Bus Rides


My bus rides used to be terrible. I was bullied for four years on the bus, Kindergarten-Third Grade. The second I walk on the bus, kids will scream at me to make me cry. "Fat! " "Ugly! " Why would you want to make a four-year-old sob?! Anyway, enough of my sob story, as the problem's solved (). I can get why kids hate bus rides, because the kids are loud, you might not get the same seat as your friends, and it gets super annoying when they're talking together in the seat behind you, and you don't know if you should feel left out or just kneel over and get in trouble anyway. My school had this stupid "Peaceful School-Bus" Program, that didn't work. One year my bus wrote to get rid of loud kids.. That would mean everyone except for the shy kids who never talk to us and are new would get kicked off. Failure.

I HATE my bus and the driver! Last week, she yelled at me just because I had to bring a couple of things for school and she humiliated while everyone snickered and sneered. She does NOT like me and all I do is be quiet and listen to music! She yells at me for stupid things but when kids are being inappropriate, she doesn't even care! I feel like she's been hit too many times in the head to realize what the hecks going on. I hate her so much and I wish her the worst in life for what she did to me! - ShadowSwashy

In the morning, my bus only has 2 stops including mine. the rest of the neighborhood goes on another bus. there's just enough seats for everyone and all is good. But on the ride home, the whole neighborhood (like half an elementary school is on one single bus. so we have to wait in long lines and my bus is a second round bus what means is the bus picks up one group drops em' off, then picks up my neighborhood, so it makes waiting really long. we wait a half an hour in the rain, snow, heat, and cold! our bus is so crowded 10 people have to sit in the isle! the 8th graders always fight and always bully the 6th graders like me.

Buses suck. While I can bear driving, one of my enemies is on a bus and he won't stop blabbing about random gibberish. He was so annoying I started sitting in the back and covering my face so I showed I had no interest in his blabbing (I'm somewhat shy, as well). Not to mention, the bus driver has the radio on all the time and will never turn it off, even if it's on at the worst of times. I want to walk to school, not talk. - Swellow

You're In The Bus Before Everyone Else, You Have Your Own Seat So You Have A Lot Of Room, A Song You Like Comes On The Radio, And Then Everyone Shows Up, They Start Talking So You Can't Hear The Song, And Then 1 or 2 People Get In Your Seat, Now You Have No Room In The Seat And Can't Hear The Radio When A Good Song Is On. This Is What I Have To Go Through On A Lot Of Bus Rides.

So, there was this one bus ride home where the bus stopped to help this car out of a ditch. It was a living nightmare. People were like, "JUST GO ALREADY" and "why won't you just go" and "the car's fine". Older kids than me. Acting like they are half my age. There was also this one girl who screamed like a 5 year old. Just because the bus couldn't go. I was tempted to get off the bus and walk home. - WonkeyDude98

These two students that ride my bus annoy me to no end, they talk and laugh loudly, they say curse words, one of them strips out of her shirt, they both are mean to others and one of them hit a boy in the balls, I don't know what to do with them, my bus driver talked to them but they keep bothering me.

Bus rides are horrible I rather walk or get driven or to drive myself I can't sit until I get my driver license so I can drive myself to school I hate bus rides it's nasty the people in the bus are annoying and it's so damn long and I'm in middle school and he need to find our buses it horrible sometimes because when we have a sub bus it's so confusing bevause you might be on the wrong bus they need to help kids more it's ridiculous

Bus rides suck it's terrible taking the bus to school like I rather get driven, walk or drive myself, the bus is the worst transpiration, because the kids are annoying it's so damn long it's confusing because when there is a sub bus I don't know if it is the right bus to get on to.

