No Friends


This is the biggest reason I hate school.
I actually never had any friends in my life, not kidding (Well I have one friend which had the same problems I had. I never met him in real life, but he doesn't chat with me now since he got friends)
It makes me feel so lonely and sad when I see everyone chatting, laughting and being happy and all that stuff. They always push me aside and I am always the last one to be chosen for a group or team. I always try to be nice and do anything anyone wants. I write their homework and projects, lend them pens. But nobody ever lets me borrow their pen!
It basically made my whole life harder because I became really shy and anxious around people and have really weird reactions when someone talks to me (It's really hard to control) so they make fun of me! But I feel really good whenever they do that because they give me attention and I realised I am extremely desperate for attention, good or bad.

I kind of wrote some unnecessary things, but ...more

Alright, I just wanna say, I do have friends.

So in school wherever I am the teachers HATE talking. I swear even at snack time if it gets "too loud" though we are practically whispering the teacher will yell and ring her little irritating as crud bell. Every time I am in class and my friend starts talking to me pretty loud, it's like the teacher won't hear them but scream their head off at me. I try so hard to be able to actually joke with my friends, even on group assignments, and the teacher'll give me a mark for "not talking about math" or whatever. The thing that gets on my nerves most is we can never pick for ourselves. Even at lunch seats they pick our seats for us! On class trips they pick for us, so I end up with a bunch of outcasts and some abusive chaperone but my friends are all together. I honestly hate this more than homework.

I hate school and dread every single day. I'm in high school yet I'm so shy and I have zero friends. I've never even hung out with anyone. And I know that I'm really the problem but I feel so lonely especially during lunch when I have no one to sit with. During lunch, I just stand by myself in a corner and once, a police officer came up to me wondering if I was okay... Do I really look that pathetic?

I thought I had some friends, but I'm in a different class with them. People think I look like a mean person because of how I look. I laugh it off but I really do not like it. This girl in my class is a two-faced brat. I'm friends with her but I really want to punch her face into a wall. Lots of people think she is an angel...But they haven't met the real her. There are only 10 girls in my class and they all have their own group of friends. I feel alone and sad all of the time and I just hate going to school everyday. I'm always left out of group projects and groups of friends. I HATE SCHOOL.

I have never been one of those girls with tonnes of friends. Last year I was lucky because I had about 6 or 7 with two of my main friends. This year, however, I am on my own...a lot. I especially hate it when the teacher says "get into groups" I know they're not saying it to be mean, etc but at that moment my heartbeat speeds up and I get really stressed. Sometimes I awkwardly join another group of girls. Other times I work on my own, but I'm usually the only person working on my own. It is honestly the worst part of school. I don't want to be a loner in my lessons.

I hate this so much. Everyone just hates me for no reason, and everyone makes fun of me. I try to make friends, but they 'reject' me. In PE class, my coach said for everyone to get a partner, and I was all alone, so then I got the partner who has a mental disorder, and everyone else is with their friends. I hope the person who created school enjoys burning in hell for what he has done to this world, making everyone commit suicide because of bullies, the retarded teachers, everything. I just hate school

I was separated from my friends a few times because of all the fights we got into. It sucks, because I seem to be the most hated girl in the class. They even bullied me at lunch TWICE by pouring milk on my pizza (tiny drops), making fun of me, and LAUGHED at me. Not all of them did though, and at least the girls from the other class supported me. I'm trying to fix these problems now, so I can have a better year in sixth grade. Oh, and another thing that sucks, is half of my friends are moving to a different school. My life is crazy. - Powerfulgirl10

It's really hard for me in social situations to go up to groups of people because lots of people are popular (or at least the ones I pay attention to). I like popular kids who can talk to anyone and are friendly, then you get 99% of the popular kids who disregard the unpopular kids, don't respect them and treat them poorly. I respect the popular friendly kids, I respect the popular kids that have good grades but I hope the mean popular people to be so unpopular when I'm older they'll beg for me to be their friend.

I don't hate this school, it's just that I don't like it. I don't feel comfortable here. I don't attend my home school, and all my friends are there. I feel really lonely here. Sometimes, I want to leave this school and just attend my home school. Nobody here makes me feel the way my other friends at my home school make me feel and that's comfortable. Yeah, I've made a couple of friends. But I just overall don't feel comfortable here. Maybe, I'll be attending my home school next year or maybe to put up with this school even though I don't feel comfortable.

