Favoritism Among Teachers


I always wanted to volunteer for an activity, but teachers seem to choose extroverts over introverts. Long story short, my school is a huge feminist community. You know those girls who look pretty, everyone likes them and are in the last 2 grades? (gr. 7, gr.8, junior, senior) Those always get picked. As a female, I think this is really sexist. I can't name one boy who has been chosen to volunteer for something, unless only boys are allowed to participate. I try to volunteer for almost everything, and it never works. Almost all teachers in my school always choose girls over boys, and always pick on the guys. I absolutely hate this kind of action. Yeah sure, you always had those 3 (or more/less) boys in your class who are always looking for trouble. But they should be allowed to take these kind of opportunities, too. Obviously this is just the case in my school, if you don't have this kind of thing at yours, you're really fortunate. - Ohno

My School District is especially sexist, giving benefit of the doubt and just generally treating the females at in the schools better than the males. In elementary school, many of the recess attendents would, if a boy and a girl did the same crime, immediately ship the boy to lunch detention, and just lightly scold the girls, even if the girl was a repeat offender. And in middle school I had a science teacher who would yell at guys for whispering in the back of the class, but two girls on the opposite ends of the classroom yelling at each other got many "Please calm down", but whispering in the back of the classroom was immediate lunch attention.

One time I ask a teacher to use the bathroom and she said no, then 2 minutes later another kid ask to use the bathroom and she said yes...I was so pissed, I just wanted to walk out and never come back... - marcellis101

I think that this is a serious issue. One week our PE teacher got us to play soccer for the lesson and yes it was good. But there was a group of about 4 girls who were sitting out because they didn't want to play. No biggie. The next week the same teacher says that we are playing netball this week. So me and 2 other guys choose to sit out because we don't want to play. When she sees us, she yells at us saying stuff like "what, you think you can just choose what to do when you like" and " this is school not your lounge room". So she sends us back to our classroom. Luckily though our regular teacher understood. I would consider this sexism rather than favouritism.

The worst thing is when the teacher likes the annoying, mean kid in your class. Not only is the kid horrible and rude, they're the teacher's pet. I do something wrong and I get a detention, they do something wrong and they probably still get a house point for "holding the door". What's the use in being nice to teachers when you make other students' lives hell and why do teachers always like these pupils?

One time in 6th grade I had the dumbest science teacher. She wanted to move desks around in her classroom and she told all the girls to sit outside while the boys moved the desks around! She said it was because boys were stronger than girls! So all the other girls and I sat outside while the boys were doing manual labor for that tyrant.

One time in 5th grade my teacher gave out dot to dots. If you did it you got a jolly rancher. I did it and colored it. I received a sticker. Who the heck wants a sticker! My friend (a favorite) did it and colored it. She got 2 jolly ranchers and 2 stickers because "she colored it neater than you". Come on! I know I am not that good but at least I tried. I don't really think that I am good at really anything besides being terrible at almost anything.

This is the worst thing. I come from a small town and we have no more than fifteen people in a class at once and the favoriteism was so blatantly obvious it was ridiculous. I had a mega liberal teacher who hated trump so badly and every single time I fought her on it. The look on her face the first time I did it was priceless. She obviously never went out of her bubble of communism. Either way I pissed her off so much she ended up quitting lol. But the one self proclaimed liberal in the class was treated as a god and all she did to me was yell racist at the top of her lungs. This is a problem because it is brainwashing people to think to be accepted means to follow one view which is not ok.

The school that I go to there is lots of favoritism but the favoritism is different the most people's school. The favoritism at my school is this kids getting to be the teachers helper/maid and doing things for the teacher but not in a slave like way. Another way of favoritism is actually being allowed to go to the bathroom only teachers favorite "can" go.

One time I had to do 2 geography assignments because the teacher hated that I always had good grades. The teacher actually BULLIED ME so that the others would laugh. Then during the first day she took my chair from under me. And used it herself. When I told the principal she said "STOP BEING SO GOOD AND YOU WON'T GET HURT! " But I still want a good grade. It's like cheese, cheddar or swiss.

