Mean Teachers


I had a History teacher in 7th grade that yells at the top of her lungs in front of the whole class because we've got students that keep ruining the whole thing for us! I feel bad for the students that have to deal with her yelling nearly every single day! Let's describe this teacher! She humiliates her students, even swore once, and ripped the papers during a test 2 times! She gets away with all of her yelling! at least she heardly gives homework! Not to mention, every student here at my school complains about her, that they want to sue her and get her fired! To add on to the confusion of the problem, my Special Ed English teacher and the assistant teacher said that she will be the nicest teacher that we will ever have! Well, so yelling at students and cursing at them makes them a good teacher? No! Not only that, I once even cried 2 times in front of the whole class a few minutes after her frightening and stormy lecture, because it was so scary that I could not even handle this ...more - SansicTale5

We had this sub who bullied the entire class with grades into bullying me, and punishes whoever is nice to me. Someone decided to partner with me for a project, the next day he was attacked, and HE was the one who got in trouble for "provoking a student". She tried to make me look as horrible as possible, to destroy my reputation. I touch the floor, I get detention. Someone calls me a fa**ot, nothing happens. I had to deal with the entire class shouting degrading comments and death threats DAILY for the most ridiculous of reasons, like needing to go closer to see the board. Once, the class ran out of things to make fun of, so they criticized me for being born and beat me up.When I told the teacher, I WAS SENT TO THE OFFICE FOR DISRUPTING THE LESSON! HELLO, THEY'RE INSULTING MY VERY EXISTENCE, DEAF! When I got my report card, it looked she went and took 10 points off every subject. All my rotary teachers were confused as hell when I showed them. My grade is extremely ...more

One teacher I have is our lunch and math teacher.
In Math: Everybody sit down NOW and get you "learning goal" in, fill in your planner, do your do now, take out your homework and then do the work we didn't finish from last week. Take out your signed test and have it out.
(We usually have about 1 minute to do ALL of this. If you don't do this, she yells at you LOUD. )

*Waddles up to someone* Sit down, or I will give you detention. (Name) Now! Sit down!

From that, I learned resting after doing quizzes are "Mandatory"

Some teachers like having things done quickly, and honestly, I don't blame them. I'm a student myself and it gets on my nerves to see kids still chatting and dawdling when the teacher wants to get something done in a decent matter of time. I get it, school can be boring and its extremely tempting to talk to the people around you, but school is a place for learning too and if the teacher is yelling at you because you're slow, then maybe its time to learn to get your butt in gear for once.

I mean I don't hate all my teachers but some on these are evil. In sixth grade I had this evil substitute (my teacher was having a baby) and he loved another class but hated ours. After a test I was excused for band but he ran down screaming like a lunatic saying that I'm not suppose to go to band when other kids where allowed to. I was all like (excuse my language) what the hell? My friends and I hated him and would secretly called him Satan. Thank god he was fired. But then I have my loud obnoxious librarian who hated my guts but adored these stupid 8th grade girls. She even humiliated me in 5th grade. I'm in 7th grade and I have this stupid reading teacher who hates me because I'm shy but she favorites my rival. My History teacher likes me because I do my work on time and I like him since he usually gives us at least one page of hw. I hate how he expects all those people who aren't smart to fail and to be honest that's sorta rude. Now my science teacher is a demon. When you raise ...more - ShadowSwashy

Your new computer teacher cares about a CHAIR More than you? That's terrible! - Trollsfan536

I had this terrible music teacher in my Elementary School (you know who you are) who was good at first, but then ran out of content by the end of the year.

So what does he do then?

HE MADE US WALK BACK AND FOURTH FOR A WHOLE HOUR! Yes you read that right, he made my class walk in and out of his class for the whole period as "punishment for our class being loud". Even if we were really quiet and no one could hear us, we just walked. I was the only one who kept sitting down after he told me to get up. Everybody else wanted me to get up and move up and down the hall with them, but I simply refused. His face turned tomato-red and he was on the verge of almost hitting me before I eventually got up. My "malicious" actions however were put to a punishment with me getting a yellow chip (one chip before a referral that could lead to major consequences).

