Can't Use the Bathroom


Here's a little story from my Spanish class. I was in first grade, I had to go really badly. So I raise my hand. I wait for a little while, and start to fidget in my chair. My Spanish teacher was talking with a student, so I was ok with it. I don't soil myself easily. I can wait hours on end waiting to go. Well time passes, and she still doesn't notice me. By that time, I'm jumping around in my seat. Kids are trying to get her attention to tell her that I need to go. More time passes, and I just can't take it. I soil myself and I felt really bad. My Spanish teacher just said: "Why didn't you ask me? You can just raise your hand and I'll come to you." Yeah, I totally wasn't skipping around the classroom trying to get her attention. - ClovertheAverageCat

I had to take an 100 minute midterm today and the teacher wouldn't let me go to the bathroom, even before it started.

I just wanna go out for a few seconds to use the potty, then come back and go back to work. So when I ask to go...


I bet you to ask them why and they'll say this.


Allow me to give you information. Drinking a beverage and waiting for urine to form actually takes time. It doesn't take two seconds until I suddenly have to use the bathroom. That's the stupidest thing I've heard since jelly comes from jelly fish.

I don't even care if they lock it up at 2:00, give me the keys and I'll go. What's the point in locking them? You think that someone is going to steal something from there? LOL GIVE ME A BREAK.

If I need to go I have to go, unless you enjoy having your classroom smelling like feces and piss, then let me have the access to use the bathroom for 2 minutes. It'll only take 2 minutes, is that too much to ask for?

Y'know what? We should thank them ...more

I think that (especially in high school) It is rather ridiculous for children to have to stop the class, interrupt the teacher, and have to publicly announce their need to relieve themselves. Anyone who has attended a school with a large classroom may have felt the intense awkwardness that comes from your announcement, and then the heads all turning to follow your movement out the door. Teachers say that the reason is to keep students from skipping class, but a full grown eighteen year old adult should not have to ask to go to the bathroom, and all high schoolers should be old enough to make their own decisions, including whether or not they want to keep their grades by attending class.

We can go to the bathroom but in middle school, we have to bring our planners everywhere! It has our hallway passes. If we need to go to our lockers, the washroom or the water fountain, we need those passes. But if you forget your planner, you have to try and convince another student to let you use theirs... Yikes! It hasn't happened to me yet.

I mean sometimes digestion and all that takes a while.

During recess back when I was in 7th grade, it was after our 3rd period. I often drank a lot of water. My 4th period was art class, and while I don't hate the teacher, I hate the subject. I usually ask if I can go to the bathroom and he knows I hate his class so he gets suspicious maybe. I asked and he asked "why do you always have to use the bathroom during my class? "
Me: "I drink a lot of water, sir."
That: "Well, use it during recess."
Me: "But sir, all that digestion and stuff can sometimes take a while."
Him: "I don't care".

He didn't listen to Science. This was in a Catholic school. And I'm SDA, we don't believe science as much as them. - SoulsborneFanboy

This should be a lot higher on the list.The first week of school, my English teacher told me I couldn't go because too many people asked her. I had to wait 20 minutes and I already really had to pee when I asked. I almost peed myself, but luckily the bathroom was right across the hall, so I ran to it after class. Another time in 4th grade, my teacher told me I had to wait until lunch to go. I ended up peeing myself when we were lining up for lunch. Someone noticed the pee on the floor, but I was able to cover it up by saying that I spilled my water bottle. It also happened to be pajama day, so nobody could tell.

Ugh. In my middle school you have to write a pass for EVERYTHING. ESPECIALLY bathroom. My schedule made it so that I always had to go during 7th period Health. When checking my pass the teacher commented on how I leave a lot. She sounded suspicious of me. I'M SORRY that I have a BODY!

In my school we have something called "5 minute break". The first 4 minutes are for going to the bathroom and drinking water. The other minute is devoted to silence. I think all schools should have this, if you want, you can bring it up to your teacher.

One time, I had to go to the bathroom, but my teacher didn't want me because ae were taking a quiz and that I will cheat. 15 minutes later, the quiz was over, my teacher told me to go, but at that point I already peed on my pants...

I hate this so much! One time in fourth grade, a kid was literally about to PEE his pants since the dumb substitute teacher didn't let him use the bathroom. Also that comment about the girl, boy, and mom was mine. No lie. It actually happened. But one typo was that my mom didn't pee her pants during a movie. It was during a test. She vomited during a movie. - Powerfulgirl10

One time in 5th grade I had this rude teacher and I asked to go to the bathroom during recess and then she saids no seriously why are you not allowing we to go to the bathroom during recess man some teacher are weird - endadam

It's hard when your a young female just getting used to your monthly cycle and wearing tampons/pads and no teachers understands when you ask to go to the bathroom, especially if you start/leak in class.

I don't even like going to the toilet. It's vandalized with stuff like "CALL *number* FOR HOT STUFF" and people don't flush it after them, making it look informal and gross. To top that, there's no air freshener, so you can't get the reek of it outside your nose until a few days. - Swellow

If your teacher says no and it's a big emergency, get off your butt and go anyway. You don't want to be suffering and getting distracted from the lesson. If they call your parents, they probably won't be upset if you had to desperately go. - DCfnaf

It is so stupid and mean that some teachers don't allow kids to go to the bathroom that's bullcrap all you teachers out there need to let kids go to the bathroom when the half to that is really mean of you guys to not let a student to to the restroom when they really need to go some people have bladder problems so let them go

In fifth grade my teacher said "We can't use bathrooms in class, we don't know if you have an emergency, and I don't care." Whoever in my class asked "This is an emergency, I need to use the bathroom." then my fifth grade teacher tells that person to clip down then they will go to the bathroom. - HelloWhyImHere

Yeah, they expect you to go in between classes, but there's not enough time to go and get to class on time.

Yeah, I know if a kid has a really full bladder that will soon burst if the kid doesn't pee. Oh And the rectum getting all clogged up and the internal organs getting damaged. Man schools really need to take better care of kids.

I just absolutely hate it when ALL the boys in my maths class are like can I go to the toilet and then sirs like wait until the end of the lesson or why didn't you go at break? And then NONE of the girls do and I'm just like what!

I hate this because for some reason when you can use the bathroom you don't need to but during class then you need to in fact I ended up peeing myself because of it

Are they waiting for a potential accident to happen in class? - NuMetalManiak

This is ridiculous. If someone has to go; LET THEM GO!
One time in elementary a kid really had to go to the bathroom but the teacher wouldn't let the poor guy and he stained his pants. He got sent to the office for disrupting the class, and didn't even get spare pants. - TheParasiter

When I was in 3rd grade, it was winter, I had my snow pants on, it was hot inside, and I asked my teacher if I could go to the bathroom. My teacher said, " No, but you can go at recess" and I said, "but recess is in 30 minutes! " And its true, recess was 30 minutes away, then my teacher said, " well that's not my problem." So, I went back to my seat, and I peed my pants! I hate everything about school, and I always will!

Teachers don't seem to realise that we can't control our bladders completely.