School Lunch


At my school, you are FORCED to stay in the cafeteria the entire 20-minute period. 20 minutes is not enough time to eat, and a fifth of that time is used getting to lunch, opening your lunchbox, and opening the wrappers. And our school lunch is made of gross, processed meat. Once when I tried to hide away in the bathroom, I was pulled out of there and forced to sit back down. You have to sit down the entire time, and the seats are CRAMMED. There are 28 students and 2 tables. They need to purchase larger tables or purchase more. Some children in my class don't eat the cafeteria food because of its repulsiveness. Once I stood up, but the lunch monitor told me to sit down. I stood up when he wasn't looking, but he saw me and yelled out "Do you want to go to the office? You can stand all you want in there! " I sat back down and remained quiet. Once I bought a really good school lunch, but then I sat with my friends, but the annoying kid in the class sat right next to me. He touched my ...more - BasicSean

Me and a few of my friends got chased by a few of the lunch time supervisors. They wanted to drag us back to the hall to finish our meal of poison. It was blood covered chicken with bread dough for afters, served with burnt peas. It was disgusting, at my school if you don't finish your meal they will force feed you or keep you indoors until the end of lunch. One reception kid was getting force fed by a supervisor so she threw the food the the supervisors face and got put of her seat and ran out of the hall. Then everyone got out of their seats with their trays and started to chuck food. One of the supervisors got a hairy piece of chicken thrown at her by a boy in the year above us. A group of kids in our year decided to raid the kitchen for edible food while everyone was distracted. Me and my friends decided to come out of our hiding place to help, by now the " food fight " had got worse. More teachers had joined and were wrestling kids and dragging them off to detention, ...more

The school lunch is worse than prison food. No kidding! Literally, the schools strut around the campus preaching about health and balance, but what they feed is the polar opposite of what they preach! Do they not know the saying, "practice what you preach? " Kids even go to an extent of tossing their food after the smallest bite or just tossing it once they get it. Or, they just skip lunch entirely! The food is horrible--the quality is bad, the material is bad, everything about it is just plain HORRIFIC. Even the utensils, which can be broken by the weakest geek in school, and can hold a portion that's as a big as a quarter. The drinks taste like vomit, the containers are very bad, and the system is just plain weak. We are forced to wait in a line for who knows how long, just to get the worst food you can ever get. And where you eat it isn't vey good! Cafeterias are usually a mess, loud, and more. I think schools can do better. Just look up, "school lunch in Japan" on YouTube and put ...more

Ok, so, this happened, I ordered a subway lunch, with only ham, and mayo, and orange juice. But when I got it, I had an apple juice, and I unwrapped the sandwich, it had tomato, drenched in mayo, olives, lettuce, cheese, EVERYTHING! I was ticked off, because I looked up to that and waited a long time for that. So, I went to the lunch lady, gave my sub to someone else who would eat it. And the lunch lady made me a marble cheese sandwich, I didn't even take a bite into it, was about to sink my teeth into it, MY TEETH WERE EVEN TOUCHING IT! I was one split second away from biting into it. And one of the grade 2/3 teachers (We have split classes in my school) said that it was time to go outside for recess. And she told us to clean everything up, took I bite into the sandwich, it had barely ANY flavour. So, I gotta admit, they're oranges are awesome, but the apples are brown. And they put the carrots with the celery, coliflower, broccoli, and other stuff, so when I bite into the carrot, it ...more

School lunches suck where I live. once when I got off the bus in the morning and smelled pure burnt smell. if you have ham and cheese for lunch you expect 2 slices of some form of bread and ham and cheese right? WRONG. my school is so broke they serve ham and cheese on HOT DOG BUNS. what man?!

Some kids are poor and need food because their families can't provide enough food for everyone in their family. Yet we get small portions of total garbage, which is why almost everyone in our school brings their lunch. Seriously, one lunch maybe a few weeks ago (today is January 20th, 2016) was 3 mozzarella sticks. They were the size of pinky finger, and you got like a teaspoon of sauce. My friend had to buy that day and when he went home he said he was starving all day and he couldn't think because he was so hungry.

