My School Bully

Hello Toptenners. It’s me, Twily Kit, and today we’ll be talking about my school bully.

So, bullies. At least in one point in our lives, we must have encountered one, be it in real life or on the internet. Everyone knows they are absolute bitches and would happily throw them in lava if they were given the chance. I certainly would.

Anyway, in my school, I had a LOT of bullies. My school was huge and hosted a lot of students so of course I’d have a lot. But in this essay, I’m only going to focus on one.

This bully I had was the WORST bully. She had been bullying me since I first joined this school, and still does to this day. She wasn’t that girl who told everyone that stuff about my period (although I think she’s friends with her) but was still horrible. Honestly, if you’re reading this, bully, then I want to tell you to go kill yourself.

As much as I want to, I’m not going to give out her real name so we’ll have to make do with a fake one. Let’s say her name is Chloe, because she reminds me of Chloe Bourgeoisie of Miraculous Ladybug (who, if was also reading this, should go kill herself).
Let’s begin.
When I was new at my school, I joined at third grade, because I had already done the rest in my old school. That’s where I met Chloe.
Oddly enough, me and Chloe were NEVER in the same section. My school separates classes of grade levels in sections based on letters, e.g. Grade 3A, 3B, 3C etc. I was in grade 3G. Sure, we were in the same grade level, but I never was in the same class with her. That didn’t stop her from bullying me.
One day, I was in the bathroom, minding my own business. Suddenly, Chloe came up in my face for some reason. She asked me where I was from and stuff, and we were talking about it. Then THIS happens –
Chloe: Are you stupid?
Me: Um…what?
Chloe: OMG, you are stupid!
Me: …….?
Chloe: Ha, stupid! *bitchy laughter*

Then she sauntered out of the bathroom. That left me confused thinking, ‘Um, WTF just happened?’

I thought that she was just messing with me at first, and ignored her. But soon after that, she came in my face AGAIN one day during recess. She started saying a whole lot of insults at me and tried to slap me. I moved away from her and she kept harassing me. For days and days, this continued, until the term ended and we never saw each other again.

At least I thought so.

I DID see her again, much to my chagrin and she bullied me every. Single. Damn. Time. I didn’t know what I ever did to her. Hell, I didn’t even know her last name! But she still abused me for no reason.
When I was in seventh grade, I shifted to a new campus, and so did Chloe. Luckily, she was never in the same class as me, but she took the abuse to a whole new level. She twisted my arm behind my back and tried to make me cry one time, and on other occasions kept trying to get me to whine or cry or show some sad emotion for some reason. I think she’s a sociopath. This went on for a long time.

When I was in eighth grade, I had some close encounters with her, and tried to avoid her, but failed. I tried telling the teachers about my bullying problems before, but believe me, they NEVER DO ANYTHING. They even take the bullies’ side sometimes. It was a rough year.
In ninth grade, one of my friends told me that Chloe had bullied her as well. When she was in fourth grade, Chloe tried to RUIN HER LIFE. She repeatedly hit (yes, she HIT her) her, called her names, ruined her schoolwork and made her CRY. Now, this ‘friend’ I’m talking about has anxiety problems, is really shy, cries really easily and that’s what pissed me off. I think Chloe is the reason she has all these issues today. She did try telling the teacher on Chloe, but the teacher was busy trying to make her d*** bigger or something because she did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Screw you, teacher, it’s because of people like you bullies get away scot free.

I think the worst thing Chloe did to me was, one day, the art class we were in had a field trip. On the way home, she put her legs next to me on the bus and wouldn’t remove them. I had to put up with that all the way home.

In tenth grade, whoo boy, did the bullying take a turn. For once, in all those seven years, I did something back to her for all those years of maltreatment. And it was beautiful. I will enjoy that moment for the rest of my life.

I know I don’t deserve it.

But that doesn’t stop me from craving it more.

My school has this rule that phones are not allowed in class. Any phones that are brought into school should be deposited at the reception near the third gate. If a student is caught with their phone, they won’t get it back until the end of the term.
At first I thought ‘What the hell is this d***ish rule’. But I never knew it could come to my advantage.

A little context: In tenth and eleventh grade, you have to choose a subject batch. You can choose

i.Medical (Biology, Chemistry, Physics)
ii.Engineering (Chemistry, Physics, and some other one)
iii.Business (Business Studies, Economics, Accounts)
iv.Another batch which I honestly can’t be bothered about

I’m a medical student and my subject electives are Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Chloe’s a business student and her electives are Business Studies, Economics and Accounts.

For medical subjects, my batch assembles in Class 10A. For business subjects, Chloe’s batch assembles in Class 10B.
My class is 10B. Chloe’s one is 10A.
You can see where this is going…

As we swapped classes, Chloe would still bully me. If she had the chance, she’d try to stick a pen in my eye or slap me.

One day, as usual, me and Chloe swapped classes. I sat on a random place (read: it’s where Chloe naturally sits).

Imagine my delight when I find her phone in her bag.

I immediately turned it in.
When they found out I was the one who gave in her phone, they wouldn’t stop at me for it. They were like ‘OMG TWIRITEKITSOON! HOW DARE YOU GIVE IN CHLOE’S PHONE! WHAT YOU DID WAS WRONG 1!1!1!1!1!1!1!’.

