Bitchy Popular Girls


I hate popular girls, there's one in my school. She thinks she's so awesome because she has an instagram and always posts sexual pictures of herself and says things just for attention. She hangs out with a big group of other popular girls, they do nothing but talk crap about others and making up stories about being suicidal when they just want sympathy

I hate these idiots! I'm in 5th grade and they are SO annoying, immature, and stupid! There's this one "popular" girl named Melissa, and she talks 24/7! Like girl please get a life and shut up! No one cares about what you have to say! You're ugly, mean, and self centered!

This girl is the daughter of an important teacher so she treats everyone (teachers included) like a piece of trash. Once I asked her to move her chair in a little so I could squeeze by to speak to the teacher, it was like this. "Could you move your chair in a little please." "No! Go around ugly! " I should have told the teacher but why? I mean she was just being "cool". She's one that dresses up nice but still ultimately is still ugly inside and out. But her and her little group act like hot stuff but in reality they're not that pretty or cool.

I never did anything to them but I used to get bullied by these two girls in my choir class, one popular and one nobody knew. Even though I don't care much about what other people think of me, and I realized what they thought of me doesn't matter as much as what I think of me, it made it difficult for me to have other friends because THEY were scared of what the bullies thought. So even though I thought I could handle them, turns out I couldn't handle the ways it affected me and things didn't get better until I dropped choir.

I hate them, they think they're the best and the whole damn world revolves around them. They also have those tools that hangout with them. I hate having classes with them, I literally get social anxiety whenever I have to present in front of the class. Hell, even just being in the class!

Everyday when I go to school, I see girls outside playing with their stupid phones. One day I was just walking by, and some stranger girl that I don't know just ran up to me and took a picture of me, and ran back to the group of girls she was talking to. And I was like "what? "

There are a group of popular girls that go to my school. Most of them are hoes but they sexually harass other girls. You can't even have any privacy changing in the locker room without them staring at your body. And they would always copy off the unpopular girls style. This definitely should be 1

They won't shut up about One Direction and make fun of my Gorillaz iPhone lock screen and SpongeBob wallpaper... - NoodleRidley

I personally think that they don't deserve their popularity. They just use it as power (my opinion) so no one will tell them to stop when their bullying a weaker kid and for themselves. They probably don't treat friends as friends either! And some girls are popular because they like to act that they have some special talent (to steal others' spotlight). And there's this... Oh sorry, you guys probably know. Look for my comment on 'fake people'on this list and you will know - MLPFan

They think just because they "look pretty" they are better than you. Then once they graduate, they'll learn they now don't know what to do with their life.

'Oh, you don't like 1D? Pink isn't your favourite colour? You must be a total freak! ' I'm getting pretty sick of this attitude.

When that girl goes over to you to take a selfie, you say, "I would appreciate it if you would not take selfies with me, you aren't really my friend.", politely and without sarcasm, yet they take the picture. By now I'm pretty pissed, and I tell them to delete it, but they put threaten to put it on instagram. I instantaneously put my hand in front of the camera and tell them to piss off, which shocks them. They say it's a bad word. So I yell "piss" loudly at their faces an walk away.

In my opinion, the people who are nice to others and has some special talent deserves to be popular. Not just some spoiled brats.

Many popular girls are popular one reason because they are mean, but interesting to talk to. They always talk bad about everyone they see, even their really good friends who shouldn't be, calling other people "potatoes", "fat", "ugly", "stupid", "annoying", etc.

Not just girls, it's also boys. At my school kids are popular for NO REASON AT ALL! THEY LITERALLY don't DO ANY THING AND YET THEY GET ALL THE ATTENTION FROM THE GRADE! Apparently at my school all it takes to have everyone somehow know who you are is sit on your fat lousy ass and do nothing.

Aren't they called prostitutes?

There is a whole group of such girls, however they are not the reason why I hate PE, there are so many differences such as, if they make a clumsy mistake people will laugh but if the less popular ones make a clumsy mistake they will be bullied?!? Some even change themselves to become popular such as wearing short skirts, getting paybacks and detentions, wearing make up, breaking rules...this is not right!

What's even worse is that the popular girls become teachers pets and get biased good grades. Last year one girl I want to smack in the face every time I see her, was such a teachers pet to this one teacher and since the teacher knew she asked a lot of questions the teacher thought she was working harder than others. I didn't have any questions that shouldn't mean I'm not trying.

I'm a gay female who listens to a bunch of alternative rock/classic rock so you could expect that I'm always called an 'emo who needs to kill herself' by the popular girls

We have one at our school she is very dumb, she said she would rather take a loan out on a bank than gain a scholar ship. Her reason, she had to pay a scholarship back. And I'm just there like go smack your self with a brick.

I agree, every time they whip their hair back when they walk away I just wanna cut their hair off completely. :(.

They like to eat poop for real. They only like toenails and eat them. They are poop

Super annoying, I have no idea even how there popular. I refused to date in middle school because it was one of my parents rules, I have been picked on ever since. I even went to my guidance counselor once but they won't play hard ball with them

They literally think the school was made to bow under their command, and likes to boss people around, and make Justin Bieber look like the greatest person ever. There are times where they won games just because they changed the rules, took over the game, and complained about losing.

Even in just 5th grade their annoying, luckily I'm the master at internet battles, so they mean nothing as a bully to me, just insult them and they will cry to death