Kids these days are so disrespectful. "Ooh my mom sucks she got me an iPad when I clearly asked for an iPhone 6" like god damn my phone ain't even touch screen and I'm not complaining. They just gossip all god damn day not knowing what that person might be going through like Do you even think before your u speak? I've been bullied a lot through my life and they didn't know what I was going through. My mom and dad were getting a divorce, I was in my third foster home and the foster parents treat me like sht, I was always late to school because my mom couldn't afford a car and I had to be in the district to ride the bus so my aunt would have to pick me up from the other side of town. I spent most of my time at counseling with this woman named Martha, she talked to me about my problems. I would cry a lot there. I was always depressed and sad. I barely talked in school and was stuck on A.D.D pills which is for my attention disorder that made me shake, feel cold and not eat and I was ...more

Everybody was asking me to do favors every time and it was so annoying. They need to start asking someone else for favors too. Being popular is good, but it will make everyone ask you for favors every time. It's very rude to always get the same person to do jobs, because then they'll get bored, and nobody wants that. Sometimes, you may feel like hitting and kicking because of that, but you wouldn't actually do it, because that's bullying. Nobody enjoys being bullied or insulted. I usually feel like saying "Stop asking me for every single favor", but that would be mean, so I wouldn't actually say it. People were also telling me to do things I'm not supposed to do, which is not very nice. If they do that to you, don't listen to them. - PhilTheCorgi

Popularity is a huge thing at my school. I'm not really popular or a "loser", as some may call it. I'm in the middle, so earlier in the year my friend was being really rude to me so I sat with the "popular kids," (as some might say) for about a week, then I moved table to where I currently sit. But sometime I sit with the "popular kids." But what gets me mad is when some one is like, "So what's it like being a prep? " I don't like cauterization. (Is that even how you spell the word? )

It's really hard for me in social situations to go up to groups of people because lots of people are popular (or at least the ones I pay attention to). I like popular kids who can talk to anyone and are friendly, then you get 99% of the popular kids who disregard the unpopular kids, don't respect them and treat them poorly. I respect the popular friendly kids, I respect the popular kids that have good grades but I hope the mean popular people to be so unpopular when I'm older they'll beg for me to be their friend.

I always try to be nice to everyone and I don't say or do anything weird or rude, but I'm still the unpopular girl. I don't even know HOW the people that are popular are popular, because they never include anyone and purposely make people feel really bad about themselves and like they don't belong. I HATE school for this reason, and I don't get why people spread rumors and are so mean. I'm not saying everyone has to be friends with or like everyone, but come on, why do popular girls have to be so TERRIBLE? I don't know how popularity works for boys, but for girls it SUCKS.

Just letting you all know, popularity is OVERRATED! I know a ton of girls that don't even like the girls they hang out with but do it anyway so they feel popular. Be with people that you actually get along with, relate to, or that are KIND. I hate popularity lists. - DCfnaf

This is one thing that really pisses me off a basketball popularity popularity is stupid and pathetic popular kids always think they always are cool but they really are not they just need to get a life they are so mean well I want to say all of them are just some of them they really need to get a life there just mean people popularity needs to end know

I agree, at my school, the "popular kids" simply hate me and my friends guts for not having an instagram and, snapchat, and we don't like their boy bands and stuff. Whenever I talk about what I'm passionate about, TO MY FRIEND AWAY FROM THEM they always give me looks of disgust. I was talking about space -.- it's so frustrating and these people practically run my school. They are always team captain because the teachers think they're good role models. HA they always gossip about anyone and everyone! Seriously all you have to do is stand by them and listen and you will hear quite a few familiar names pop up.