Since Chloe was one of those ‘popular girls’-ish people, she naturally had a cult following who snapped at me for turning in her phone. IT NEVER ENDED. Okay, well it did after a week or two, but it seemed forever. If there was a ‘Most Hated Student’ poll or something, I would’ve hit first place.
Even my own friends and previous classmates were mad at me for what I did. I honestly didn’t care. If they support all this tomfudgery, then fine. Why should I be bothered?

A few seconds/minutes/hours/days later, a girl in my class picked up the gossip on me and Chloe. She ran to me one day and asked, ‘What did you do to Chloe?’ with a HUGE grin on her face.

‘Oh, um…well…I found a phone, and turned it in, and it happened to be hers’ I lied. I already had the entire tenth grade at my neck. I didn’t need any more.

Her grin widened. ‘You did a GREAT thing!’ she said.

I looked at her confusedly. ‘Um, WHAT did you say?’

The grin faltered. ‘I mean I’m proud of you.’
I suddenly knew I could trust her then. ‘I did it on purpose’ I confessed.

She smiled again.

‘So, um, what did Chloe do to you?’ I asked.
She looked at me in the eye. ‘When we were kids, we used to be best friends.’

I nodded.

‘But she was abusive to me. She scratched me, and we got into a fight. And then I told the teacher and she got suspended for a week’.

Woah. Chloe got SUSPENDED?

Just….woah. I guess all the teachers aren’t retards after all. I wonder how the entire school would react if they knew that piece of information.

Oh, and guess what, we weren’t the only ones. There was ANOTHER person who Chloe had also bullied. One of my other friends told me that Chloe slapped her once just for being the class representative!

I’d like to say it ended here. But it didn’t.

Chloe found out I was the one who gave in her phone (well, with the entire school being over it, of course she would wouldn’t she). That cranked up the bullying up to eleven.

Every time we switched classes, she hit me with her subject folders. Every single time.
One time she pressed her foot on my feet and stamped, trying to break my toes.
While we were in the girls’ bathroom, she shoved me. She shoved me again against the sink and pressed my waist against it while her friend watched.

We were in art class together. In our art class, we use wooden boards as mediums so we don’t have to use the floor. What she did was, every single time she got the chance, she hit me on the head with them. If she couldn’t hit me on the head, she tried to assault me with it some other way. She got caught one day while I was talking to two boys, and they witnessed her hitting me. They asked her what she was doing, and Chloe replied I couldn’t do anything to her and tried to poke a pen in my eye. I think they might have told her to stop abusing me or something because she stopped after a while, but then tried to stick a pen in my eye again some weeks later.
Anyway, my school exams started after that, and she was too busy to attack me. They’re still going on right now. So far, I haven’t had any interaction with Chloe and wish to keep it that way.

Recently this YouTuber known as scribblejuice released a video about her bully in fifth grade, and it reminded me of my bully, so I thought I’d make a post about her.

So, guys, that’s my bully. Were you guys ever bullied? Comment below. And if you are being bullied, please do something about it. If telling the teacher didn’t work, tell the principal. Make a post or something detailing their abuse, so that it can be easily accessed and viewed by many. Tell SOMEONE, because bullying is horrible and no one deserves it.

Catch you in the next post, ciao!


Holy hell, that’s f*cked up. I’d probably have murdered her at this point - NightmareCinema

Me too. I would have pulled a Bobby on her. - TwilightKitsune

I'd have gone John Wick on her, personally. - NightmareCinema

What's a Bobby? - PhoenixAura81

PhoenixAura look yp a user here called Bobbythebrony - TwilightKitsune

That's horrible. I wish I could help. But trust me, I've been bullied my whole life, and even if it seems like it'll never end, no matter how long it lasts, it'll stop eventually. She won't be in your life forever, so try to get through it. You've got support from all of us. - Elric-san

Thanks man. Yeah, she won't be in my life forever. She'll probably end up in McDonald's as a janitor or something - TwilightKitsune

I think there's something where you can anonymously report bullying by contacting them. - Skullkid755

Where? - TwilightKitsune

Https:// found an example - Skullkid755

Https:// another example the other one turns out to be an app that your school pays for - Skullkid755

Oh - TwilightKitsune

I hope things are better now. I probably would have started fighting back. Although with my luck the teacher would think I was the bully and suspend me. - Randomator

Aww man... - TwilightKitsune

I would probably sue the school for not doing anything LOL. But seriously, sorry that you went through all this. I remember being bullied in 2nd grade, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as what you described. I think my bully was trying to be my friend because she would always force me to play with her...
Anyway, if you’re still dealing with this bully or want to be ready for when it happens again, I would like to help. Here’s a link to my advice post:

I’m hoping that it will help you. If none of it is helpful or you have already tried these things, here’s more information about bullies: - visitor

Thanks mate. Also good point about the suing. - TwilightKitsune

If I was you I would create a group of friends and act and look like a b**** and the so no one can do this to me - GalaxyCookies

Nice idea. - TwilightKitsune

I was bullied too, but not to the point where I got slapped or hit...that girl must've been crazy or something to do such awful things - visitor

Screw bullies. they're just arrogent jackasses who bully because they love it. - visitor

That f***kface should burn in hell for this! Hope she doesn't get an account on this website, otherwise cyberbullying scenario would be even more f****ked up! F***k that bully! - BorisRule

Hopefully she spends every morning of her life stepping on upturned plugs - TwilightKitsune

I am still mentally scarred after fifth grade. I've been there. - Cyri

You won't need to worry about bullies ever again. We'll take good care of 'em.
All for joining the TK protection squad say "aye". - RoseWeasley said the WORST bully!
How many people do we have to hunt down? - RoseWeasley