Top 10 Reasons Kids Under the Age of 18 Shouldn't Be Allowed to Vote In Government Elections

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1 There are too many childish adults voting in government elections already

Thank you so much for the list! I'd been saying over and over again that the voting age needs to be changed back to 21 (I'm 16 by the way), just because we have enough idiots not knowing politics and voting anyways as it is. - SevenTreeTool

Bull don't forget kids!

THis is true so that should mean some smart youth should take their place and be able to vote as well

I disagree because only have of the country votes anyway. So what you are saying to me is a lie.

*Half* of the country is still well over 150 million people, you know that right? - yaygiants16

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2 Kids will vote for politicians for the wrong reasons

And what is the "legitimate political reason" offered by the other two candidates? Free stuff, and even more free stuff. At least Trump is giving away his OWN stuff.

When I was a kid, I wanted to vote for Bush because I didn't like Al Gore's name. Good thing I couldn't vote back then. - Zach808

So called " adults" vote for the wrong reasons too - RustyNail

They think they know everything about politics but they really don’t. They only know what they see on the media. - 3DG20

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3 Kids voting is the last thing the economy needs

There's worse things for the economy than that But I agree with most of this list and I'm not a kid. - Cesium

Yes kids are stupid and should be protected cause we know how 3 year old act like 18 and know they will just choose the prettier comment

Kids shouldn't vote

I don't belive in this I believe donald Trump is the last thing the econmy needs

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4 Most kids simply can't handle the responsibility of voting

Voting isn't just writing on a piece of paper, it's the decision that you make and WHAT you write down. Judging from what you just said, YES, it's probably too hard for you and I hope for the good of democracy that you never vote.

Voting isn't just writing on a piece of paper, it's the decision that you make and WHAT you write down. Judging from what you just said, YES, it probably too hard for you and I hope for the good of democracy that you never vote.

Children shouldn't vote, because most of them won't understand politics. But a lot of adults can't really handle the responsibility either. - LordDovahkiin

i agree

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5 Kids have other priorities other than politics

I dunno, maybe if all the long term effects of this election were going to be your future, like you know global warming, immigration, international relations, and many more issues... those kinds of things, then you just might have that on your list of high priority. And you know what really sucks, knowing that your future is in someone else's hands and you can barely do a thing about it. Especially this year. Let me tell you as a freshman in high school that almost every "kid" I know wishes they could do something. I have a friend going out and getting "adults" to vote even if she can't, I have a lot of friends who are scared and some who can't sleep because it's their future, I have a friend who has given speeches and afterwords people told her that they'd vote for her, a "kid", for president, I have friends who have been in political protests like black lives matter or LGBTQ+. I'm thinking if people outside our country have this election on their high priority list, the the kids in ...more

That's true and agree with that opinion

Politics rule -kj age 7

Like wondering what's inside the swimming pool or playing on Xboxes - TwilightKitsune

6 Most kids lack maturity when it comes to politics

I'm twelve and here's my lack of maturity; Donald trump should go back to the construction site to give them his brain full of bricks back. - AnonymousChick

Then you don't really understand politics. Trump is better than all liberals. - LordDovahkiin

Voting law is bull maybe kids shouldn't vote but teens sure.

Anonymous Chick: Here's ALL you need to know; you know absolutely NOTHING.

Chris I swear if you don't stop commenting on Donald Trump roasts I'm gonna tie you to a tree!

-Chris's Mom

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7 Kids have more intellectual ability than intellectual reasoning



8 Kids don't have authority everywhere else in life

I can stay up until 9

That's just mean you sicko

I can stay up until 8


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9 Kids will base their political opinion off of unreliable sources

Trust me, as much as I loved to vote when I was 10, I am afraid that other people of my age back then would easily be brainwashed by other people, especially schools.

