Dress Code


I hate the dress code because it restricts jackets even when it's 20 degrees because one of them is multi colored and one has a hood and it angers my mom but I tell her I will get in trouble with it. The other thing that annoys me is shirt tucking because I'm so used and paranoid that I will get detention because they over exaggerate about untucked shirt and my parents have to remind me I'm not in school because I will have my clothes looking weird because of paranoia because I know one a teacher even not on campus will gave me a detention because that's how dumb zero tolerance policy is

School dress codes are the worst because like they band the stupidest things like shorts, spaghetti straps basically anything that shows to much skin because if we where something like spaghetti straps there like oh you need to go change your showing too much of your shoulder and boys will get distracted. LIKE THERE GONNA GET DISTRACTED FROM A SHOULDER! God school is stupid.

My school isn't that strict with the dress code for BOYS like, the boys can basically come to school wearing nothing but the GIRLS now really, for girls if we wear LEGGINGS and not some ugly baggy sweats it's considered a "distraction" I mean we girls are much more than a DISTRACTION!

I hate the dress code because my new shirts that can fit my size have pockets on them and in class everyone at my table said I was violating the dress code and that there were gonna tell the principle and I'm like what it's a damn pocket and got angry at them and kicked the table as it was the first thing I saw and got pulled out of class

I hate the dress code at my school because you can't wear jackets that A. Have hoods and B. Can't have multiple colors its 21 degrees outside and I'm not just gonna buy a jacket that is in dress code when I have perfectly good jacket that has a hood and multiple colors that I can wear so I don't freeze my ass off

This is a big problem in my school, students aren't allowed to express who they really are, all boys are not allowed images shaven onto their head, all girls are only allowed one piercing in each year and are not allowed to have an unatural hair colour, and they say this is because it is a distraction in class! If things like that are such a distraction then why don't you kick the kid that always has something snarky say in class out of the school!

I hate dress code but I understand why is so people don't bully but still is isn't helping as kids judge my shoes by saying what those? And honesty your clothes show your personality like I'm a huge Hurricanes fan but can't wear any type of clothing and the shirt tucking is stupid

In my school and you have to have your shirts tucked in and if a teachers see it is untucked you get in an insane amount of trouble and what's bad about that is that it makes me paranoid that I will get in trouble so I tuck in my shirt every few seconds and miss vital information

The dress code at my school is bloody annoying if a teacher sees your shirt untucked it's a warning after it's a lunch detention the call home then your written up for a stupid minor infraction and I really think they think it's like beating up a kid its that annoying

Finding plain white red black and navy blue is so hard so I have to wear some like a microscopic logo or with a shirt pocket and when kids say I'm violating the dress code and tell the teacher and then the teacher sighs at them and tells them to stop snitching

If you ask me, clothes show who you are and they make you feel unique. But the stupid dress code rule forces us to against that. We can't wear anything but polos.

This sucks. We can't wear our hats. WHY ARE HATS NOT ALLOWED? I would love to rant about this (you do not know how much I LOVE ranting on things) but ill save the fun for a later reason about hats not being allowed. - DumbWays2DieFan

One time during English class this year, we had to debate on something, and some chose whether a Dress Code should be more relaxed, or more strict. One person said that the dress code should be more strict.

Dress codes are the worst thing in my school, in mu elementary school, we didn't need dress codes, but in my middle school, the dress code cannot be optional, it is required to follow the dress code.

No shorts no skirts no dresses no ripped jeans no makeup no stains on clothes no painted fingernails no long socks. My school dress code. Oh and no spaghetti straps.

There is some irony with dress code teachers say dress code prevents bullying yet it really attracts bullying and it can tell which kids are poor or rich

I'm a furry and I once wore my tail to school. It got taken from me in advisory and I didn't get it back until Friday afternoon (I wore it on Monday! )

I got a detention for wearing glasses that were red and was forced to take them off even though I was required to wear them because I'm near sighted

Thank god my school doesn't have a dress code but I do feel sorry for you guys that go to schools with dress codes. - nonblock7

I hate the dress code. Just because we have to look 'presentable' and 'job worthy' we have to freeze every winter and get burned every summer. Guys are more lucky because they have long pants and short. Girls get to show the whole world their underwear colour.

I always had to wear a collared shirt with three buttons and khaki pants. An uncomfortable outfit.

We have to, wear full sleave shirt whole day with a court on and you can't even take off the court

Mine is not strict at all literally I just put random clothes on and bam I'm not violating it

I wore shorts with leggings and a girl wears a really short short and I get in trouble? - ShadowSwashy

I hate dress code I can't even where my florida gators shirts and it's a wast of money - GatorBoy