Okay, every morning I get on the bus, and there is a really good song playing on the radio. Until all those annoying 6th graders get on the bus, its like hell. In the afternoon, I get on early, until everybody gets on, its like we're riding the bus to hell. - Catacorn

Kids are annoying on the bus. I hate pop music and that's what the bus driver plays. Kids always say "turn it up". When that's not happening, I'm getting bullied for no reason. I also see girly girls with gross makeup. If a pop song ain't on the radio, then it's a dumb commercial. - DumbWays2DieFan

Why do you hate pop music? I respect your opinion, but I just wanted to know why. - PhilTheCorgi

My bus ride experience in fourth grade was TERRIBLE. So let's start off with the fact that there are assigned seats. Since me and my brother moved halfway through the school year, the driver didn't even BOTHER to give us assigned seats. Luckily there was this one person that was kind enough to let us sit down w/ her. Second of all, the bus driver flipping QUIT a few weeks after I moved there. Why? Because we were loud! That is probably one of the stupidest reasons a bus driver quit from what I've seen. So the new bus driver was UNIMAGINABLE (in a bad way). Ever since our old bus driver left, she was ALWAYS late when it was time to go home. Can't she just do her job? Because of her being late, us kids had to sit outside or inside the school. And since I had no friends at the time, I was bored to death. This one time, when we were riding home, there was a flipping CAR ACCIDENT. We couldn't go back because of traffic, and we had to wait about 20 - 40 minutes to get to our stop. Thank god ...more

My bus is annoying as heck! The bus driver yells at kids everyday, and acts so rude! First of all, once a kid was chewing gum on the bus, then the bus driver made a lecture about gum! Another time, a little girl was chewing gum, and didn't give a lecture! She just said "Make sure to put it back in the wrapper in came in! " Also, the kids on my bus brag. Not just brag, they let us know every, single, piece of information about their lives. Like, hi, hello, I do not need to know that you haven't gotten your test back for a few weeks! And don here, I'm complaining that I haven't gotten almost ANY quizzes OR tests back this term! And please, please, stop asking me how to spell "Oprah" "Aladdin" and "Beatles". And once, this 4th grade girl sat in the one sweater! THE ONE SEATER IN THE BACK OF THE BUS MEANT FOR 6TH GRADERS IN ELEMENTARY. And today, my bus was so late, I missed announcements and almost got marked absent­čśÉ - kaitlynrad11

I hate this! People are rude and nasty! I always get teased for being different and not having an ugly American name and a different voice! I usually sound like a dog, but I don't feel safe and welcomed enough to even be myself

You sit with the kid who seems nice enough but you then figure he has serious anger issues and your stuck there for the rest of the year ( true story )

My bus always has to pull over when the 8th graders act annoying. Whenever they swear or something, he stops the bus for 10 minutes and tells them to come to the front.

Not enough seats to sit in. Lots of bus drivers bring their personal kids on the bus and they sometimes take up the two front seats. I really hate that when I was in middle school.

That's why I bring two bags so people would think someone else already occupies the seat

My bus had a lot of rowdy kids. Plus, my bus driver would stop the whole bus whenever someone displayed a cell phone, what? She was also a very lenient bus driver when it comes to right of way on the roads. - NuMetalManiak

When I am on he. Bus people just stick their middle finger out at energy one (other kids on bus or on passing busses or cars) apparently the 15 camaraderie and bus drivers can't see them do it

My bus is so horrible. The one bus driver does not pay attention at all and the older kids can get away with ANYTHING. They teach the kindergarten thru 3rd to swear and talk about super inappropriate things. It is super trashy and loud and CROWDED. I am the last stop and I usually end up sitting 3 to a seat.

I am interested in school buses and they are pretty cool, ESPECIALLY if they have a loud ass Detroit Diesel to drown out every word the kids are saying. - AmtrakHan6993

Bus rides are my favorite part about school. I can see why people would hate school because of bus rides though. - Imreallyboredrightnow

Bus rides suck so bad it's horrible taking the bus like one of the reasons is because sub bus drivers when your original bus driver is not there then you have another bus driver that doesn't know where to go it's bullcrap like learn the route the proper way bus drivers

The bus is the pest transpiration to get to school because the kids are annoying it so damn long it's nasty the buses sometimes are confusing

My Classmate gotten Suspended from the School bus for cursing and her school bus is full of snitches. - Bikerninja1997