Dude just wait. It gets better. Once you graduate no one remembers their names because popular kids peak in high school then become the losers they once called out. Would you rather be "cool" in highschool or cool when your 40. - Crediblesea

I'm popular among a lot, and a handfull hate me. I mean the best way to get rid of bullies is become popular and have people find you funny. when you become popular a lot of less popular kids give you what you want if you ask for something without second thought. I make friends among "popular kids" less popular kids, and in between. but its not like I'm the most popular out of all of 6th grade, because teachers would become ruder towards you. but WARNING if you try and become popular, and fail and people find you not funny... its like boot camp for the rest of the year. its either an amazing hit, or a dreadful miss

This is so annoying. All you have to do at my school to be popular is play football or basketball. It doesn't matter if you're rich or poor, nice or mean, just be a jock, and you're popular. I swear I could start being a jock and kill somebody and nobody will care. I however, play soccer and take it very seriously but I'm not a jock like the cool kids because they're mean and to be a jock you have to play specific sports. I wish I could fit in like them without needing to have anything good about who you really are.

Popularity honestly it really sucks it cause lots and lots of problems. Like really why the hell does popularity exist it's so stupid school is about being smart and leading not about stupid popularity really it sucks stop popularity.! And some popular kids just don't know how to keep their mouthes shut their like bullies not all of th some of them are they like to call people names if they don't like the kind of person they are which is really really really stupid

Do you know what popularity is? Me neither, and that's the problem. Kids at my school are popular because, I don't know? They're stupid? I am a nerd, I won't lie, and I do see popularity as a problem. It's just a crowd of kids judging other people because they find it stupid and won't keep their traps shut! But there kinda is an upside. We took a test for the district to see student IQs, and the highest one for any popular kid was 110. That is about AVERAGE. Meanwhile, me and my "nerd" friends got high scores, mine being 165! What

Yes I can't afford a good pair of shoes or a jacket, I don't live in a big house, I live in an apartment. I ride the bus and get school lunch, I sit alone most the time and my own brother tells everybody lies at my school like my mom was going to get and abortion when she was pregnant with me. I'm failing school and my teachers are rude, but that doesn't make me less of a human.

You could only feel like crap if you let your self feel like crap... You are a valuable person just because other kids don't let you into their circle does not mean you are lesser... Love your self very much value your self.. And you will be fine

Idiots think they are cool doing the most stupidest things in the world. One guy gets suspended and he parades back as if he is coming back from SAVING THE WORLD. He struts around acting so dumb
And this popularity stuff leads to even more bullies and the people who are smart and actually do well are for some reason stuck at the bottom of the popularity scale. I mean this is so STUPID

I could care less about being popular, but that doesn't mean that the "popular" kids can rub it in my face and make me feel like crap. That's just not fair, you be you, I'll be me, and I won't have to be associated with you, hopefully.

Popularity in my school is messed up. The slobs, snobs, and dirty-talking people are popular while people who just want to make friends are not.

Example: One of my classmates constantly talks about, erm, "reproductive" parts, threatens to assault us, and breathes down our necks in a disturbing way.

That classmate is generally preferred over me because I don't like Xbox or Nicki Minaj, and like Nintendo and Eminem. - WonkeyDude98

I think that popular kids don't even know what popular means. I mean they apparently think being popular means that you can out rule people, I think they need to put their heads into the real world and care about other people and not just themselves I want to be noticed I'm bullied and no one will go out with me I wish I was popular

It's so unfair! They judge you based on your interests, appearance, and EVERYTHING else! Being popular is one of the only ways to get friends now... - NoodleRidley

I don't know why the "popular" people are stupid and mean the point of school is to learn and be SMART so the nerds and geeks should be popular I get all a's all the time every year and I am the social outcast I am a tomboy but people hate me for some reason and they always bully me for being a smart tomboy

It's like that in every school, the whole popularity thing is nothing but trouble, but I went some church group and everyone seemed chill, and there was no popularity list in the group

It is stupid and unfair that the nice kids are unpopular and the mean ones are, like, 'ruling the school'. I don't act like a loser nor my friends are but just because a rumor spread that I have straight A's (true), I am labeled a nerd, even through I'M NOTHING LIKE THAT AND I HATE SCHOOL!

I REALLY HATE it when they always pay attention to the Popular Students... What about the others that REALLY worked Hard to Finish THEIR Education?

I personally don't like being popular. I'd rather be the kid who sits in the back, wearing black and neon green/neon pink clothes, drawing all the day and getting straight A's.

Unpopular "nerds" are much more successful than popular kids