NEEDS TO BE NUMBER ONE. Girls in my class sarcastically cat call and humiliate me, kids beat me up, get me into trouble for stuff I didn't do, and gang up on me, emotionally abusing me until I'm on the verge of tears. If I even attempt to fight back I'll get kicked in the gut, laughed at, or insulted even more badly. Two kids once hatched a successful plan to get me in trouble, and then knowing that I couldn't do anything to them, snitched on me, went up to my house to humiliate me, surrounded my desk and pushed it against the wall with me between the 2 surfaces, cracked my knuckles, walked up to me and emotionally abused me until I was on the verge of tears. My pathetic excuse of a teacher shipped me with another girl in my class and got the whole class to laugh at me. Girls cat called me sarcastically and humilated me in the hallways. Everyday at lunch, 4 boys would insult me until I felt like crying, and would occasionally throw things at me. I was so scared to be out in the open ...more

Stopping bullying behavior needs to be a shared effort. You don't really want parents/administrators solving all of the bullying issues alone. What needs to happen is to have a plan where students are guided through a solution process, where they can help resolve the bullying situation with guidance from adults.

Easier said than done, I know. It seems that the people that are bullied the most are isolated individuals. Those students who don't have friends. Perhaps they are shy, introverted, anti-social. Whatever reason, bullies tend to bully those students who don't have a network of support.

Bullies are really the weak individuals. You don't see them bullying people that are their equal in terms of strength. They bully those who they can dominate with as little to no resistance.

Of course bullies couldn't exist with out their enablers. People who standby and just watch bullying behavior happen and don't say or do anything in an effort to stop it. Too often they ...more

All schools say is "Don't bully." They don't actually do anything about it. It's sad because all those T.V. shows you watch tell you to tell a parent or teacher. But a parent can't do anything. They don't go to school. And no one in the school even cares. My little sister was in the counselor's office (I don't remember why. ) and when she was leaving she overheard a boy tell his counselor that he was being bullied. The counselor said "Just tell us next time it happens." and then the boy said "You told me that last time." My sister left before she could hear the rest of the conversation. Also, a girl in my school COMMIT SUICIDE and the school didn't do ANYTHING. They just care for their reputation, so they try to cover it up. Her friends said that they don't think she was being bullied, but they weren't sure. She didn't leave a suicide note. Nothing. No investigation was ever launched or anything. And it was a girl I knew! They don't care.

When I was about 12 Years old, I saw a bunch of kids (idiots) in the other class that where about 13-14 Years old standing punching other kids that where about 6-7 years old in to the hard brick wall so they started crying and some of them started bleeding, so I of course walked to them and tried to stop them, when I did that they took my face and smashed it in to the brick wall so I broke my nose and my face was filled with Blood and a river of blood started running down my face and I started crying and then those little jerks ran away, but that was not even the worst thing, no the worst thing was that a TEACHER was standing about 15-20 meters away from the thing not paying ANY attention, in all honestly homework definitely should be the #2 because it's so stressful and brings the hell home to you, but Nothing can compare to this - FireflyNeville

I was bullied by AN ENTIRE CLASS OF BULLY SNITCHES FOR OVER 3 MONTHS! They are some of the lowest, most disgusting creatures on planet earth. They think it is okay to gang up on me whenever they can, shouting incredibly rude and degrading insults and death threats. We also had this supply teacher who is CLEARLY BIPOLAR TO ME, but she decided to turn all my class against me somehow and deleted all of my proof of my class's heinous actions when she took my tablet in class when I mixed up the dance and games room dates and tied to make me look as bad as possible. I wanted to destroy the school. The insane part is, that some of these people were my friends once, but were sold out for the new iPhone or something to turn school from prison to a living hell. I can never find the guidance counselor, my parents idea of getting proof was ruined, as I mentioned before and my class went on with their sadistic bullying. I honestly think that I lived through the worst bullying in human history and ...more

I hate people that say just stand up to them well what if your being picked on by more then just one person if I did defend myself against one of them then they would all continue doing it to me in a gang. It's these same bullies that post quotes on instagram and Facebook and snapchat saying that we should all be kind and love and respect eachother. The teachers also treat the popular bullies better as well. I feel so suicidal and tomorrow is Monday its not fair I have been nice all my life I haven't done anything to deserve this so god can go himself no wonder those people put you on a cross and killed you. I wish my mom used a condom because life is so pointless and majority people I have met in my life have been evil I haven't met a genuinely nice person in years. I started getting bullied ever since the 2nd day highschool. I go to school and in some classes I have no friends so group work is awkward. I used to think people that took their own life were idiots but now I understand ...more

I personally do not care for what others think of me or how they view me, as long as the bullying does not extend to a physical level. This truly is one of the main problems with schools. There is hardly anything that can be done about it sadly due to how vast it is. There have been cases at previous schools of mine where the person who was bullied got suspended instead of the bully. That, that right there, is plain down right stupid. If you were to fight back if someone were to punch you, YOU would be the one who got suspended, YOU would be the one who everyone hates, YOU would be the one at fault. Not the person who started the confrontation. YOU. That is what is wrong with our educational system. They believe that both parties are responsible for the confrontation, when almost 99% of the time only one participant is responsible.