Well, my Elementary School wasn't that bad, but my Middle School Lunch SUCKS! Good thing I bring my own lunch, I sometimes eat the food my school has because either my parents can't afford to buy me for food or I didn't pack enough on my Lunchbox, not to mention they never properly clean the food trays, like when it's dirty they just wipe it with a napkin and put more food GROSS! And they never clean the lunch trays no joke. Now the drinks, the juice taste alright but the Milk taste bad, they now have smoothies and it looks so disgusting it's not even funny. Then you can only have certain foods to go with the food you pick, which means if you want the Burger and Fried chicken, too bad! I feel bad for the kids that have to eat the disgusting piece

So one time at my school they were serving spaghetti burritos and I got it for some reason. Why the heck did I do that?! It was like eating a worm sandwich. I just gave the lunch lady a sad look, like "Are you really this depressed? " Another time they served a sandwich, which I thought was a grilled cheese sandwich, but it was just two pieces of bread glued together by american cheese and filled with mayonnaise, relish, some kind of tasteless red meat that was somehow dry even though it was covered in mayo. I couldn't eat it. I gagged too much. Also, they never cook spaghetti long enough and it's always bland, the apples are super waxy and the bananas are never ripe.

In our school, we run out of food within the first ten minutes of lunchtime. We have a tiny canteen and there are about 1000 students so it takes ages to queue up. By the time you get there, all the foods gone. At break time, they barely sell any food. The most annoying thing though is when you've been queuing up for AGES and then a teacher pushes in. Teachers are allowed to skip the queue in my school! How unfair?! So the students end up getting zero food when the teachers can just go to a local shop near our school to get their lunch.

We had this ugly soup and it was water with what looked liked raw chicken I threw up twice when I ate it and I had to mop it up and the lunch lady said I was being "disrespectful" to their cooking and later I got food poisoning. I told everyone I knew and we went on strike until only 6 people bought lunch and I was suspended I hate school and their are so many annoying people who try to sit at my table because they have "no friends" but I saw some of them laughing and and having a great time. Ya," no friends"

Okay let me tell you why this should be at the top. In year one I asked my parents if I could try at hot dinner and they said yes. On the menu it said ice cream with chocolate sauce and roast dinner with gravy, it did sound quite nice. I got a tray and the cooks gave me my meal and I sat down to eat. I bit into the chicken with gravy and the gravy tasted strange, like chocolate sauce. I had a bit of ice cream and spat it out IT WAS GRAVY! I got told off for spitting my food out and was made to eat EVERYTHING and it was the worst experience ever!

In my old school, we had "healthy food" but once in a while we had special burger days. My class was usually last to go to eat lunch (since we had a stupid thing where you had to wait till they call your class to go in) and they served us cold fries and no burger for the same price! This happened for about 4 days until I told my mom. I mostly ate packed lunch there. And also the teachers encouraged us to eat more of the warm healthy food there but all the teachers went out for McDonald's during lunch break

My lunch is pretty decent in high school. But when I was in elementary, we had grilled cheese sandwiches, and one of my classmates found PLASTIC STILL ON THE CHEESE. I checked my sandwich, it also had plastic cheese on my sandwich! Thank God, I'm out of elementary and in high school - RebelGamer

I pack lunch here in the USA and belive me, I've never had it but it smelled TERRIBLE, the "walking" taco were floppy, people had to shake the milk cartons to check if they were frozen or not, and people (the boys to be more precise) would throw mashed potatoes at each other. I'm glad I pack lunch, very very VERY - darkfox808

They literally just buy frozen food and expect us to eat it. Most of the time we don't even know what we're eating. A girl threw up because her food was still a little raw. The lunch lady yelled at her and said they put a lot of effort into their food (obviously not) and that its disrespectful to throw up. She can't help the fact that you can't cook!

