Physical Education


There is of course, in my class, a group of guys that believe that my class is the Olympics. If you mess up, or don't do something right, they will yell at you and say things like "Why do you even try? " So one day I didn't try, and just stood in the corner, and then the same guy came over to me and was yelling like, "Oh my god, our team lost because you didn't play, I can't believe you, you're so selfish! " Like, no.

Also, my gym teacher decided this year that instead of grading you on if you "participate" he's going to grade you on how fit you are, meaning body type. Most of my friends are a little bit chunky, and even though I'm like stick skinny, I decided that this was totally unfair so I don't even try in gym anymore.

None of the girls participate and I have a whole rant that I posted on the other one so I'll just paste that in: Time for a story. In gym class today, we played soccer with groups we were assigned to. During the whole game, this one girl kept on hand balling and then she threw it to her fat friend who kinked the ball one foot and she scored. Another kid was ball hogging so that was stupid. The other team had 2 people who tried and they were breaking the rules the whole time. We won 4-3 but it should've been 1-0 because I scored the only legit goal. Then, the same girl who was throwing the ball said that I couldn't play soccer (I'm in a soccer league and she barely walks a mile in a day). Another girl on the other team agreed with her even though I joked her out like 5 times. I'm so tired of the heads in my grade. Anyways, the girls just stand there and look at the ball, then criticize the people who are playing to try harder.

Some People Can't Play Sports, and its humiliating to people because you look silly and sometimes have to hold hands to play a game, I personally think it Takes away some peoples dignity

I hate PE because of the teacher, in cross country she made a girl with asthma run more laps than us, then later she caught an asthma attack and my teacher was like "Don't worry that's normal lolololo

She forces students to run and never stop for like a mile, mocks students who are weaker than others and even has favorites even though the school banned teachers from having favorites. She kept the whole class in even though some of us aren't even the ones who were talking. I was one of her favorites oddly enough and she lets me off for not bringing my pe kit in (even though she gives detentions to the others) she misses tons of lessons and that's a good thing for my class since we normally celebrate with the comforts of a supply. Yeah the activities weren't so bad, netball, football, javelin, benchball... APART from Gymnastics and cross country. She made one of my best friends do a handstand against a brick wall but she was so out of comfort her hand slipped, she hit her ...more - cola

Physical Education is basically a living hell for me. I had to move away from my best friends halfway through the school year and go to a place with annoying people. (Not all of my classmates were annoying, but about half were) It wasn't THAT bad, but Physical Education SUCKED. First of all, my P.E teacher INSULTED me in front of my entire class. So, we were doing warm-up exercises, and we had to reach down and touch our toes, but being the inflexible person I was, I just couldn't do it. Then I said "I can't do this.". Then my P.E teacher came up to me and said "Don't say can't. Can't is for losers.". And a few people actually LAUGHED. We're just fourth graders!
Second of all, I was sick for two days and couldn't go to school. And unfortunately for me, those two days is when the golf unit started. Since when does golf even RELATE to videogame designing? I came back, and my P.E teacher expected us to know EVERYTHING. If it was actually a grade, I would have flunked.

In ...more

People are hoggers with the ball, only pass to their friends, they don't involve you. I have played basketball for 4 years in school now, but when we do basketball in PE...guess what? No one passes to me still. If you lose a game, the winners will show off so badly to you. If they think you're bad, they will be so annoyed even if you touch the ball. Today in PE, I was extremely tired out, my face was a tomato, and burnt like the sun. But, it was my turn. The coaches saw my face, but they said "FASTER! FASTER! " don't they realize if we have no energy, then it's painful to exercise? Then, the coaches said "I WANT YOU ALL TO HAVE RED FACES BY THE END OF THIS SESSION! " they treat us horribly!

Yes! This is probaly the worst! I am only good at a few of the things that we do in PE, and I am made fun of big time at the things that I am not good at. One of the main things would be basketball. I am not good at basketball, heck, I don't even really like watching basketball. Football is another thing I am not good at. I can't throw to save my life and I can't catch all that well on most occasions. I have never really been bullied horribly, but kids are mean. Of course the teachers also have favorites, so if they cuss at me then its fine but if I say somethings even remotely similar or "bad" then I get in trouble. Sometimes I just want to yell at them and big time too. I don't make fun of the kids or them when they are bad at something I'm good at, it might even just be running. But if I'm going to be honest, this should be like number 4 on the list not 7.

I'm really bad at sports, and in volleyball they were counting on me to get the ball. I missed it and felt really bad (I'm really sensitive about these kinds of things). everyone was mad at me and I went to the bathroom and cried because I was really upset and then the gym teacher got mad at me for leaving the class without asking. I get that I'm not supposed to leave class but when I'm about to burst into tears In the middle of a game I'm not thinking about asking.

It's making me look like who I'm not like it kills your personality and replaces it with this useless thing like come on. Ad I'm one of the ones that does extra of this Stupidity and it makes me not look like myself 100 percent.Now people say Jake you love sports play Football play Dogeball. NO I'm Like a Gamer guy not a Stupid Sports Guy. School is making me a diffrent kind of person. - Jake09

I hate school in general, but PE is the worst. First of all, some kid bullys me in the locker room, teachers do not care. Second of all, they force you to change your clothes IN FRONT OF EVERYONE. For me that means that they force you to strip down to your underwear, then put some really short clothes on, Those really short PE clothes hurt like crap, and INSANELY itch! And they are extremely loose so the opposite gender can your underwear. I hate it. Then when we get outside, we have a giant 400 meter track, and have to RUN NONSTOP 4 laps.

