and make me so stressed that everyday I want to die

5 They feel as no one loves them

You ask your parents to hug them or kiss them but they ignore you like your never there.

6 Death of a loved one

If your loved one dies, everything falls apart. You live in a world full of darkness and lost hope. There is nothing to live for because your only loved one is dead. You want to see your deceased loved one again, in heaven. But you can't. You didn't die yet. So you will die. On purpose. To see your loved one again. But don't lose hope. Your loved one is waiting for you, watching over you. Your loved one will want you to continue living a wonderful, happy life. So you will. Never give up hope. Keep loving.

- from personal experiences.

My mother and father are dead and I attempted suicide 8 times the day after. I take care of my 8 younger sisters and my older brother watches them if I'm sick. I watch (from oldest to youngest) Heidi, Tessa, Clara, Molly, Grace, Lydi, and my twin sisters Alexis and Alexia. My older Jason brother is my best friend, and he's my twin brother. I said older because he was born four minutes before me. But listen. Never give up hope because you will never now if you will live a good future, like what happened to me.

After I lost my brother, I attempted suicide 6 times. I'm still completely broken because of it.

7 Having evil parents

The parents could be physically abusing the kid

Do you know anyone who committed suicide because of this? - RockFashionista

No, not like a parent who just rose from hell, but more life an abusive parent - AnonymousChick

Yes deffinitley... not all parents are loving! Some kids have abusing and evil parents...


8 Stress
9 Sexual orientation
10 Depression

The Newcomers

? Liars

I hate liars

? Boredom

Possibly mixing in with the Dramatic or Attention Seeking Vote. A person becomes so bored that they begin to either commit self harm or begin to have the curious thought of suicide. Not common obviously but unstable or as said, the D and AS types may fall under this category.

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11 Horrible childhood

I was born in 2000 with a disability, and I did suffer through my childhood and I still am. Every time in the 11th or 12th, when people talk to me, I be rude to them and push them away. I kept on wishing that I was dead, because I thought the world would be better that way. Please people of thetoptens, don't treat my message like a joke, don't treat it serious either, just...feel sorry for me... - Gehenna

I was born before you in 2002

I was born in 2003

'enough said

I was born before You in 2001 - vidkid13

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12 Relationship break up

One of my friends was suicidal for a while. She broke up with her boyfriend thanks to her church contract. She has had like 1000 boyfriends but only cares about him. Two weeks later he moved to America. (We live in Mexico) She was depressed for so long.

Two months later she got very sick. She told me as she left school sick: "I hope it's pneumonia. I hope it because people die of it." It was a nasal infection and she got better.

After a month she got pneumonia. She was fine until the last part.

Her nasal infection came back and the pneumonia. She came back fine again.

I think she is going to be suicidal. (P.S. Valentines day came and her wound opened again for her boyfriend) - Brokenangel

What are you retarted keys

13 Homework

Its just a joke man

14 Attention
15 Lost all hope for living

This is why I threatened to kill myself once. I waited for a car to come so I could die, but then my mother talked me out of it. She looked as if she were to cry, but I still want to commit suicide to this day. I hope I get a bad disease often so I could die. I lost hope for living by luck, friendship, poorness, and even my birthday, 12-14, because George Washington died on that day back in 1799. I was 9 when this happened.

I'm going to die soon and I'm only 10 watch for me on the news

I hope you are not being serious. Get some help. Dying at this age is tragic. - RockFashionista

16 Poor grades

I have heard cases of teens committing suicide just because of poor grades.Now that's just sad.);

17 School

I want to kill myself because school is the worst also because I'm adopted and treated terrible.!

18 Parents comparing them to other kids

My mom does that to me everyday

19 Failing in school

I have failed in school a lot of time try to commit sue side a lot of time

20 Finding out that babies are created through sex
21 They are dramatic
22 Parents who don't show enough attention and give no positive affirmation

My parents have 4 kids. It still hurts.

23 Getting bullied for making something

There was this roblox user named doctor_sally who made Hospital roleplay 3.0, and people criticized her for ripping off Hospital roleplay 2.0, so she killed herself - TeamRocket747

24 People making sexual threats

It happens to my friend

25 Psychological abuse from a parent
26 Mean teachers
27 Abusive parents

YES! My little sister was only seven when this happened! Her life was utterly sucky! Her father would abuse her everyday and she would scream and cry for two hours! We felt like we were disowned! One day she was crying hysterrically under her bed after a heated arguement with our parents about Dad torturing us. Two days later, she ran to the police with me and screamed "Please help us cause our dad is torturing us everyday! " Three months later, my sister killed herself after my dad broke her skull. I miss her and it has been 7 years. At least I have a new father. There has been no torture ever since.

I know some dads who are abusive

28 Overly stressed
29 Torture from abusive parents
30 Illness
31 They get constantly cyberbullied, harassed, and stalked on the internet
32 Parent being in jail
33 Peer pressure

My friend committed suicide over this, so I had to add it - KingSlayer93316

34 Being homeless
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