"Remember kids, eat healthy! " <=== That's advice from the school, yet they turn around and offer you GARBAGE. That my school, they literally cook all of their food in the microwave. NOTHING IS FRESH. NOTHING. It's all just squishy beans and sauce with salty tasteless chips. How is microwaved food from a dirty, non-clean microwave considered healthy? It makes NO sense to me at all.

Yeah, they are pretty gross, but it's unrealistic to be able to cook good lunch for hundreds of students. I think the only solution to this is to just have your parents/make your lunch yourself and bring it to school. It's usually - for me - more enjoyable and healthy anyways than what the cooks there have to serve. (Not that I'd be able to do better since the only things I know how to cook are eggs Maybe soup using water and putting it in a microwave. I really suck at using things involving fire.)

Here in the US we're actually allowed to bring our own lunch like we don't have to eat the school food, and in our school the lunch actually tastes good. Sometimes they have nasty food but most of the time it's pretty good. But pretty much all schools in the US that I know of has the choice to either pack your own lunch or eat the school lunch or just not eat at all. No one forces you to eat the food here.

My sister at one point had found out that a bunch of cartons of chocolate milk expired two months before. She told the lunch lady who then told everybody to throw out their milk cartons away. Too late. The damage was done. Literally every person who drunk the chocolate milk (almost every kid in the whole school. That was a lot since there was around 900 kids in the school) was absent. - Nanis149

At my elementary school we were served this:

Monday: either a chicken sandwich with a stale whole wheat bun or microwaved chicken nuggets

Tuesday: some different kind of pasta with diced tomatoes and tomato juice as sauce or Mac and cheese with almost no pasta and tons of cheese tasting like the cardboard trays they are served on

Wednesday: either half a piece of French toast with no consistency of a bag of eggo silver dollar pancakes with no syrup

Thursday: either a slider of ungodly features of a rib sandwhich where the scientists at my school managed to use a shrinkray to fit 4 ribs onto a bun and keep their shape while removing the bones

Friday: we each get one slice of pizza from a local place that makes good pizza however the school orders it with two times the dough and cheese and half the sauce leaving it a greasy mess. - IHSCOUTII1973

At my Primary School, (i'm now in high school) we HAD to have School Lunch. Its looks nice. But its disgusting! Me and my friend, Cathy found a chicken bone and pickles in our pizza's, a tomato in our orange juice and a carrot in our taco. I actually saw a new girl throw up because she found her milk was out of date and there was mold on her bread. She got suspended! that's absaloutly ridiculous! One of the cafeteria ladies swore at her and told her to get out! The headteacher should of done something! Everyone! Please don't eat School Lunch! Throw it in the bin. Very discreetly...

I can't believe 3/4 of my school likes the lunch. Its nasty. I bring my own lunch to avoid the gross foods. I once dropped my lunch so I had to eat the cafeteria lunch. It was gross and a cafeteria monitor yelled "Shut up! Kids in Africa would be begging for that! ". THEN SEND THE DAMN FOOD TO AFRICA. I don't THINK I WOULD FEED THEM THIS GROSS CRAP THOUGH. Only my friends and I hate the school lunch. - DumbWays2DieFan

THANKS, THANK YOU MRS. INSANE OBAMA! If it was cause by her, then I hate her ideas I hate it, before she came along, WE HAD FRUITS AND VEGETABLES. Why did she have to do this to our school!

There was one day at school that everyone likes which is Friday since they would serve hamburgers and the smiley fries. So when they give out the leftovers, my friend and I went to go get the fries so when we took a bite, we spat it out because was so cold. And so did everyone else. Luckily this only happened once and it hasn't happened again. - Toptenner106

At my school they try to make them really healthy. Lunches from home are healthier. The sad part is, they're ACTUALLY trying to make kids buy school lunches. They don't care that it's terrible and unhealthy, all they care about is the money. They say they're serving this. Steamed peas and broccoli with baby carrots and diced pears. How many people will actually get that. That sounds gross because they undercook the broccoli so I've heard. The word diced just is plain gross. That's why I don't order school lunches.