Getting In Trouble for No Reason


Just recently, my first period teacher gave us a lengthy test that took longer than the period for most, including me. When I finished, the second period bell rang, but my teacher gave us passes to second period. Upon arriving at second period about two minutes later, I gave the pass to the teacher there and sat down at my seat. The lesson of the day didn't start, so I did everything that period as if I was on time. When I got home after school to check my grades online, I noticed that I was marked 'absent; unexcused' for second period. The next day, I asked my second period teacher about the mistake, but he said, "If you weren't here when I took attendance, then you weren't here."

I said, "How come I gave you the pass and completed all of yesterday's work? "

"I already took attendance."

Also, two days after the 'mistake', I was called down to the attendance office. I thought it was to clear up the 'mistake', but it was to give me a ...more

When I was in Grade 5, there was a new kid which not a lot of people liked. Someone asked me help them do this thing where we would record the new kid about the weird things he did. I said sure, but I didn't really do any of the filming or recording, but this one student took my camera and did it. Somehow, the teacher found out and called me into the office. I got in trouble (but it wasn't just me) but the person who actually recorded the new student didn't get in trouble. Sure, it was a small thing and the principal didn't make a fuss about it, but my classmates look at me in a different way, even if I didn't even record it and it was just someone else who filmed it with my camera.

It happened to my sister, too. Someone swapped out her and their test (which was a 2 day test), and wrote their name on it. The teacher found out, and even if you can CLEARLY see the erased name of my sister on it, she had detention for all recess. The thing is, she was just in grade 3, ...more - kohands

Once in 6th grade, some popular girls in the class ganged up against a teacher and all started humming. The teacher got really stressed and started yelling. she said " who ever started the humming raise your hand NOW! ". A stupid girl put her hand up because the popular girls made her. She was told off really badly and I could she she really cared about this because she was a straight A student who had a clean record and always behaved. I felt really bad for her, so at lunch I agreed to take the blame off her, we approached the art teacher the next day, I said "it was me, I made Lilly take the blame for me,". The teacher said she had no time for me at the moment so we left. The next day I had a meeting with the teacher and our head of year, the yelled at me about bullying and behaviour and cowardise and made me write an apologetic letter to Lilly and her parents.

Ok so the teacher is handing out fliers for some heritage dinner which nobody gives a crap about. Then he puts his test corrections in the pile of fliers. When he gives me a flier with the test corrections. I tell him you misplaced your thing and I want to give it to you. Then he screams so loud, the principal came and ask what was going on. I told her that he misplaced his thing and that I was going to give it back to him. He then started shouting at me that I stole his test corrections even though he misplaced it. He thought he was so perfect at everything and gave me a suspension plus a week of detention. Luckily, my parents were not angry and thought it was uncalled for.

I only said to mine teacher "i wanna go to the toilet" and then he was mad sorry bad english hahaa

I remember that last year I was in library taking a test for Algebra 2. I'm in the 'higher' class for my grade. So my friend Rina and I are sitting there at a table together.
Our teacher is fine with us talking, but she wasn't around and we had the librarian watching us.
So we started a conversation since the librarian isn't in the room, a few other people also were talking. We were joking around about how bored we were. Suddenly the librarian walks into the room and ignores everyone around us, and starts yelling at us both. Since she disliked Rina for most of her years at the school we have been going to. And well.. The librarian and I, we are polar opposites.

So then, another teacher that was our home room teacher that we had a few years back walks into the room and says that she saw us cheating EVEN THOUGH SHE WASNT EVEN IN THE ROOM.

So at the end of the day we were given detention for the next month, instead of having our free period.