I had an English teacher that would constantly try to bring up his political opinion somewhere in the middle of the lesson. "TRUMP IS A MONSTER AND HILLARY IS BETTER! " One student says, "Trump will win in a landslide" and he says "IF WE HAVE A MONSTER LIKE HIM RUNNING THE COUNTRY BLAH BLAH BLAH! " You can't force your opinion on others. - DCfnaf

This is SO true, my teachers just hate me because I'm a boy and they like the popular girls more! One time I had to sit next to a popular girl, who non stop talked to her friends and they were in a triangle formation around me, so I when the teacher said what we had to do, they would talk and when I asked the teacher what we were supposed to do, since I couldn't hear, they would just make fun of me, and this was the first day of school amd the teacher gave me detention

There is this girl in my class that is perfect. Well, at least my teacher thinks she is perfect. One day she forgot her homework and I did as well, but the teacher only gave me a detention and she doesn't care the she forgot her homework.

I once had a problem. There was a horrible Spanish teacher that honestly was unfair to everyone and got people into trouble without them doing anything wrong. Then he would act so fake when another teacher/principal walked in. He favoured a lot of these popular girls and just picked them for everything and said 'wow 1 can't you be a lot more like 2 she's so good at her work etc.

My English teacher picks favorites. Whenever someone who isn't one of her favorite students has a question, she ignores them. I had my hand up for like ten minutes, then one of her preferred students raised her hand and she called on her. She even called me crazy once. Jokingly, but I don't like it.

TRUE! My old teacher (I'm going into grade 8, this was before summer) used to favour people, too. Like, he liked only 2 people in the class the two named "Eden" and "Grace" he would always give them attention, and I never get noticed, it was a treat getting attention from my old teacher, because it barely happened. And the two, if they do something wrong, he would pass them off and act like it was ok. But if someone else does something SLIGHTLY wrong, he screams at them! IT'S NOT FAIR TO FAVOR PEOPLE, TEACHERS! - XxDJPartyGirl1034xX

I once had a 5th grade teacher. The class pet was the girl, who has this so called "cute face". With it, she could get away with just about anything. Everyday, she would forget to do homework, but sit her "cord face", she would always get away with it. She also has a double persona. With teachers, she's so nice and cute. With fellow pupils, she's harsh and rude.

I had a teacher ok, keep in mind I was in nursery school, she only had girls toys, to make matters work if we were just playing catch with say a doll she claimed we were misbehaving but only to the boys the girls could do anything

I'm on the top of the class but my English teacher hates me because some reason I don't know! She always calls on me when I'm not raising my hand so she could yell at me for not listening! Her class is boring because she repeats the same stuff every day!

My friend's sister's social studies teacher was dating one of his students mom and every time the class was talking they had to get punished but she didn't even though she was the latest loudest one and she would always get what she wanted

It isn't good for teachers to favor some students over others, it's just not fair. Last year the majority of the teachers at my school favored some students over others. A lot of teachers favor me over other students, and I'm thankful for that but it's still not fair. - Imreallyboredrightnow

I hate those kids who would give the teacher an apple. Such a kiss up, it so weird its like they are dating the teacher. Back in 9th grade I got half my homework done because I left it over night at school and the teacher said if I don't get it 100% done it is a zero but then a kid the teacher liked DIDN'T do it (0% done) and she said this exactly- "Your silly, that was hw last night (giggle) show me later for full credit" and the kid was there yesterday so he clearly knew what the hw was. I'm sorry was there invisible ink on that kid's paper or something? Guess I didn't see it! - Crediblesea

Yeah! There's a handful of people my teacher are out to get! But there's a girl who started our class MONTHS ago, But my teacher STILL acts like she's 7 years old! (And she's 13!? ) (And a while after she started out class another guy started, So she's not really the new kid anymore!? )

For a math competition, they chose only annoying, elitist, stuck-up girls. No boys were chosen. Heck, I could've done better than them. - ethanmeinster

Not only does my teacher have favoritism, SHE'S RACIST! Her favorite girls in the class are of course WHITE! She only ask those four girls to do anything! And she is always so rude to the darker colored kids...

(Me and two friends are checking math work from the week before. Progress is well)
Friend 1: Hey, anyone hear about the new Avengers movie?
(Kid in front of us - closer to the teacher - screams and laughs like a clown banshee - absolutely nothing) - WonkeyDude98