I moved into this new city in California a year ago from New York, I HATE IT. Everyone almost has to be popular, ratchet, or mean. I neither of them. Literally. So I have a Special Education AID that works with me everyday at school. I understand, yeah. A random tall dude following a freshman. But I also deal with depression & anxiety, so I can't really talk to people. I am not shy, I'm really scared. Really, really scared. I miss my friends so much in NY. I'm always so lonely. I just hate it. During lunch, I just go to a teacher's room & sit on the couch & call my friends every lunch. I just want to go back.

At my school almost all the girls are locked up in this little clique. They're snobbish, rude, and would call me stuff like this if they we're to read this. Every day we pull up and see them standing there in a circle, just talking. They do nothing but talk about stupid trends, sing annoying songs. And blab about Teen Wolf (which is a pretty cliche show if you ask me). They say rude thing to the boys. And call us on it if we retort. I mean I know this isn't a pity party. But my gosh... - Apex320

People assume I don't have any friends because I'm in almost all honors classes and my friends aren't. So I'm always the one third wheeled onto other groups during partner things, and typically, that means that I either have to do all the work or they don't let me do any of it. Either way, I still get in trouble, and everyone blames me for not being able to do everything. It sucks.

Just because you hate me and you think I hate you for no reason to the person they commented that I was at your table and hate you and I don't hate you but keep in mind you were the one that bullied me and called my friend Dakota ugly and oh yeah before you recommend saying anything else I have a friend who could contact the authorities and report you for bullying a special needs kid. You just got burned again

There's nothing to look towards in school when you have no joy in it. When you're suppose to work in groups, you're working alone because no one is there for you. You're always alone for any group or partner activity. There's no 'smile, laugh, eat, sleep', it's 'listen, study, eat, sleep. '

This should be higher up. I am really shy, but make so much of an effort. I feel like I have to change who I am to fit in and actually make friends, and I don't have anyone to talk to about it. Not even my parents.

I have friends, but they are really bad ones. I'm considering never to talk to them. They used to be kind but now they talk about boyfriends/girlfriends and inappropriate videos online

I had no friends at my old school (mainly because I'm not that social and I was the most bullied kid over there). Because of that, the period I dreaded the most was recess. Most kids hung out in groups that walked around the playground, so I had to try and avoid them. - thunderstar1124

I lost all my friends thanks to my so called 'best friends' who spread rumors about me making me depressed. But that's not the end of it I was left out because of the clothes I wear (I wore skirts and dresses instead of leggings, trousers, shirts and belly tops). - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

Every time one of my teachers tell us to get into a group, I'm the only one that doesn't end up with a partner and have to do everything myself. AND I MEAN EVERY SINGLE TIME EVER SINCE I WAS IN FIRST GRADE, AND I'M ALREADY IN HIGH SCHOOL!

There's nothing to look for towards school when you have no joy in it. When your suppose to work in groups, your working alone because no one is there for you. There's no 'smile, laugh, eat, sleep', its 'listen, study, eat, sleep. '

I had no friends for the first semester and when I did find friends it was actually quite nice. But then I had two friends who hated each other and when I made them make up, they started to leave me out and do things without me so now I'm back to square one and my school is small so there aren't really many ways for me to make friends.

I am very quiet and always left out in everything... I moved a few years ago and had 1 best friend-we were like sisters. Now I moved back to where I was before I moved and I am left out in everything even though I know most of the kids. No one talks to me or even aknowledges that I exist. My parents always ask if I want to invite a friend over.The thing is I don't have any but I just tell my parents that everyone is busy because it would break their hearts to hear that no one likes me.

I actually really identify with this. I remember my first year of high school. I got sick the first week of school so I missed 3 days and then when I went back everybody seemed to already have their groups. I was really quiet but I wanted to make friends but the people I talked to didn't want to be friends and avoided me because I was quiet and I guess not cool. The other people who I did have things in common with already had their 'groups' so I couldn't be friends with them. I remember skipping lunch and just wandering around the school in the areas where there was no one so they couldn't see I was alone. I realized that I didn't feel alone when I was by myself, but I felt alone when I was with everyone. And to make it worst, people actually talked about me and made fun of the fact that I didn't have any friends right in front of my face.
Eventually I found friends later in the year but I still remember those times being some of the worst memories.I guess I learnt something from ...more

In Lower School (K-4), I was one of the most popular kids in school. Now (I'm in 7th grade), and it seems like I'm invisible. I have no friends, and I think my teacher even knows that. He tries to help me make friends by pairing me next to the two most talkative people in my class. They are constantly passing things to each other, so me being in the middle, I take it from one hand to put it in the other.

That was middle school for me. I was called " the freak" and I heard people say " nobody likes her" and on top of that I was physically harassed ( shoved, body slammed against walls and lockers) it was the worst.