My younger brother had that teacher too and he did the same thing at the end of year. He even called the class "mentally ...more

One time our very nice teacher was going out to town. I was in 4th grade and I knew that I was going to have a sub. The day was Friday. Usually on Fridays we have kidz bop and free write (to make a story). But today the sub had no music. We told her countless times but she didn't budge. She just sat there drinking her silly little coke. Then we watched liberty kids. Seems fun right? Wrong. We had to complete a worksheet and by the time we got to the math class the teacher was mad. She said she could hear us through the WALL. In lunch we couldn't talk and recess was for 2 minutes. And just my luck, she was for PE TOO. Some kid kept stepping out of line and we had to stand there for 20 minutes (not kidding). Then in PE balls were everywhere. The PE teacher was back and she was MAD. When we got to class I went to the bathroom because she wouldn't let us get our bookbags. Then I VOMITED! I went back to class and tried too tell her but she was heartless. I went back and I vomited again. A ...more

I am in the last year of high school right now (year 11). Last year, I had moved French classes because of 'bullies'. I moved from the lowest French class (foundation level) to he highest. This year, I'm still in the highest set. The teacher expects me to be at the same level as everybody else. She knows I struggle yet she still shouts at me when I get questions wrong. I never put my hand up anymore because I'm scared to get the answer wrong. One time, she asked me a question I didn't know and she stood there for 15 minutes straight in silence staring at me along with the rest of the class. The bell went for lunch and she STILL didn't let us leave until I answered correctly. My classmates started getting frustrated because she wouldn't let us leave. I'd never been so embarrassed. I started missing French classes and hiding in the toilets until they were over. My head of year got informed and gave me out detentions, refused to even listen to me, shouted at me and is forcing me to go. ...more

My social studies teacher in 5th grade was just mean. She's like 72 now (no joke). So one day (i'll take the blame for this part) I didn't have my binder so I waited almost the whole class time and then she realized I was doing nothing, I told her why and she made me stay in at recess, now I had no problem with that until recess time. At Recess I also had to do one thing in Reading so I did it. She walks in and looks all pissed that I didn't come to her room, then she walked up to my Reading teacher and told her all about it (or did she...) My reading teacher said my full name and told me to come here. I went up there and explained and my Reading teacher didn't care, she was like don't forget next time. Then my Social Studies teacher blurts out NO that's not true he just didn't want to do it. I spoke up and said "Actually I did want to do it, my assignments are very important to me, but I was scared to tell you (lol she is scary looking and she gets angry for no reason).

I hate my teacher. Today I had an exam, and I've been having a fever so I couldn't go to school for a whole week. And my mom promised me my teacher wouldn't let me take a test and let me study. But she lied. He gave me a science test and I didn't even know what to do. He joked about it saying an injured brain can pass it and made fun of me. I then didn't pass it and now I'm humiliated. He also humiliates me in front of class, like when I was crying one time, he joked about me and everyone laughed at me. He made fun of me right in front of my crush, and now my crush hates me. Then when I ran off to cry in the bathroom, he said where are you going and I said "to the bathroom" while still running away, then he just grabs my arm and takes me back and my eyes are red and everyone sees that I'm basically crying, so that was ANOTHER humiliation. Dang, I hate school so Much...

This is entirely true. In the 6th grade, our class had a detested teacher, whose last name was something like la Grange (I tend to overlook names when remembering). She was an utter kvetch who wholly loved bloating and would always expostulate anyone else's ideas or proposals except for her own, of course.

We had to complete a "ravishingly" monotonous task, a book report as I recall, and my boon companion had apparently omitted her sheet at school. Being the considerate and helpful person I am, I thought it would be the correct thing to do if I messaged her a picture of the questions on the already filled-in sheet of paper, so she could answer on another blank page.

But alas, my dear friend had simply written down the answers on the non-perplexing sheet of schoolwork. When it was time to hand it in, I apprised her all the reasons it was silly of her to do such a thing. She merely shrugged and continued prating.