When I returned ...more

I remember a teacher I had in grade 1, and she was literally the female devil. I was in grade 3 and she got me into to trouble by saying I punched and kicked this girl. In fact, because I was so mellow and didn't reply angrily to teachers, she told other teachers and then it made me look like a bad kid. I never tell my parents about when I get into trouble because I know they'll yell at me. Also, the kid who punched and kicked her was another kid with the same name as me (my real name's Matthew) who came to the school when I was in grade 2. Now, this is the summer and I'm gonna be in middle school soon, and I hope the same thing doesn't happen again. - astroshark

I got in trouble for having a "kicking fight" in 4th grade. What happened is that I was sitting at my table in math class. I had someone sitting right in front of me. I was swinging my legs up and down like some kids do, and the other kid was too. So our feet would hit sometimes, and nobody cared. My teacher saw, and lost it. I had to sit in the hallways the "rethink my actions". I never understood that, as it just gives you a chance to quietly swear about the teacher. - ClovertheAverageCat

So one time I was in language arts (and I'm one of those kids you never see in the office in trouble ) and I get called in; they tell me I almost killed a kid by pouring in a thing he's allergic to. I was suspended for a month but my mom didn't ground me cause she knows that wasn't me. turns out a kid with the same name did it and I don't get an apology.

This is the if not the strangest way a kid got in trouble. So 3 kids were playing with air soft guns not in school or on school grounds but at there HOUSE what these 3 kids get suspended for using a fake firearm because a woman called 911 because these kids were using fakes guns and somehow that equals suspension even facing expulsion -___-

Got in trouble for staying in a classroom during recess. Teachers say you could get hurt in the classroom. You could get hurt ANYWHERE. Dam some stupid ass teachers out there.

I once got in trouble for apparently "bullying" someone when I was just standing in the lunch line waiting to get my lunch! I would never bully someone! I got a lunch detention for it, and I didn't even do anything!

I got in trouble in English class because someone called me a brain dead retard. So I told him to prove it and asked what 9+10 (wow such a hard question) and then I asked him what 3to the third power was and he it was 9! And then my friend told him it's 27 and all 3 of us got an essay to write because someone was calling me brain damaged!

I used to be the nice kid in school. Always get straight A's, never got in trouble, and being a likeable person. But now, I just rebel a lot. Like mess up the school bathrooms, pull pranks on the other students ( the popular ones), steal stuff from the teachers, get into fights, etc. But, I still make good grades. - Jessicarabbit

In my class, a boy was almost suspended for keeping a glue stick in the lost property. I am very talkative, so sometimes, they randomly send me out of the class unnecessarily. Then, a boy was scolded for writing his name on a leaf. - Animefan12

Kids at my high school get in trouble for the dumbest reasons ever! A great example of this is last year when a group got a Saturday School just for having fun. My teacher is incredibly strict and gave all three of those kids Saturday School! - Apples23

In 8th grade I have PE as my 3rd period class but I tend to get zeros because when the first kid arrives at the gym then you have 5 minutes or your late for some reason my 2nd period teacher won't let us leave even when some kids head up because she lets us leave at 10:04 when most of them head to the gym at 10 so me and some classmates always get zeros because late because of her

I had this teacher in fifth grade who was mean and I heard one of her new students got in trouble for sharpening a pencil during class. Then he tripped and she said he was being "disrespectful".

One time guess what? It was 4th grade and in my school fidget spinners were banned. There was this guy spinning one and then when the teacher was coming the guy swiftly gave me the fidget spinner and I got in trouble

Last year, a random kid in my class started pushing me to the ground for no reason and I tried to stop him but not only he got in trouble but I did! For saving my own life? I so fed up with the lunch staff. - JaysTop10List

My teachers said every time we went in after break BE QUIET seriously what do they have to say and lessons aren't going on or whatever

I got punished for NO REASON because of the kids in the class for being immature. I hate school

One time, I got in trouble because some kid was clapping too load. I told him to stop 3 times. I didn't want to tell the teacher because it was during assembly.The last time I said it, I slapped his hand and he acted his was triggered or something. I got in trouble for lieing because the way the teacher said sounded strange. The kid was is 6th grade and he was acting like a baby over it. Man, some of people should grow up and stop act like a first grader.

Once I looked at my friend, JUST LOOKED AT HER, and I got punished. - AnonymousChick

A kid in dumb state of Texas was suspended for not standing during the pledge even though he had the right to not stand and yet he gets a 2 day suspension for every time he didn't stand. Ahhh Texas the state the has illogical things in schools just warms my brain to just laugh at its logic