Ikr at middle school they made fun of me because I talk to much and it annoying them. Because of the bullies I thought about doing killing my self. And to make things worse when I start to make fun of them I always get caught and when they make fun of me they always get away with. This kid Jessie was so mean he use mean jokes about sex. This group of kids I tried to make friends with big fail though they call me annoying because of my talking problem and they were mean to so when I make fun of them they that's mean or Leonardo just go and when I tried to make friends they run or say I wasn't part of there "family" so middle school change me. So when high school came I made a few friends but one gets angry easily so don't want to get on here bad side anymore but she's sweet at times. Middle school was the worse the only friends I made was teacher and staff. But I wasn't the sweet kid sometimes I want to make fun of people for fun sometimes after middle school change me.

I never had many friends, but when I was younger I never ever thought to my self "I hate this person" or "this person is an ass". I always talked to people anyway. Even though I was quite annoying and interrupted class every once in a while, I still got good grades, played sports (even though I dreaded playing it), and hung out with friends. I never really thought my ego was so fragile, because once third grade came I had no friends in any of my classes. 90% of the class didn't even look at me while the small 10% did nothing but laugh at me. This repeated all the way to 6th grade. I did make friends in 5th grade but, most of those friendships dissolved with time. Now I always feel miserable everyday. I get mostly C's, I don't like working in groups anymore, I don't want to make friends anymore, and I don't look forward to becoming an adult. Even though I don't get bullied anymore, their is still that 90% who ignore me to the point that I get they don't want me in their class.
I ...more

Bullies are terrible hands down! I get bullied all the time, 24-7! One time I got bullied 3/4 of the whole class ganged up on me. I now have no friends. "Oh you are a moron, nobody likes you" SHUT UP! The worst part of that is the teachers don't care if you get bullied some people actually commit suicide because of this. We have national pink day because teachers think it "stops bullying" NOPE! Not for me, the teachers feel that it is all about the money and not the students. I once got beat up by someone for nothing and guess what, NOBODY CARED! I also hate how when sombody called someone else a name when I was near them, I got all the blame when I had nothing to do with it. Bullies are stupid jerks with no life.

I actually don't get bullied very often, but lately these two boys have been calling me "emo" whenever they see me, and totally ruined my presentation in class and humiliated me. I was giving my presentation when they began throwing paper at me and shouting "EMO! " and "Go back to cutting yourself! " Etc. I didn't even notice them doing this because I was so nervous giving my presentation that I wasn't aware of my surroundings, but one of my friends informed me of this and it didn't feel good knowing that they had done that. Honestly, reading some of the comments in this post with situations that are MUCH worse than mine, I feel so sorry! Now that I know what it is like to be bullied, I will make an effort to stick up for anyone who is being bullied or is an outcast. - justhereforonething

Big Useless Liers Living In East Spain

Bullies are terrible. It took me a LONG time to get the courage and patience to totally ignore bullies that were being so cruel to me. I rarely tell my parents and/or teachers due to the humiliation of it. Why is this not more heavily enforced? If you see a kid getting picked on, you shouldn't just look to the other side and pretend you didn't notice. Come on now. You're not only getting paid to teach us, but also to protect us.

Look at what happened to Amanda Todd. My god what is wrong with bullies. I was bullied and hearing stories with bullicide breaks my heart. Like this this if you agree

I don't want to brag, but, I am bullied am very close to committing suicide - Badgerflame

Bullies are horrible. In middle school you are forced to take gym. Most kids judge based on sports or grades, and sometimes people get depressed because of bullies lowering their self-esteem. Especially in middle school. In middle school, you are putting kids that haven't hit their growth spurt with the giants who take up half the sports teams. The giants will make fun of the small kids causing horrible things to happen. This has become so BAD that people have had to make programs to try to get rid of it, but it never works. If I could go back in time, I'd stop the first bully from starting the awful trend.

I have been bullied my whole life parents can't do anything neither can teachers they changed me they made me evil I told the schools pretend they care and they really don't... I told the counselor and he said I'll deal with it nothing happened I hate people because of school I hate school because of people it's a cycle and I'm paranoid when people laugh thinking it's me or when someone says 'she' and are talking about that person bad I freak out because I always think it's me I can list so many times but I don't have the time I just want to say people ruin EVERYTHING even people...