In 4th grade, I missed the first two days of the golf unit due to being sick, and when I returned, the P.E teacher expected me to know everything. No one bothered to even help me. In the 5th grade, I had social anxiety, which made me fear missing the ball and getting yelled at. I was the only person in the entire class who wasn't good at any sports. Gee, I can't wait until I'm in my 30s and be like "Wow, I wish I remembered which golf club to use when I want to putt! ". I know it's good for exercise and getting your butt out of the classroom, but it just pressures me to be good at sports, and plus, pretty much the majority of the people treat P.E like the Olympics. And on top of that, we're forced to get changed in front of other people, so in some people's cases, the locker room is a place to get judged based on your body type. So yeah.

(This next story has nothing to do with P.E but here you go)
I'm always chosen last in every team game, especially when I played kickball ...more

My gym class is in the middle of the day so all day I worry about the class because people make fun of me because I don't play sports good. I try to do other things during gym like going to musical theatre or doing work on the library but there is always days that I have to go to gym. I have been told I suck, I am terrible and I can't play and also I have always been picked for teams last. I hate gym and all the kids who make fun ofe like just because I can't play sports doesn't mean I am unfit I love kayaking, biking and running but those aren't even considered sports

Gym is the WORST! They make you "participate" and when you're participating no one gives you the ball. Plus there are these knuckleheads who argue about putting up with weak people and I honestly hate it! We play stupid idiotic and violent games such as kickball and one time there was a serious fight! - ShadowSwashy

When I was in 8th grade we had to running which wasn't a big issue expect when it is FREEZING and the teacher wouldn't or even the fact if I ran to long/hard I would have seizures and also cars drive through there so one day the teacher will make us run next thing you know a car is going hit a kid because the driver was being a dumba$$ by speeding or texting on their phone and I'm gonna be like "I told you teach that was gonna happen" because he thinks running on a street were big trucks drive on instead of the gym where it's not cold and cars can't be in there

I had to do a running test WHILE IT WAS RAINING and I nearly slipped due to the street being wet (dumb teacher) and if I had hurt myself the school would be sued because of this negligence of safety considering the fact cars drive down the street and one day some kid is gonna get run over due to the schools brain dead teacher

I've had this mean Gym Teacher in Middle School His name was Kenneth Day always yelling at "me and the other students" my grandmother told me he was hard on boys scout's in camp he tried to be elected for mayor but he dropped out. He called me a Psycho and most hated kid in school.

I don't understand why they think this is necessary! Surely in middle school we get enough exercise rushing around to our next class with the heavy binders and 4 minutes THEY give us. In middle school you just learn about each sport. Each unit is something like (and these are actual ones we've done) street hockey, handball (what), archery, wrestling, ping-pong, lacrosse, recreational games, and now track and field. These won't help us in life! Only about 3 kids in the grade will actually become professional sports players.

Our gym teacher made us do 99 jumping jacks, high knees, crunches, wall sets, and push-ups then the same thing but 77 times then 55 then 22 then basketball and at the end almost everyone was about to puke or puke up blood me especially!

Gym shouldn't effect what college I go to. I'm very unathletic, so I'm not studying to be a pro or anything. I don't understand why my genes and upper body strength should affect if I go to a university or community college. Some kids just aren't good at sports, not to mention his harsh peers are when you fail at a task in P.E.

I get that they are trying to help us stay in shape, but if they want us to do that thy should give us options! I remember back in elementary school the pe teacher just told us our options and then just let us play, I loved pe and I actually had fun and didn't embarrass myself. But now we just sit down and hear their booming voice say, "today we are playing football, boys vs girls." Then you start getting sweaty and nervous cause you know you are going to embarrass yourself.

It's so boring, and its just a popularity contest for athletic people. Lets not forget that they're so annoying (at least the athletes in my gym classes). All they care about is winning a damn game! They blame people whenever things go wrong. If you miss the ball? If you don't make the shot? If you don't get a touchdown? If your flag belt gets pulled? Well you're screwed. And the god, they don't give a damn! If you get hurts, they're all "Shake it off! ", "Pain makes you stronger! ", "Power through it! ". One of my really close friends sprained her ankle in P.E back in 6th grade, and the teacher barely even turned her head! - Catacorn

Physical education is terrible it's the worst all we do is play a bunch of stupid games that are pointless and are a waste of time gym class sucks and we all know that it's terrible waste of time pointless stupid and I'm a shy person and I feel uncomfortable around other people and it's not fair to the kids who are shy it's terrible

I hate pe because we have to run a lot and I'm terrible at running I get a cramp after running only a minute and I have trouble breathing when I run and my friend keeps making jokes about it but people always say to stop faking and try harder!

And I get SUPER stressed out you can hear my teeth chattering for over 100 miles away! Because if we do something wrong they yell at us and my friend (she has asthma) was starting to get tired in outdoor PE and the coach just started yelling at her for not participating enough and surely enough he had her medical papers right in his hand!

It's stupid. Just, plain, stupid. Why can't PE be more interesting, maybe less tests and more fun stuff. Why do you even need the tests in the first place? So you can run back and forth across a gym seventy times. So? No one cares. Seriously, the whole Physical Education department needs to be reworked.