I absolutely HATE pressure in school. Its like, you don't do one crummy piece of homework? NO REDOS! You get sick? Well, you should've squeezed your homework between trying not to throw up and throwing up. Didn't come to school for family purposes? Well, why didn't you do the essay at your great grandmas funeral? Oh, and you decided to use a homework pass on your birthday? You got it last trimester, so it doesn't work now. All of that pressure just builds one on top of the other, about the homework you didn't do and the late essay and the pop quiz, causes a lot of students to break. Oh, and family life? You don't have it in your teachers eyes. So it doesn't matter that you were babysitting your sisters, you should've redone the test while trying to keep your sister from breaking that case. Family life and school life just causes my back to break from that weight on my shoulders.(I am the oldest child in my family, so all of these things happened to me before.)

I totally get the point on this. Being in 8th grade (even thought I take some higher classes) is not the easiest thing. Every day, due dates, difficult assignments, tests, oh look! An exam coming up! Oh! a n unneeded pep rally to take time out of our day and give us more homework! I find it at the most disturbance that they expect us to have good grades with what is being put onto us students. With a metric ton of homework every night, chores, other daily tasks, and everything else that we are expected to do, we wouldn't have an actual life. Yet here I am, "wasting" my life on the internet. Now, some of you may think that I am just being idiotic and selfish for defending myself and others for this, but you are entitled to your own opinion. Myself being a victim of depression and anxiety that crushes every possible moment that I am awake, the pressure being put on us is no help what-so-ever. People like me are called "lazy," "attention-seeking," and just ...more

My teacher make me run 10000 laps and the boy have to run 20000 laps. I am only in 4th grade.! One time my friend Noea ran 61 laps and got tired, my teacher yell at him and tell him to run 12000 laps and the circle is 100mile long. More that 100mile Run 12000 laps in a hour. He got so tired and almost die but good luck for him, his mother work in that school too. All my classmates ask the teacher to stop the test bipartisan she said no, all she said was no. After all the boys run it was time for girls but it was out of time, so we went home. We the girls have to carry the boys to their mother because they can not even walk or drink, it like they are dead! Next week it time for the girls to run! . I wish I don't have school at November 19 2015 because it time for the girls to run. I hate my gum teacher. The practice for this test was killing me, we have to run more than than 10000 laps.! I just want to change schools and have a good one. I HATE PRESSURE TESTS! I am going to die, after ...more

It's annoying, really. When you're studying for the midterms and suddenly you're reminded that you have a Math test next week, it really pisses people off. Especially when you've just achieved your (mom's) goal of being in the top 10% and then trying to get into a good school, which has admission tests "Coincidentally" placed right in between your midterms and projects. Did I mention that your mom expects a "Principal's Honor Roll" grade by the end of the marking period, which is about two weeks later? And she complains that I shouldn't be getting a headache...

I go to a school with a lot of, lets call it academic pressure. I'm talking best of the best of the entire country. I think someone once told us that the top 50% at our school was part of the top 0.5% of the country. I wouldn't be shocked if that was true. To my parents (and the parents of most if not all my friends) nothing less than straight A's is acceptable. The tests are hard and the teachers are harsh. I once saw a girl cry because she forgot her homework and her parents were going to be so upset and angry with her. No one cares if you're depressed or sucidal. I guess that's why for the last few years, there has been a security guard by the train tracks, because so many commit suicide.

There's only so much a human can do, we're not superhuman, we can't keep up with 9 classes, keep track of like 20 worksheets, get them done in like 15 minutes and go from 1 side of the building to the other in 2 minutes all at once.

I feel like someone dropped an anvil on my back, that's how much pressure I feel to succeed when I'm at school. I'll be in the middle of a test and almost everyone has finished and I'm not even close to being done. The teachers are all like, "Take your time! " When they really mean, (well at least my teachers) "Better hurry up, you're going to fail anyway! " Maybe that's just me?

Your teachers are all way like you have to do to r homework now you have to study of a test now you have to write a easy now! We never get to do anything now and I am all way stress if I don't have a book or I don't have my homework or I forget a piece of something we were supposed to bring in it so annoying!