Never use wikipedia or yahoo answers to vote kids! - Skullkid755

Like memes and jokes - Batmaniscole

10 Some kids don't know anything about politics

All kids no nothing about politics. They believe all the lies told by the liberal media. Seriously? All that college education isn't gonna stop you from being dumb. The people that run our government don't care about the American people. They don't care about veterans. They only care about Muslims and black lives trash. Obama is almost out and in prison, so are you really gonna vote for Hillary, murderer by proxy and wife and defender of a rapist and Bernie, a wannabe dictator and communist who wants to take 90% of our money, and make it worse? - bobbythebrony

I knew stuff about local politics back when I was 7, but I lacked knowledge in the national level. If I were brainwashed by gimmicks in the political ads, and other people of my age also did, then my country would have been messed up ever since. This applies to all countries.

Fox News has easily got to be the most biased news network of all time. Not even CNN comes close to how biased Fox News is.


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11 Kids are kids, let them be kids until they can't be kids

Then explain Trump.

Whats this have to do with trump

12 It will increase the population because grown ups will want to have more kids so they have more votes on their side

This is the only one that is true.

Yes I totally agree

as if

That's just desgusting

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13 Kids can be brainwash to vote for one party opinion

Parents can force kids.

This is pretty true

Obviously, some patmrents can even abuse their child for that


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14 Kids won't even know anything about politics

Kids should know about politics, particularly because the government isn't doing very well. Three shutdowns in one year is insane, and Trump should be sent back to business. Children should vote because they will vote for someone they like and go against people they hate. But there's a major drawback-kids (based on student elections) are tempted towards rewards. Student candidates just want a longer recess (no possiblity, every district has a minimum of required instructional minutes), and that's what everyone wants. So kids would vote for the one who's gonna make America great again. Second, they would probably vote for their parents. For example, democrats would vote for democrat parents, and the same thing for republicans. If kids could vote, we could send Trump back to business in 2020 and have a long-overdue government reform, including the termination of the Second Amendment (based on Parkland).

One question, what does this have to do with trump?

True only because kids are still learning in school and have not finished learning about polotics

I understand politics quite well, thank you. - LordDovahkiin

15 They could be deceived into going left wing

Has anybody seen vice's new documentary called 'raised without gender'?



16 Kids won't even care about politics and vote anyway

Some will. But if you're me or my friends, you read up on your choice, and listen to presidential speeches. - LordDovahkiin

17 Some kids will just vote for who ever their friends are voting for.
18 Kids will vote for the wrong reason
19 They could be deceived into going right wing

"Deceived? " The right is right. It's why it's called the Right Wing - LordDovahkiin

20 They should be carefree and happy without the weight of life on their shoulders whilst they can

I'm 13 doing a school project

That's impossible anyway. Kids still go to school, despite it being useless. - LordDovahkiin

21 Parents will pressure their kids to vote for certain candidates
22 They will do what their parents say

Kids will do what their parents say because they don't know what to do

tru dat

I’m 10 and I would go the way I want to go

23 Some kids will mess around with voting
24 They don't know what is good and what is bad.

Children or young adults may not know what reasons are good and what reasons are bad in an election. For example:Someone might say "I'm getting rid of this park to make more houses." A child may think that is good but in ways for the environment it is bad.
(I am 11 by the way)

25 They need to worry about home work
26 Kids don't have life experience
27 Kids Could Accidentally Vote for People Like Trump
28 Some kids might get made fun of for who they voted for
29 They are not matured
30 Politics Will Find Ways of Persuading Kids

I'm 13 and this is so true I know so many people who would be persuaded

31 Kids get confused
32 Sadly Most Kids Are Ignorant Even Though They Think They Are Not
33 Kids do not know what’s good and bad because they are young
34 Kids might get bullied
35 Kids might vote for whomever their friends vote for.

Lol, we have a project and we need to do five subjects that are listed for it and this is my first one, why kids shouldn't be allowed to vote.

36 Kids could put their country at risk based on who they voted for
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1. There are too many childish adults voting in government elections already
2. Most kids lack maturity when it comes to politics
3. Some kids don't know anything about politics
1. There are too many childish adults voting in government elections already
2. Kids voting is the last thing the economy needs
3. Kids will vote for politicians for the wrong reasons


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