Top Ten Reasons Kids Under 18 Shouldn't Be Allowed to Drink Alcohol

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It encourages criminal activity

Depends on the person, drugs, how a kid was raised, how they were treated, if they're empathetic or not can also play a part of if someone becomes a criminal or not.

It ISN'T allowed. Why do we need to pile on to that's already taken care of?

It's bad for their systems

To be honest, I'm 15 and I only ever drink Buck's Fizz (A fusion of orange juice and champagne) on special occasions such as Christmas and New Years, and when I do drink it, I sometimes get a BIT giggly, but I rarely have it to be honest.

This I can agree with.

Fake.I am 5 years old and I drink entire bottles of vodka and I get drunk crunk.-Hippocrite

Pretty sure I'm the only kid in my class who hasn't drank alcohol before. - AnonymousChick

They could accidentally end up hurting someone

I haven't hurt anyone at all psychically and not a lot of people emotionally from drinking every once and awhile.

I hate it When kids that Are my age (13) drink alcohol - Martinglez

It makes you addictive

It's not addictive to me. I only drink every once and a while.

It makes you go crazy

I haven't gone crazy from a couple of beers so far.

It makes you depressed

It might seem like it helps you out but this is the worst thing to do when depressed. It'll only make you more depressed. And yes it can possibly make you depressed one way or another. - 0w0uwu

I'm already depressed and alcohol didn't cause it.

It hurts your head

Again depending on how much you drank.

It's unfit for them
It makes you rude

Depending on how much you drink.

It's illegal

18+ is the age for drinking it used to be the American age 21+
But you can legally have a little sip in your home from the age of 8+

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It can make you drunk

Well obviously...

Nah, I thought it just made you energized, nah it makes you drunk - KrazzyMadd

It’s a stupid idea.

For anyone, Practically. - TopTennerPerson

Can damage your brain
It makes you drowsy and tired
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