I study, I know everything and then all of a sudden there are things mentioned on the exam that your teacher never told you to study! It's so annoying, you're all stressed out expecting to get in the 90's or a 100 and you end up getting below that. I swear I am not good under pressure especially when your teachers tell you that you better score high and that "colleges are viewing" your grade. No matter how hard I try I will never get over test/exam anxiety.

I don't usually mind exams, but when there would be a subject on the test that we didn't even study, we would go to the teacher and say we didn't learn this ( which I am positive about ). Instead of maybe taking the blame for once, of course, the teacher would respond with: "well, you weren't listening." Then everybody would do bad on the test, and once again, teachers would focus on the negative, and yell at us, saying we should be ashamed of our grades. Thanks. Because it definitely wasn't your awful teaching.
I'm not sure if this is all schools, but my school district tends to do this quite often.

Exams suck. If the teacher says your not paying attention or that your not learning, then that's between you and them. I love to learn, but I freak over testes an exams. If I have an A+ in participation but got a D on the last quiz, it's not fair because sometimes I'm really trying I just freeze when it comes down to that moment. It's really stressful.

I dream of a world where exams never exists. Then everyone would be happy. No competition, no comparison, no injustice. No tension and mental burden on part of students and parents. No marks and everyone would be treated equal. There won't be anymore good and weak kids. I wish I could make it happen.

Yesterday my Reading teacher was all like Non-Fiction conventions quiz tomorrow so I spent and hour studying and I felt extremely confident. When we had the test, the questions were so irrelevant and had NOTHING to do with nonfiction conventions! - ShadowSwashy

When I actually have good teachers who teach the content that will be on the test, that's fine. I can deal with this test since it's applying the knowledge I learned in class. However, there are mostly bad teachers who teach the content in a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT context than what it will be on the test, if they even taught it at all. Furthermore, I go out to my holidays to look forward to studying. Yay.

I fail these exams because my learning style means I forget everything within two days of studying. I took my math final today and it was impossible because my answers weren't any of the choices. The thing is, I studied TWO DAYS BEFORE

Yeah, this pretty much causes stress. Exams should be about just showing what you know. But they count towards everything and you have to do well. Let's keep in mind that school used to be about learning. Now it's about preparing for the final exams in June. Sigh. - DCfnaf

God I have a teacher that all we do is copy notes into a Word doc from a PowerPoint, then a day later gives us a test. This is so stupid because he teaches facts and definitions, then gives us a test on real world applications WHEN WE WEREN'T TAUGHT THAT. I'm doing a debate topic on this, for a negative case, and this helped a lot to get first hand accounts of how testing sucks. Thanks anyone who's commented

Teachers say don't let one test define you. It's kinda hard to do that when one test apparently decides your future.

I hate when you like study like a boss for hours and you learned everything and when you go to school and your ready to take the test and when you take your pen out ti write you forget everything and the teacher says when you're done you could turn you're test and leave so you don't write anything and you give the paper to the teacher just 5 mins after you took the test and the teacher gives you that look

Studies show that exams and tests increase stress, lower grades, and lower creativity. However, a problem-based task is fun, less stressful, and shows higher scores. Why don't they just give us those? For gods sake, it's not helping out grade either!

Studying? Woah excuse me! It's video game time!


I work hard each day and no use I get still same the same mark. There are kids who does only half of the work of mine and scores twice the marks I get. This really sucks!

Before the test:
Pressure. Stress. Depression. Doubt. Lowered self-esteem. Fear.

During the test:
Pressure. Stress. Depression. Doubt. Fear. Confusion. Headache.

After the test (failed when you studied really hard):
Fear. Stress. Depression. Doubt. Even lowered self-esteem. Confusion. Verge of crying. Feels like you are a failure. Wanting to commit suicide.

Exams are horrible! They just adds more stress, and the school only makes us take them for the grades! They want to look good! It's just more pointless stress on kids.

This causes stress! We don't need a exam to choose our fate! we should walk our own paths, instead of giving unwanted info over a small test that is not the most important thing to the world

Obviously the stupidest of all. Basically in my school for the third term exams we had to get half of june taken because of the exams

Exams are COMPLETELY unnecessary, they cause so much stress and depression to a teenager, and they eat up your time for having fun.

You're forced to memorize useless information. I forget about something that won't get me anywhere in life? My parents get disappointed in me. Yes, as disappointed as it sounds. - Ohno

I have this genius friend and while we were taking the most unfair math test, she literally started crying. One other girl did too, and I was about to rip it up but I hate school

I studied hard but still lost marks and forgot everything. I hate exams. They are such a burden to life. Wish it never existed.

Exams are DIFFICULT and the stupid teachers suggest you know EVERYTHING so they make the tests harder and put ridiculous questions on there! - ShadowSwashy

We always have so many tests! There are weeks where we have a test every day, and there are so many tests that we have to take for the county. Also, most of the time teachers put material on the test we didn't even learn!

English Reading Exams, I Hate. Do they have to give us boring forgettable stories to read and to answer! And also Math Exams I hate it to.