It's Just So Boring


Honestly, I can't even think of anything more boring than school. You have to listen to adults tell you what to do for seven hours. The only break is lunch, but even there there are rules. I feel as if there is no reason that I am learning what I'm learning. I just want to rip my hair out and scream, because there's just no point to it all. Seven hours we spend in that prison, individuality gone, we're just part of the never-ending rat race. Over and over and over again. We waste our lives wishing for the weekend to come. And once it's here it's gone soon, and we have to put ourselves through the endless, torturous cycle all over again. Over and over, and over, and over, and over and over, and over, over, over, over, and over again. Please help, someone. I feel as if I'm the only one who realizes that the education system needs a complete do-over.

I swear school would be so much enjoyable if you were able to learn things you want to learn. But instead we are forced to learn things we don't even care about, Being forced to like school is like forcing someone to play a sport that they don't like. - marcellis101

I can't believe I've already spent my child years in school. This is so inhumane. People get deprived of their childhood in school. It's like a prison you get sent to for 18 years, and every 5,3 and 4 years, you get shipped off to another until you're free (haha, college awaits ass. Waste money, time, and have a 1/10 chance of succeeding). I'm weeping right now knowing that school makes every child not enjoy their lives. Why do I play so many video games? It's my only escape from school's oppression of our imaginations. I'll never appreciate the outdoors except when I get to go hunting, God knows when. I Jair hope my life will be successful anyway. If you're reading this, thank you for reading my philosophy on school. If they're gonna teach us anything, they should teach us to be smart when there's a crisis, not know how to write a 20-page essay on the syntax in the book The Outsiders.

Especially when you are extremely intelligent, it's just so boring because you aren't learning anything, you already know everything they try to teach! Even if you do learn something knew, you just absorb the facts and memorize them so quickly, it's utterly useless! Maybe out of every 7 hours of school, there is 30 minutes worth of learning.
But what's the WORST is if you have a personality disorder! I am a fellow Schizoid (with a high probability of having the Paranoid Personality Disorder), which makes school UNBEARABLY BORING! One of the most funnest things you can do is socialize. However, people with personality disorders are in general very anti-social, and most utterly HATE socially interacting and prefer being alone, which makes it *bangs head on concrete wall* so *bangs head more* boring! Believe me, I have tried socially interacting, even inviting people over for play-dates, but I still stand by my opinion:

I hate socializing, and school is boring.

"School is a fun and safe place for all children". That's what they all say. School is a very boring and unsafe place to be. The only fun subjects to me are Tech, and PE. THE ONLY FUN EVER IN SCHOOL! I am wasting a lot of time in language arts and math, I don't use the complex math ever in my life, all I use is addition, subtraction, and multiplication, that is all you use in life. In language arts, I don't learn the different languages around the world, all I do is sit around and read books. It's A BIG WASTE OF TIME. Say if I want to be like an artist, I don't need math, history, or language arts, ALL I NEED IS ART IF I WANT TO BE AN ARTIST. If the law wants us to go to school, THEN AT LEAST PAY US 5$ PER DAY SO SCHOOL CAN BE MORE WORTH IT, WHY ARE WE NOT GETTING PAID! "School pays you with education" BUT that's NOT ENOUGHT, US STUDENTS NEED TO GET PAID 5$ PER DAY! Ugh...I really wanna find an island and build my own society with fair laws and a fair school.

Like the title said, school is the worst-thing learn, you do stuff and not a full year later you forgot everything you learnt at the begining which 90% of the time is the case and the other lessons doesn't depend on older lessons very much either...and there is extra classes, the 2nd school, parents always forces you to go to extra classes in the summer, in the free time at home, and hell, even in your own house if your parents are that evil, fortunately but unfortunately, my parents aren't that evil, which I'm glad about BUT my aunt is that evil, she always find me new classes to join in although she knows that I have friends problems, most of the school subjects aren't even important, like for example History: you learn, you write stuff, you take a test result in stress and deal with the horror of your parent punishing you and not allowing you to play video games in do fun stuff which result in stress and sometimes sudicial..and math, you have to learn all of useless ...more

How is this not #1? This is basically everything on the list! School is awful. You may as well go commit crimes and get thrown in jail and it will probably be as much fun as school. Seriously?! Why are people so cruel that someone would actually invent such an awful place? It's inhumane to be stuck in a building being tortured by extreme boring lessons and overreactions from teachers. If people actually did have fun in school they'd be willing to learn and pay attention in class. It's so obvious but people are so stupid that they can't even see the obvious. It's pathetic! No wonder people commit suicide over school. If this is what school is going to be like in the future then you better pray the world doesn't become hell.

I absolutely don't listen to classes most of the time. The teachers are boring and their classes too. So I am just sitting on my chair waiting for the time to pass. This is a waste of time. We are wasting our youth and our creativity. My life has absolutely no point. I have absolutely everything to be happy trust me, but I can't, because I feel like I'm wasting my youth and I can't do the things I love; so I'm feeling sick most of the time during school periods. And this is not because of anything else, I even have excellent grades without working and close friends that I don't really appreciate when I'm in high school in fact. If I had the money I would not hesitate a second to leave everything behind me and to travel the world with the people I really love. Please help mee

When me and my friends went into high school, we thought it would be fun since we were all going to the same school, well, we were wrong. We can't talk AT ALL in classes ( unless its about work, and even then you and your friend have to risk going to the headmasters office)
Heck, we can hardly even meet up on weekends. One of my friends is getting bullied. Me and my friends helped her but... :'( and by the time we have survived 5 days: of pure torture, we still only get 2 days off and can hardly have 5 minutes with each other because of the homework and studying that we have to do. On top of that, we have to wake up super early and have to be taught useless stuff for most of our day. The pressure of failing a test is horrible. I hate school and I think that's something that all the students at the school I go to can agree on.