My last comment had awful grammar. I'll say what happened again. My experiences with bullies were awful. In grade 5 I was bullied mby 2 popular girls (one of which is my friend now). They followed me everywhere and eventually started using their iPod to bully me. It was not fun at all. Later that year a kid in my class made all of my friends and the entire class turn on me and made my life a living hell. In grade 6, that same kid bullied me because I liked Terraria. No kidding. He ate all of the skin off of a hot dog and shoved it in my face. That kid is now in my top 3 arch enemies. He still bugs me a lot. In grade 5, a fat moron beat me up. Nobody really likes him that much. Back in grade 4, a few people actually cared about me and sent me a bunch of cards saying that they miss me when I took the week off because of how horribly I was treated by my EA. I can hardly take it anymore. I bet if I died one random day that nobody would care. As if anyone cared about me.
I'm just the ...more

Everyone at my school points out how ugly I am, like calling me a pimple face, saying I have split ends, and telling me to put makeup on so I don't look like a guy. There's this one guy, and whenever he sees me in class or in the hallway, he acts so disgusted when he sees me he pretends to gag and then runs away. The voice principal talked with us, and told him to stop, but he never did. I felt fine in 6th grade, but in 7th grade I became really insecure and couldn't even stand to look at my own face. It's like all of the sudden every little detail about yourself matters. I'm going into 8th grade, and this whole summer I've been miserable. I hope things change this year. - Popsicles

I used to be picked on in Elementary School all the time. Kids would leave me out and tease me to pieces. The teachers were no help at all either, in fact, they said I was over reacting. When I reached the 3rd Grade I had given up on asking for help and I was picked on even more. When I reached the 4th grade I didn't make one new friend.

Then afterwards, I became assertive and decided not to let anyone push me around. Now I am able to show people who I really am and I am even friends with half of my classmates. I'm really happy that I can finally be free from bullies and now I even stand up to kids who pick on my friends or any innocent students.

Today I'm better because I was separated from the bullies and my dark inner voices

I have been bullied but I tell a teacher they tell the bully to stop but failed and now I'm now have a very bad anger problem because of it and the fact kids have hit but I stand up and I'm in trouble and I know because in my 4th period class a kid hit me for no reason and I run but hits me and I hit back and I got in trouble for DEFENDING myself it's like the school is saying: to not get in trouble let the bully beat you until your parents file a lawsuit. It's so dumb and I have seen on YouTube like that one kid in Australia

I personally don't see this as a serious problem. I ain't getting bullied anymore, but when I started school I was bullies a lot. First of all, if they only speak bad to you, its not that harming. You can ignore them, you don't have to put a on what they say, and secondarily you can hurt them back. Now the serious problem here that some bullies use actual hitting an not just talk to you. So first of all you can hit them back pretty easily if they're your age. But if they're bigger in size and strength? You can go to classes of judo and karata with your friends and hit them back! Most of the bulling happens because the kids are afraid. You don't need to be! To be honest, you don't have to tell the teacher. She wont care. You need to whack those bullies in the face! (What I have done that is the reason bullies didn't get near me anymore.) - DarkXide99

I had too many bullies at school that I lost too much time and energy all for nothing. I have wasted six years especially, beautiful years of my life, that I have could used it for something better that makes me feel more better about myself.

I could have gone to the GYM or doing Sports, but my parents said you can't, since school comes first. Now, I'm chubby guy who is complaining until today and hasn't stopped yet, and that after six years. Incredible, I was bullied and where is the compensation, that I deserve?

There is just one thing I hate in school: BULLIES! I used to get bullied A LOT of times in my school. Bullies can ruin anyone's good day. In some schools, these sore losers are taken care of. On the other hand, there are schools where bullies are allowed to do whatever they want and aren't given severe punishments. It's a major problem in many schools. Unfortunately, it's a VERY BAD problem. I think bullies should be looked at more seriously because this problem annoys many people. - ORIGAMIMASTER1414

I'm in the 6th grade. Only 4 other people are 11 years old, and I'm one of them. So since this is about bullying, you'd think I'd be a short, underweight person. You're wrong. I'm 5'10 and weigh 203 lbs. Yes, I do have a good amount of belly fat, but I'm fast for my weight and size. I'm also stronger than most of the kids at the high school. Anyway, back to the topic.

So many times I have to get bullied by douchebags who have girlfriends or have had one. They use words to hurt me, because they know I can knock them. But they don't act like it, and because they think I'm fat, therefore, I'm as weak. That's simply not true. Look at Casey from that YouTube video.

I'm going to be on the 7th grade football team. I'm the biggest person on there. (I'm also taller than most of the people on the 7th and 8th grade team.) But they insult me saying I'm gonna be a benchwarmer.

Also, why the hell can't we fight back? A kid literally punches me right in the stomach. (This kid ...more

Honestly I was in diamond high school I was putting my shorts on and this chubby somoan started touching my butt and I was like "what the hell you fat face touching peoples asses is really perverted and sick" and the bully " said wussy" (in a deep voice) then I ignored him and told the counselor what he did and he got suspended and I was glad he was gone. On the last day of school I got my progress report and I was damn shocked to figure out I failed 3 classes and I didn't pass so my parents used no child left behind and I'm now a 10th grader and reason why I didn't pass was I was being bullied and that brought my grades down dramatically