For some reason, my gym teacher HATES me. When we are getting changed, she shouts: BE QUIET! RACHEL! EMILY! ANITA! BE QUIET AND GET CHANGED! This make no sense! I am already changed, reading my book. Sitting quietly! I hate that teacher! I hope she gets fired! And, the people that were talking these kids called: Imogen, Katy and Lily! Seriously! Me and my friends didn't do it! Our teacher actually swore at 2 new kids because they couldn't play basketball! Seriously?!?! Teachers suck! a lot!...

They assign stupid things. I'll use some examples from my brothers. His teacher assigned a useless and stupid worksheet about the solar eclipse (it wasn't even a true story it was something stupid like "Marcus pulled out his telescope at the baseball field to watch the solar eclipse" or whatever. Also, when my other younger brother was in 5th grade or something, he was assigned a worksheet about valentines day. LET HIM ENJOY THE GIRLS AND CHOCOLATE that's WHAT VALENTINES DAY IS ABOUT NOT ABOUT A WORKSHEET! My teacher also wears this gross lipstick. I HATE makeup crap with a passion. Lipstick being the worst because in 6th grade, a lunch monitor wore gross lipstick so I had to eat lunch in the bathroom (I was caught and electured by the principal about it). I almost puked. - DumbWays2DieFan

You know what's really irritating that they do all the time? When you have to do those "what are your plans after high school" things. Because the teachers tell you that you can pick any career that you want to have, but then when you show it to the teacher they immediately smash your dreams by saying it's unlikely you'll get the job you actually want. And with them saying stuff like you'll work 95% of the day, have nobody to help you in any way and all the other stuff they say, they're pretty telling you that life is just an ongoing torturous experience of pain and misery

Background: I am in 7th grade and I'm a girl. I go to school at a small Episcopal school, which by the way I'm an atheist, and there are 40 kids in my grade that are devided into two classes. I got separated from my two friends, which by the way one of those friends is mean to me. Last year I had a huge fight with my friend and told the guy I used to like that I liked him. He didn't like me back and now my ex-friend likes him.

I am completely misrable during all of my time at school. My math teacher just makes it worse. I struggle with panic attacks and anxiety issues and so during the first week of school I completely broke down. I went to the front desk saying my head hurt and I started to cry. I couldn't stop! My math teacher barged into the lobby and looked at me funny. Obviously she asked me what was wrong and I couldn't even say anything. She took me intoher class room and tried to help me. I couldn't stop. There was allready too much pressure at school, only on the first ...more

My language arts teacher hands out so many assignments without even giving the students a chance to finish the last one! Plus there's this new thing called "Study island" and she assigns homework on that too! Since I can't connect my school IPad to my home WiFi, I use my own tablet (I don't have a computer) but my tablet doesn't support it or something because, it keeps freezing and if I refresh it, I have to start over! I don't want to start over on the worst study program ever when I came so far! - thehybriddemon101

There is a teacher that half of her class says she is a "greedy son of a female doge thief" and she is because she steals people's items and never gives them back! One day when she goes out of the classroom (she always does) I will grab those items and give them out to the original owners! Then I will see her face when she realizes she has no more innocent students items.

About 99% of my teachers are nice to me and then, There's those completely boring teachers that kinda make you fall asleep or talk with your friends until the boredom stopped. GOD, my language teacher is so boring. Why do we have to write a story. Or have to do a crap ton of pacers in gym while the girls get less? It seems like all the girls in school get everything easier.

I once had a comp. tech. Teacher as my sub for English. She was hella sassy! I usually drop my backpack off in the classroom then go to the bathroom, then come back. Even if the bell rings, it's fine cause I have my backpack in there. Well I did that. But when I walked into the class ONE SECOND after the bell, she was all like in a sassy voice, "oop! your tardy! " Then I explained to her that I had my backpack in the classroom, then she was all like "well I'm not teaching a backpack! " Then the class went "ooh! " That was a little humiliating. She also thinks everything she says is witty because after she says something she makes a face like she just said the most intelligent thing ever. Then she doesn't even know what we are supposed to do! All she does is walk around the class asking us, "are you working? " Ugh.

One time I was whispering to my classmate while we were taking a test, the teacher sent me in the hallway and told me that I need to finish the rest of my 6-paged test. For a 5th grader. Wow. Then I was sitting out in the hallway singing Untitled by Simple Plan and my teacher sent me to the office and she told me that I was disturbing the class. - HelloWhyImHere2

My computer teacher screams at us for listening to music ( with headphones) while we work. If you help someone else you get screamed at, you take notes you get screamed at, and if you comment on something she said you get screamed at. Those are only some of the reasons you get yelled at. I hate Mrs. Ware.

My science teacher said to do a current scientific event so I did how the zombie apocalypse can happen and I turned in the paper but didn't find the website so I checked it and returned it but said it needs to be NEWS WEBSITE but she never said that and I thought it was bull and now I'm in trouble for it

My gym teacher is a pervert. Once he went in the girls locker room to tell us to hurry up when other teachers that are girls come in to do that. Also his office has a door leading to the girls locker room, sometimes he tries to talk to us through there!

For some reason almost all of my teachers hate me they treat my classmates like crap and when teachers make it obvious they're here for the money they can't realize how stupid this bull is.

Absolutely. I am in a group with autistic kids. And u am not autistic, they throw me off and write all my actions in a book. All I can think of is what are they writing down and that sends me to another year in 9th grade.

One thing I hate about teachers is when you ask them a question and then they just act like you did something horrible, come on teachers it's your job to "help" us to "prepare" us for "life" *cough* by teaching us useless things *cough*

My 5th grade math teacher BULLIED me because he would give me working lunches for no reason for example dropping a calculator or a pencil and I had to deal with this ass for 180 days and I'm glad I left

I don't like teachers but I end up being teachers pet when I don't want to be and then everyone's like ooh teachers pet and the people who try to be tea hers pet go and smirk

If one teacher can't teach 7 subjects how do you think a student can learn 7 subjects.

Last year I had the worst teacher if I explained her it would be like 20 paragraphs so long story short I called the cops and she got sentenced 3 years in jail. I'm serious not bulling.

My teacher's desk says on the front, "School Rocks! " But the reality explains that school sucks! Did I not say it loud enough for the teachers. SCHOOL! SUCKS!

Teachers are the worst! I actually feel like hitting my head on a wall when I am with them. THey are so irritating. One teacher picks favorites, one is really strict, one you can't understand because she has a accent, one person spends her time talking about her degries.

Some teachers are lovely, lots of them are sexist and like girls better than boys. They can hate your bleady guts and pick on you (My teacher) is a bully. Says when you don't understand your work you are not paying attention I think school should be band and kids that want to go shall go the ones that don't don't!

My fourth grade teacher was the worst. She tried to make fun of me AND embarrass me in front of my peers AND parents. Also my student teacher was an ass.

They can be really rude or boring most of the time

For some ungodly logical reason my teachers think playing cards equals gambling? How and why is the logic