Of course Ms la Grange sussed something fishy, and ...more

When my teacher from 1st grade was pregnant we had to have a substitute teacher come in for 2 months. SHE WAS SO MEAN! My other teacher who was having a baby was super nice. I was sad when she left. But my sub was SUPER MEAN! She asked us, "Say something that starts with the letter K! " She gave us a dirty look while saying it in a sarcastic cheerful voice. I raised my hand and I said this: "My sister Karoline" Then my teacher said THIS: "First of all, that's a name, not a thing, second of all, Karoline starts with a C not a K! " She yelled that right in my face and all the other students were silent. I spoke up and I said this: "My sister's name DOES start with a K! " My teacher called me a stupid girl and then she called my parents and said I was talking back to her. Before she hung up, she asked my parents if my sister's name started with a K and my parents said yes. My mom asked her why she was asking and my teacher said it was because I said my sister's name started with a C! I ...more

I remember going to music class and always feeling ashamed because I couldn't sing as good as some of the girls in my class, I remember feeling like crap because I couldn't understand the music textbook when I was given work and I remembered always being terrified to go to school because I had music that day and the teacher was mean as hell. I remember trying to come up with excuses to skip school just so I could skip music class and I remember crying the entire night before a music test because I knew I was going to be horrible. I remember what my goal was for school: get through the first 3 years of music and then I'll never have to go to a music class again. Thanks to that mean teacher, I had some of the most horrible moments of my life.

I absolutely hate my 5th standard class teacher till this day. She used to pick on me because I was too short and skinny for my age. I mean its just the way I am because of genetics and there's nothing I could do about it. I used to be quite shy and polite so I didn't talk back to her but still she made my life heck at the age of 8 to 9. She once made me get something from a high place and obviously I couldn't just that everyone could laugh at me. Later her behaviour became nice towards me when she saw that I was good at studies. I am a 20 year old woman now and have a lot of confidence now but I still hate her.

This is so horrible an adult bullying a little child. I mean adults are supposed to be mature enough not to bully. Why exert your power over an innocent child. I hope you are alright now.

I have one teacher who gives out crap loads of homework and if you don't get something right she yells and gives you low grades all over the place. I mean really, we are just kids and we are all humans, and humans make mistakes, so if I forget my book in my locker or accidentally didn't see a question on the homework and didn't do it, don't go haywire on me, because it happens, and you can learn from your mistakes. Don't make us so afraid by screaming and lowering grades to the point that we are are afraid to even move. Seriously teachers, take a chill pill because I'm sure that when you were in school, you were no different either.

I was arguing with some popular for no reason girl, she twisted up my words, told the teacher that I threatened to kill her children. Because the teacher disliked me so much, she wouldn't listen to me, I got some stupid lecture, and she got the head principal. The principal believed my side of the story because she knew the popular for no reason girl was a liar who tried getting another girl busted for a similar reason. Also because I was crying so hard (This was in third grade, by the way).The principal tells the teacher about this and told her I'm innocent. The teacher still doesn't care and she moves my desk away from my table group and next to hers. For like two months. The principal believed me yet she still did that to me?! Just come on! I am sooo glad I switched to private education so I never will have to deal with my grade school enemies again.

My current math teacher is so mean to me and nobody else in our class. I'm pretty sure that everyone else loves her... When I walk into class she gives me dirty looks and I even heard her comment to the intern that I was "too weird". She basically ignores me the entire class period and acts so cheerful to the other students. I guess it's because teachers hate shy students or something. When she was asking around our table on how we did on our worksheets, she completely missed me. Her face when she sees me when she walks in is all scrunchy and tight. I honestly don't really know what I did to her but she seems to really hate me.

It kind of makes me feel bad in class and I don't feel comfortable at all. I really wish I could switch to a different math teacher but I can't.

Honestly?! Number 9? How is this not upto at least the Top 3. Shrewd, mean and strict teachers happen to be a HUGE reason I dread walking through those school gates. Teachers that constantly tell you to "grow up" when you are giggling with your friends in the corner. Teachers who forget that once upon a time, they were teens too, they are possibly the most inhuman people ever. This year I was unfortunate to get the worst teachers in almost all my subjects. Can we be real for a second! We've all had conversations with those teachers telling us to be respectful and stuff, but have they realized that as much as they have their expectations from us, so do we! We have the right to learn in an unbiased environment and to have a normal conversation instead of having whatever you say used against you! There is a special place in hell for those teachers who say "grow up" to their students. Like go to hell honestly don't ruin my childhood!

