I can handle tests, grades, etc. I love learning things. And quizzes and tests can be helpful in reflecting a student's learning ability (though not always. ) But with projects, it's just a waste of time in my opinion. Especially big projects that require a lot of work, and are really stressful especially to procrastinators like myself. A lot of the time you are assigned a topic, too, or at least a theme to base your topic on. This completely takes the motivation out of it, if you are working on a big project it should be something interesting to you! I am typing this while I am supposed to be working on a project.

OH MY GOSH we have this medieval festival and for us we have a project to make something for it (skit, game food etc). So I decided to make a 5 vs 5 sword fight because the teacher said to (sarcasm) think outside the box. Anyway after week of planning she asked what I was gonna do, so, I told her what I did and said it was "too violent" even though 2 other kids were doing jousting. So the next day being mad she asked again what I was doing and told her nothing since SHE REJECTED WHAT I THOUGHT OF SENDING ME BACK TO SQUARE ONE! And then said my idea was then to similar to the other kids jousting. So, she went from saying it was too violent to it was to similar? But 2 weeks later I think of doing chess ("thinking outside of the box") BUT AGIAN REJECTS IT because it was too simple. Uh wasn't games in medieval times simple? So the teacher has a vendetta against me

Group projects are the worst thing, because as one of the highest grades in the class, I end up doing all of the work and taking charge. And when people in the group aren't even interested, like there's two best friends that you never spoke a word to in your life, and they just talk about the new movies and making plans for the weekend and laugh at you when you try to get them to talk about the work for once.

I have 4 mini projects along with 2 big projects but I'm off topic. So the first mini project was to talk about the states of water so I did all three with at least 2 facts but I GOT A 50% simply because it wasn't a story. Now on mini project 2 you do something involving the ocean so I did a story involving a ship that is sunk by a submarine and I get a because it didn't involve the ocean but really is my teacher dumb WHERE DO SHIP ON THE ROAD!?!? IS THIS TEACHER BEING A TROLL BY SAYING THE OPPOSITE OF MY FIRST ONE?!?! I give up

Projects are just WAY too time consuming. I mean, how does knowing how to "make a drawing with at least 10 colors", "writing neatly" have to do with biology? Group projects are unfair because everyone is held accountable, and your grade might be ruined by some slackers and idiots. The people in a group seem to boss me around too. I don't get a say. It's like I don't even exist. I'd rather do the whole darn project myself. - ethanmeinster

Projects are no doubt one of the worst parts of school. Do we really need to make a poster on something with pictures, when we both know that people are only going to look at the pictures? Plus, since I'm an average student, I either get paired up with slackers or advanced students. Sadly, I normally end up with slackers, which brings the project that I might as well just called my own (because my partner hardly did ANY work) from an A that I was hoping of to a B-. -_- - kaitlynrad11

Hmmm, project, project, project, I want to study, men!

I agree with the person below- I hate group work. Often I am assigned to work with slackers because I am an above average student. Then the slacker either does nothing or messes it up or doesn't listen it drives me crazy. One time we were doing quizzes in groups one question I said something they didn't believe me but I was right... Then they blamed me? Makes me so mad.

Projects are a big waste of time seriously whoever may projects really need to get a life really it's it's a big waste of time why do we need to do projects all that time wasted all because of a stupid project projects are just a bunch a piece of garbage so all you teachers out there stop making students do projects it's a waste of time and it's extremely boring

In history I worked hard asf on my project about Abraham Lincoln. It was the day before it was due and I wanted to make it look old by burning the edges of the paper. I asked my teacher if I could and she said she would do it for me, so she goes to her desk and burns the paper and the paper catches on fire. The teacher screamed and pulled the emergency fire alarm and everyone ran out of the building and the water thing came on and ruined everyone's projects and everyone blamed it on me.

You spend more time putting the project together then you spend time actually learning something. Not only that but these projects usually don't have anything that can't be taught in a few lessons. They're generally a waste of time and resources

Projects are just plain stupid they are seriously a big waste of time and they are so boring and points like really people there just kids stop making kids do stupid projects kids get bored very easily like me

I am a smart kid and I 'm always paired with the lowest achievers! I think their "random picking" is rigged! Plus, we already learned it. Do we have to make a poster for like a week just to show that we know the subject?

You should just learn how about the the damn thing instead of a 2-3 week work fest of useless crap that you will probably have known better if the school asked you to do independently and some homework on the person

So much extra work OUTSIDE OF SCHOOL.

I had a project to make a bridge out of spaghetti, marshmallows and rubber bands but how does this help in life, because no one in their right minds would make a bridge out of these

I have to do a school project... DURING THE ' SUMMER! I have to read a boring ass book and my "favorite" part (Which is nothing, because it sucks), and make a ' 3D model of it! What!?!?

In science class we group did a zombie apocalypse project on how to survive and I said we get a car and heavily mod it with stuff like guns big tires and it would be solar powered and everyone agreed until the teacher said how would save everyone else and I was like "in a city as big a Charlotte would get you killed faster as going in to a city like a hero doesn't work" and then suddenly everyone disagreed and I was like ok if a real zombie apocalypse happens and h ave a good modded car and drive and you guys go "save" the city and die don't come crying to me because I know it is every man/woman for themselves and how would the government trust some random 6 people to use gas grandes to kill zombies and somehow not kill any civilians!

I always have to do this every time on English when were about to move to a new topic. If we do not do it, we will be scolded. I hate school projects!

My teacher has a way to know who actually wrote parts of a report thanks to Google Classrooms, so this school year I will still never have to experience slackers.

My mum had gone all the way to the photo printer's shop and got a load of pictures for me, only for my teacher to tell me I haven't got enough time to stick them on.

Group Assignments? I don't mind them. As long as I am working with a group of people who I know are going to pull their weight, and that usually doesn't happen. - thunderstar1124

We have at school 20 times in school year anti drug projects it's so boring to listen it every year next day 1 boy went to police for selling drugs at school

We really need to stop doing projects their stupid pointless they also stress kids out so all you people really need to stop making kids to projects

One time, I had to do a project about comparing and contrasting books to each other. Keep in mind, I am an A student in advanced math and science. But, my teacher had paired me up with another person who read a book COMPLETELY different than mine. Not only that, but my partner did next to nothing to help with the project. The teacher wanted to give me a B- for it, but she accidentally skipped some of my written component. I still ended with a B somehow. - Turkeyasylum