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41 It has driven some people to suicide

I hate doing homework. I'm in grade 4 and I don't get a lot of homework from my english school teacher but I go to an Arabic school and they give us so much homework I'm gonna have to do it juring the easter break when we visit our cousins. It makes me feel really mad. Hey people I' in grade 4 NOT college!

Back in April 2016, a Mexican 12 year old boy committed suicide over his homework assignments. Tragic. - drdevil

42 Worrying

Homework makes me worry about so many things... It became that half of my life is based on homeworks... (And the other half on video games :D) - MaxPap

If we are set homework and the due date is not far away, we worry about it in lessons! All we can concentrate on is our homework. And boom! Lesson over. >:(

43 It can cause depression

I totally agree!

44 They think they can learn more important things by themselves

If I had less homework, I'd have more time to advance my education independently and more specifically to my needs. I would be able to learn the material that I would actually use in my career. It's hard for me to learn about what I want to when I go home and spend more time doing homework than I do doing school work. Four ninety minute classes, each assign two hours of homework? Seriously?

For me getting homework feels like a dis. It feels like the teachers think we didn't learn anything in our lessons so they need to give us work to do at home so we can learn it. Children are smarter than you think!

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45 Parents want homework to be assigned, not teachers

Most my teachers say they wouldn't give out homework if it was there choice,98% of parents are responsible for homework being given out

46 It turns students into "working gears"

All kids do is work work work all day long for like 7 hours and then work longer and harder even though they've just learned all about whatever the subject is.

47 It keeps getting harder

It doesn't it just gets More and more and annoys people

Yeah, but at least we have an easy homework day.

One page of it, then 2 pages, then 3, 4,5,6,7,8,9...i could go on.

1+1 to 1x1 to 34x45 to 23(78+8)+2. Its not fair! Age is not knowlege people! >:(

48 We could be at the best party of our lives

Teachers do this to make up mad and make our fingers num.


49 No teacher to help you

The teachers teach it the weird ways so parents can't help

Your teacher is the person who teaches you the lesson and they're not there to help you

You could ask your parents they probably have done the stuff - MrQuaz680

Yeah, but in our world the teachers want us to follow specific derections so a parents help is almost useless.

50 They don't like the teacher


51 We suffer because of a teacher's mistake

If I don't bring homework on time because I wanted to get at least an hour of sleep, I get detention

"Oh no! I got the scheduel wrong, I have to go somewhere! " says the teacher. "Time for a sub."

I think is just cruel. A sub gets NOTHING done, mistakes the amount of homework we get, and whatever isn't finished DRUM ROLL! MORE HOMEWORK. This time its not even my fault, the whope class suffers, because of the school. Then the teacher balmes US for how little work we did, and as a punishment,drum roll EVEN MORE HOMEWORK, and we can't do anything about it.

52 They're whiny

You probably mistake our pleas for help with whining, when in reality, we work harder than adults in most situations. I do believe that you would reevaluate your statement, if you were working your crummy office job (if you have even that) for eight hours, and then having to work more when you return to your home, amidst distractions, family, friends, and the fight against hunger and fatigue. Get your facts straight.

What? Present your hypothesis. Who are whiny?

I'm imagining my textbook crying because I don't like it. - SammySpore

53 It's too hard

I actually cried last year all the time in 7th grade because of algebra homework.

Don't you hate it when you spend the whole afternoon doing homework.

It's not hard at all or maybe it's cause I'm a straight A student. - MrQuaz680

I get called the F kid

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