One question, why isn't this higher on the list?
I had a music teacher who made my first 3 years of high school absolute hell.I was so scared of her all the time, I remember shaking so badly and being so afraid to go to school.It was the first time that I just didn't want to go to school.She never taught us anything and expected us to know everything and if we didn't she would quarrel with everyone except her favourite 'choir girls'. Lucky them, they could sing. She use to throw things at students too. A lot of students have actually reported her but nothing happens because our school thinks they know better than us and it would benefit us for her to be in our school. A load of bs, but you can't really say anything when you go to a prestige school and your parents aren't friends with the principal who is such an infuriating person. I thought teachers were supposed to be the ones to inspire us and courage us to do our best in everything we do but I guess I was just way too naive. I ...more

One time I was being bullied and I told the teacher countless times and she even SAW it happen but she did nothing about it and I got so sick of it that I ended up kicking that kid in the shins really hard. Of course the teacher yelled at me I got sent to the school counselor and the principal. My parents had to go to the school to have a talk with the kids mom and the counselor, my parents knew I had been bullied and tried to talk me out of trouble. I got detention for an hour for 2 weeks. What else was I supposed to do to make the kid stop if the teacher didn't do anything?!

Ok so I have this math teacher. I won't disclose her name for safety. To start, she barely even teaches. I'm not quite sure why she gets handed a paycheck at the end of every month, and she does so incredibly little to actually show us how to do the math. however, she's real quick to pass out random pop quizzes on things we either haven't covered or have extremely lightly skimmed. over the course of the past month, she has had groups of students learn a topic she gives them, then teach it at the end of the week. she literally does nothing at all during this time. I'm so sick of it because we all have bad grades in her class instead of trying to help us fix it she just causes more problems. Like for example we got this homework one time that was actually pretty easy. I quickly calculated the answers in my head and thus wrote them down on the paper. I handed it in online using Google classroom. the next day, I saw I had a notification from her. I clicked on it, not thinking anything of ...more

We had this teacher who said she didn't like her pug "[in French] because he's like (snort noise)". Not sure what that was supposed to mean but she snorted SO MUCH like she would bend down to pick up a pencil and SNORT. No one knew if we were supposed to laugh or not so we just held it in and tried to avoid looking at other people at our table. But it wasn't all fun like this. She got all mad at me for bringing a brush to class. I don't know why but apparently that's offensive. I felt like crying after she got all mad at me. Everyone at my table was staring at me with that "wide eyes slightly opened mouth in confusion/awe/you're weird now" look. She also kept telling me to turn around when my desk was facing the other way so it was kind of hard to do so.

One day in 4th grade a really nice teacher of ours was absent. So, we were stuck with a substitute and she was really mean. She yelled at us to be quiet, wouldn't let us ask questions, and she even made us stay inside for Recess so she could give us a huge speech about how bad we were and how she thought that there were so many other grades better than us.

I had a teacher that I think may have drove me to self-harm. One year later and I still punch, slap and bite myself. Teacher had stupid expectations, wanted us to be perfect, punished everyone for the wrong-doing of one person, and had her favorites. I was one of her favorites, and I appearently was her perfect puppet. The one thing I wanted to do to that woman was slap her 10 times. Worst year ever. Even worse, I still go to that school, and now she teaches Kindergarten. Poor kids. Also, she lives in my neighborhood. And in my favorite part as well. Now I don't go down there because she acts so gosh-darned friendly, like she didn't drive me to insanity.

I have a teacher right now I'm in 7th grade she is my science teacher and she is a b:tch she should be fired she has yelled at me a lot before saying that "crossing your arms is a defiant pose" and saying I'm lazy and defiant and saying I don't do anything (when she talks to fvcking fast to understand and she holds me after class a lot making me late for gym and she always gives me lunch after school and before school detentions and she wont yell at anyone else when I have seen Raymond SLEEPING IN HER FRIKIN CLASS and it makes me mad but I grit my teeth and bear it my entire class is failing and she gives us 3 pages of homework a night along with 4 or 5 pages to read And she wont let me read the book before I do my work because if I do it during my work I will skim and not read

Mean teachers can defiantly cause a kid not to like school. I had a teacher who go mean at my friend and me because the teacher didn't give out direction clearly and my friend was asking me what to do. It can also be the way that she/he teaches. I know someone who had a teacher that didn't even know what she was teaching and her friend got up in front of the class and could tell them the answer. The teacher also seated them by their grades.