Man, I couldn't decide what I hate most about the hell-hole called school. I was gonna say homework, but it's not 'cause I'm lazy. It's because the work is so boring. If we did something interesting, I wouldn't mind slaving away for a couple of hours, but when they make me do stupid math questions that are the same over and over and over again for 60 questions, I'd rather punch a hole through the wall. I've spent probably over a hundred hours in school sleeping because I literally can not keep my eyes open, class is just that boring.

I agree. I think school is boring/(teaches useless content) most of the time (for me). I'm not a math person, and I hate history because it's so...boring. Writing is monotonous and repetitive and sometimes irritates me because we have to analyze poetry. Seriously! That takes the whole beauty out of it! Biology, art and music are the only things I actually like, and even then, I find some aspects of each subject boring.
I swear I'm not trying to sound like I'm ranting, but what makes everything worst is that the teacher(s) make everything seem like it either isn't worth anything or it is THE most important thing in the whole world. That's what I call annoying.

Teachers hate it when we talk in class or don't pay attention but do they not get how boring they are? School sucks period. I can see my friends any day not just at school. And I always wonder why school is so boring anyway. Did someone just tell the teachers "make all your lessons boring"? If school wasn't boring people would actually be interested in the things that we are learning and would pay attention to the lessons. This seems so obvious to me. Is school just so bad that there is no way to make it fun? I say no one has tried.

I think schools should introduce math language arts Social studies and Science until High school. Then in high school then the classes teach about how to be a video game developer, scientist or a movie director and etc. But the reason this does not happen is your parents think no no this is bad and we will not live a good life. Well if they teach us the same thing every year then we won't know how to be good at what our dream job is and then live an awful life

WHY ISN'T THIS NUMBER ONE? I would love school if it had 1 lunch break, and was only 3 hours long. But no, it has to go on for 9 hours. Why? WHY!? WHY IS THIS NEEDED? This is a legitimate problem because each class having about 1 hours and 30 minutes each on average leads to the teachers having too much time, so they have to stretch things out MERCILESSLY! I only have 1 year of school left and I'm so happy about that. SCREW SCHOOL!

School is so boring like who cares about the type of rocks there is in science class like we live on a giant rock for God's sake. And math like I could care less about fractions and decimals and soon to be algebra. The English is like so useless and I got C I think I'm gonna fail this class because of it. And social studies who cares about that stuff like I' m learning about maps and Africa's regions like who cares!

And all the other stuff full of stupid. My parents think this is actually usefully when in their jobs its not even their part of their jobs. I want to tell that school is pointless and a waste of kids lives

It's SO BORING! Like seriously everyday I wake up to go to the most boring place on earth and that's just a waste of a life! And everyone knows our teenage years are the best time to live well not if your at school dying of boredom! Then the teachers oh don't get me started on then because all they want to to do is get YOU in trouble then even more trouble at home!

What do you do really in school? You learn. What you do in life is basically go to school until you graduate and then you have to go to college for a long time and then you have to make money and blah blah blah. School is so boring and it just prepares kids for when they grow up and they have to worry about all this stuff and they can't enjoy their life and experience childhood.

They tell us they want us to fulfill our dreams, but maybe some students don't want to major in math or science, maybe they want to major in art instead, you don't have to learn all that crap to do what you want, exam scores don't define who you are, the richest man in Britain, was horrible in school, he didn't understand anything, and now, he is rich and is competing in the space race!

Did you know school is make you unhealthy because when waking up to early disrupts sleep which can lead to heart attacks and the fact most kids sit 7-9 hours sitting leads to obesity in kids because of to much sitting when most people should sit only 3 HOURS a day not 6-9 hours

The subjects that are the most useless are the ones you are forced to take all 4 years in high school. If you haven't guessed, History and English. After 8th grade, everything you learn in English is useless in the real world because by 8th grade, you have finished covering English grammar. When is that going to help me as a scientist or a doctor?! All English is after 8th grade is useless work.

I agree. We learn each subject, and we all know how to do it, but the teacher STILL has to tell us. One time we were taking a test and it was just ten minutes until the waiting time was up, we were excited because we couldn't read, take bathroom breaks, or ANYTHING fun, just sit there. And then, our teacher added on ten more minutes even though everybody was done. That was stupid. It's boring.

School is so boring. I find myself thinking about anything else besides school 95% of the time. When I am not at school I hate when people bring it up. At school I don't do anything I am passively there. I started to sleep more in class. I find the information less and less valuable the more we go into the topic. It actually pisses me off thinking about school and the stuff we learn.

It is a waste of time, what you learn at school either you already know or you will know in your life later on or is just useless. I was told by many adults that if I try to enjoy school it will "stop being boring" but it never " stopped being boring" and will never "stop being boring"ever, like never ever.

School is super boring. I may get all A's and be the top student, but when it comes to who enjoys school I'm at the very bottom. I am thankful for having such knowledge, but seriously, life is either an adventure or nothing. I just want to explore and travel all over the world :I

I don't pay attention half the time and still make As in every subject. So if your smart then just don't pay attention and time will go by faster. Ex. When I'm not paying attention, what felt like 1 minute was actually 5 minutes.

Why the hell do we got to do a bunch of boring lessons seriously it's a waste of some of our times were just kids. People need to stop making us do a bunch of boring work. Some of our lessons we need in our life but some of the are so boring and we don't need them in the future.