Hm... So a fourth-grade girl can run (let's do the math) 1, 200, 000 miles in an hour? So, therefore, you are able to magically run at 1, 200, 000 miles per hour, 44, 444 times faster than Usain Bolt who could only run a mere 27. Yes, because that totally works. Yes, because every school has a 100-mile track. Yes, because a gym teacher would totally make you run 20,000 laps.

A lot of people get nervous easily especially of you're going to perform, or answer in Front of the whole class. I personally hated it being a shy person. Also, why make stress on things? I mean, yea responsibility but, come on yo! Ease the levels sometimes teachers can make students brains explode!

The stress that I get from school is ridiculous it's awful knowing that when you come home you can have like 6 essays due in the next two days when that's not even physically possible and when you don't have it, as there is literally no time you get a detention for something that you can't help!

Schools put wayyy to much pressure on our teachers and students. Schools are treated like the only education that you get. I get a lot of knowledge and learning from my family for life stuff, not just how to add negative numbers. Most people forget most of everything their taught. And the schools are STILL doing their crappy eduation sysytem. I have had to go to a hospital ( and still am) for the million tons of stress and pressure I have. We already have enough stress in our lives why are you adding more? YOu expect us to get perfect papers and high grades. WE ALL have a different way of learning! We ar not all robots! We don't all operate the same way! The stereotype of schools we have now, across america, for so many reasons, SUCK!

I'm in Canada, and they do the same thing to us. Sadly... the school I go to thinks we kids all learn the same. BOOP BE DOO BOOP! NEWS FLASH: WE DON'T! WE'RE HUMANS, NOT ROBOTS! - XxDJPartyGirl1034xX

Teachers are now give KINDERGARTENERS homework! Heck they shouldn't even have a single millisecond of learning outside of school. These little dudes should be having all the fun, not having the stresses of a second grader!

Screw school its stupid boring and it's a big waste of time and it has so much pressure all you people out there need to stop putting pressure on kids because of stupid work so get a life - endadam

I come home crying every night because of the pressure. I talk to people, but nothing ever works.

I have to stay up past midnight just completing a stupid packet. I always try to do my best but the stupid, knuckle brains say you need to try harder - ShadowSwashy

There's way too much pressure! Okay you have two minutes to do this math problem: it ends up being a paragraph long word problem with four different sets of numbers, now you're pressured to find the right set of numbers and get the right answers.

I hate school so bad it is a terrible thing it's a big waste of time pressure is the worst. it really stresses me out and everybody else out as well pressure is the worst screw pressure I'm sick and tired of school and school is the cause of it

If I have one bad or missing grade, my parents flip out and yell at me. It's like CALM DOWN I STILL HAVE A 97% IN THIS CLASS what. And then we have homework. Oh homework. ON THE WEEKENDS. SO MUCH I COULD SWIM IN IT.

If we don't work hard my teacher will say "If you fail you got to go to summer school" it puts 600 tons of pressure on the students.

I hate the pressure! Also the homework is annoying, I am really confused right now and my mom keeps on yelling at me for not doing my homework(I have a lot of homework, that confuses me, I forget that I have homework for some class and then I remember later on and try to work on it, that makes me mess up in the other classes. And I screw up all my classes, I wish I could get a list of stuff that I have not handed in, this might go into the homework category, but I feel pressured, I HATE MY LIFE BECAUSE SCHOOL IS CONFUSING, I am almost done with school and I am tired, so I am starting to mess up, it is also because of the internet, I get disgracted easly, at the beginning of the year my internet was messed up and didn't work.) There are many other reasons for why I hate school now(well, I don't hate it all the time, I just hate it right now)

People get way too stressed out about the work they have to do. The concepts we learn in school might not contribute to what we'll do in the future, and therefore should not be mandatory to learn.

Some kid wanted me to chew hot gum. I was afraid so I refused. They pressured me to anyways and called me a wimp. I decided to chew it to get them to shut up. It burned me and I had to drink water from the fountain for a while. - DumbWays2DieFan

School is like a Nazi concentration camp back in World war 2

I have to take around 3 hours on my homework, and I always have to stay up past my bedtime. It sucks! I always have recess assistance, and I never have recess.

One teacher shouted at me for not knowing how to swim well. He honestly made me cry and I was 9. Teacher : how many badges did u get last year? Me: 3 ( all of them) Teacher: well it looks like you ain't getting any now!